06 February 2008

Wildflowers in Winter, Week 4

Here we go with Week 4 of Wildflowers in Winter; wildflowers in the home. What a good idea this was for Elizabeth Joy to give us something else interesting to do to while away the dreary weeks of winter. Because we ARE into the dreary part now, at least in Nova Scotia, with irregular weather patterns making for a lot of ice, grey days sapping all the energy out of us. BUT, the days are getting longer, and we've lots of indoor or virtual gardening to do, so we'll get through!

This week's theme posed a bit of a challenge for me, because I realized that a lot of our dishes, etc either are cat-related, or have other plants besides wildflowers on them. But like a good writer, I decided to interpret dishes a bit more loosely, and so we'll start off with this porcelain candleholder of a rose. After all, we have wild roses, including semi-double and double blossomed ones, so this could be a wild rose. Or a water lily. And the candle is lavender scented, naturally.

Here's a bit of a stretch; this cutting board, though, is so beautiful it needed to be included. Unlike two others I have, it never, ever has been used; I bought it just because its colours and plants gave me such joy.

Likewise with this memopad, festooned as it is with violets. It sits on my office desk and I use it some (though the pen that came with it doesn't work well) and gives me great delight, because violets (and violet lookalikes) make me instantly happy.

I have quite a bit of pottery around the house, including these items. The vase with the Ladyslipper on it was made in Prince Edward Island, where the provincial flower is the ladyslipper. The kitchen tool jar and the spoon rest were made by a potter in Canning, who also makes compost pots in the same pattern, and I have decided to treat myself to one as a 'get me through winter' present. (It holds a 2 litre icecream container, which comes easily out, so I don't have to lug the pottery out to the Envirocycle every time I need to empty the kitchen trimmings.)

Lupines grow wild throughout much of Atlantic Canada, and they are just so amazing in their myriad colour patterns. When they bloom the roadsides are awash in colours just like on this soapdish.

See what I mean about cups with cats on them? This one has geraniums on it, true, but I thought I'd sneak it in without anyone making too much fuss. I'm sure geraniums (Pelargoniums, not cranesbills) are wild somewhere!

And here we are again with a bit of a loose interpretation. The pottery teapot is one I picked up at a flea market type place in Cape Breton, years ago, and it's just the best for tea. The teacup has watering cans, not-wild flowers, and butterflies on it, so I figure that the butterflies make it work for this week's post just fine. Because butterflies need wildflowers, and I have lots of both around our yard.

Whew. All this work has made me thirsty...time for tea. Jasmine scented green tea, so that means more wildflowers from somewhere else, doesn't it?


  1. That is so beautiful. You do not know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I don't get there very often but it is so beautiful. I even sent the site to some of my friends who are into flowers, cats and plants.
    Blessings aplenty and more,
    BealcA's Pad

  2. What a fun treasure hunt you had right in your own home! Wildflowers are just jumping out at me ever since this bloggy carnival started and I count that a good thing! Enjoy...

  3. Hi! fren! How are you? the pics are lovely and the new look of your blog is also very beautiful.

    take care.
    :) :) :)

  4. I had so much fun reading and looking at the wildflower tour of your house. Makes the snow and cold seem far away. I'm glad you stopped to drink some Jasmine tea at the end. It goes perfectly with wildflowers, as do butterflies. I figure that if I'm out photographing wildflowers a butterfly happens to sneak into the picture I get twice the points! So do you!

  5. Jodi !
    You have some gorgeous art work on great, every day type things .. so it is seen, used, and appreciated .. that is what I like to see !
    I'm still so jealous of your beautiful blog back ground .. one of these days I am going to figure out how to do that for mine!
    Mean while I will pretend I have something like it on mine for now ? LOL
    We are in the middle of another heavy winter storm warning .. I think it might be headed your way .. so look out .. get groceries and pet food and some chocolate too ! haha
    Joy : )

  6. All of your selections are lovely. I interpreted this week's assignment to mean anything that is used to decorate the home and is wildflower-related. Dishes and such are just one example of the decorations.

    You did not mention the lovely handpainted table under the teapot and butterfly cup.

  7. Jasmine scented green tea, now that sounds interesting. I'll have to look for that. Love the new look for your blog!

  8. Gosh Jodi you are going to have me running around looking at all my dishes looking for wildflowers. Ha. I love this post. I too have lots of flowers on dishes. I am not so sure they are wildflowers but I am gonna look.

  9. Everything is beautiful, but I love the ladyslipper vase the best. It is exquisite!


  10. I love to sip tea in a pretty cup, but for coffee I want a big mug. I like your kitty mug! That would be a cheerful day-starter.

  11. I love the teapot! That's the kind of pottery I love best. I haven't done my Week 4 post yet, but I'm going to try to get it up later tomorrow. I enjoyed seeing all your "nature" items, Jodi!

  12. What a lovely post - I enjoyed seeing all your floral things! Still terribly dreary/snowy here in Upstate NY too. Makes you really appreciate spring once it comes.

  13. I love the shape of that teapot! I was wondering what I could post for week 4, but you've given me an idea (and a thirst for tea). Thanks!


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