10 February 2008

Chasing away the cold; awards, and technical advice

Wow, two awards in one week! I'm touched (and not just in the head or by frost) by such enthusiasm from other fine bloggers. The best part of this, as I told Nancy of Soliloquy, who presented me with this award, (created and started by Mind Sieve) is getting to pick other recipients.

Now, before I announce who I'm awarding this to, I have a technical question. Since I blogovated Bloomingwriter, I can't get images up on my side columns, unless they've been converted to HTML code and aren't too big. You may notice a bit of overflower on the "I am a sunflower" panel on the right side. I don't speak HTML, but I wonder if there's an easy bit of code I can add to a URL for a graphic like this E for Excellent, or for the Share-the-Love award, that will make it workable in my sidebars like the Austin Spring Fling, Blotanical, and other images that ARE working in the side. How bout it, those of you with more smarts than me....what do I do? IS it possible?

Now, the best part of getting an award....sharing the love around! For a whole lotta reasons, (mostly great writing and photography and intelligent thoughts) I'm awarding to several that are relatively new to me, (thanks to discovering them to , where as Stuart sassily remarked I DO spend a lot of time), as well as to several I've been reading for months.

Kipili, in Australia: I'm learning about plants that wouldn't grow here, but such fun! David was also the first to put up his Garden Bloggers Geography Project post.

Pollinators-Welcome, Chicago: Because of Gloria I first began learning about the wonders of Chicago, and I am with her on having concerns for pollinators of all sorts.

Shirls Gardenwatch, Scotland: Another blogger with a concern for living creatures in and outside her garden plot.

Frances of Faire Garden: Frances writes that she jumped into blogging with both feet just a short time ago, and she's become a must-read on a most-daily basis.

Debi at The Giraffe Head Tree: Debi's photography is especially fine, but she also writes with compassion and flare about many topics, not 'only' gardening!

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage: Finally I get to give an award to Cindy, who has given me two. Across the continent, she's become a great friend, a kindred spirit who loves cats, chocolate and gardening--among other things!

Carol at May Dreams Garden: One of the very first gardening blogs I started reading, and still one of my favourites. Carol has warmth, wit, and intelligence, and days when I don't get to her blog, I feel like I've missed my vitamins.

The only 'rule' about this award is to share it with a few others--I look forward to finding MORE new blogs as a result of your choices, and congratulations to each of you for being bloggers of excellence!


  1. Thank you, Jodi! What a very special award to receive. And it's even more special because it came from YOU! Thank you so very much.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. My dear Jodi, Thank you so very much for awarding me your E. I have put it on my sidebar by saving the image to my photo program then 'add an element' then 'add a picture'. Don't know nothin' 'bout no hotmail code though, but it worked. I will think long and hard about who to pass this on to, so many good ones.
    You are definitely a must read here.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  3. It is great to get an award. You richly deserve it Jodi. I will look forward to reading those you have chosen. A couple of them I have not read before the others I read regularly.

  4. What a wonderful post to find. And such kind words. I'm blushing. I'll do my best to designate some of the Excellent blogs I read, yours is right up there with them all.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. Hi there, Jodi :-)

    What a surprise - thanks so very much! Like all above I too will need to put my thinking cap on!

    Congrats on being awarded this yourself - you are very deserving of it!! It has been nice getting to 'know' you too :-D

  6. Jodi - Thanks for stopping by, earlier. Your blog is fascinating and I'll have to plan a longer visit, when time permits. Glad you liked Brussels....... Deb

  7. Congratulations on your reward.-You really know what you're doing.

  8. Congrats Jodi on the well deserved award.

  9. Congratulations on your well-deserved award :)

  10. Jodi - I'm honored beyond belief to actually receive an award from you! I shall proudly display it as soon as I can. Blogging has become both therapeutic as well as entertaining, and I'm learning so much from people around the globe. Some blogs are so beautiful they literally bring tears to my eyes. There are some pretty amazing people on this planet.

    If I understand the rules correctly I must share this award with a few folks. This is going to be fun! Thank you for this honor, Jodi. You're one of my blogger inspirations. Hugs - Debi

  11. Congratulations. Have enjoyed reading about all these bloggers!

  12. Yes, it has been raining awards lately, hasn't it? Well congrats on receiving this award my dear, so richly deserved and I like the blogs you picked too. Must check out Kipili in the land of Oz though as I'm not familiar with that blog.

  13. Congratulations, you certainly deserve an excellence award. Bloomingwriter is one of my daily stops.
    Thank you for passing it forward and your kind words.


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