11 February 2008

Oh look! More snow! Quel surprise!

Well, as anyone who's read Crafty Gardener or GardenJoy4's posts in the last day or so knows, some parts of Canada have been having a spot of weather. The spot arrived here in Nova Scotia yesterday afternoon with a bang and a flourish, and began dumping on us with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Oh really, you say. You Canadians and your weather-whining. How bad can it be?
Hmmm....let's open the door and find out! Oh, look. There's about a foot of snow up against the door. Where's the shovel? Oh, right, I'm not supposed to shove. Okay, we'll just look out.

Hmmmm...I'd say it's drifted about three feet high here, in places. Now, we don't use this door too much in winter, as the other front door is just off to the left (our house is L-shaped). Let's go look and see how much is out back. Surely it won't be as bad.

Hmmm. Maybe it is worse! Look at that nice cresting, curling wave on top of the snowdrift near the big birdfeeder! LSS will have to plow out to there so he can fill the feeders, but the snowbirds and other brave souls are finding lots to eat at the feeders and on the ground anyway, as he tossed a scoop out to hold them for now.

As others have observed, there's a reason why we don't cut down all our perennials before winter--not only do they give some winter interest, they also help to mark where the garden is, and how deep the snow is too, in case some errant soul gets lost in the back yard. All in all, we've got between 8-10 inches (20-25 cm) down so far, and while there was a bit of a lull when I took these, it's snowing again...and blowing, too!

It's enough to make a person (feline or human) hug the stove, cling to nice sheepskin slippers...

...or catch up on your sleeping...

But here's a reminder that spring will come again; the beautiful daylily 'Roses in Snow'! It will show more white along its edges as it matures (last year was its first year flowering for me) but with that name, I had to have it. And had to have a bit of colour in this post, too. We'll return to exploring Colour in the Garden soon...


  1. Dear heavens, Jodi. And it's coming our way! You're allowed the rant. We've run out of room to put the snow when we shovel the drive. Used to have room for four cars but now have room for about 1 1/2. Thank heavens we only own one car.

    I have had my fill of winter. Love the change of seasons, but have reached my limit. The only snow-related item I want to face these days is a snowdrop.

    Yours in commiseration.

  2. Jodi .. We had a cold ? warning ?this morning with the wind ... -24 or so ? .. we are getting MORE snow (UGH!!) on Tuesday .. and the predicament for snow blowing husband is, the snow BANK is so high at the end of our driveway now, the snow blower won't be able to MAKE IT UP THERE ????? HOLY COW ! Enough Already ...
    Meanwhile back at the farm .. hubby bought Valentine goodies already (even though it is his birthday then) .. heck .. he is going to South Carolina with a golfing buddy for a golf week .. his escape route is planned ! I don't know how to use the snow blower .. it actually has GEARS ?? JEEZ !
    Roses on my site ... NICE ! : )

  3. I sympathize! Right now we're in an Artic blast, but tonight more snow is expected (3-5" more). I just hope it stops long enough for me to get out of here on Thursday. Hang in there!

  4. Jodi if you call this a whine I am not impressed. I am impressed with all of your snow. You deserve a good whine now and then about your snow. If we would get that much snow our little community would shut down for days. It is a good thing you can work from home. How is your horse and donkey doing by being cooped up so much. I bet they hate this worse than you do.

  5. You are one tough gardener, to be able to withstand winters like this and still think of spring. And those birds are pretty tough too, to look to the kind humans who leave food for them. The kitties are smart, sleep and slippers, that's the way to stay happy.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  6. Oh. My. Jodi! I don't even know what to say- it is all so foreign to me and difficult for me to wrap my brain around how you folks function daily with that much snow to plow through - even to go anywhere? I can only imagine it CAN be done. I don't mind your whining at all- it's quite alright to wonder out loud where your feeders and perennials might be under that very thick white blanket.

    Do keep looking to your beautiful 'roses in snow' daylilies to bring your thoughts a little closer to spring. :-) I'm sure it is right around the corner.

  7. Oh Jodi my dear,

    You deserve some rant time. My goodness, that's a lot of snow! Not fun by ANY means! I think Mungus has got it right--just tuck your forehead into your paw and sleep. ;)

    Sunny hugs to warm you,
    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  8. Now THESE look like the snow falls of my childhood. My wife & I discuss occasionally how there used to be so much snow on the ground, pretty much all season long when were kids (we're talking '60s here). Was it just because we were shorter?

    I remember snowmen, snow forts and snow tunnels. Now if we get snow, it's generally gone in a few days. And we never get the amounts we used to. I haven't had the chance in two years to make a decent snowman with my daughter. Global wierding. It's all Al Gore's fault.

  9. Jim's right, winters of my childhood were a lot like today...all winter long. I used to have a playhouse that an adult could stand in and there were many times when it would be completely covered by drifted snow. :) I think it just looks worse as we get older! :)

    Today was miserable since sunrise, and "they say" a major dump is on the way toward week's end? ::sigh:: I'll just gaze at your lily for a while.........

  10. Yeah what a crazy winter we've had so far. It's one we haven't seen like this in years actually. I know I live in Moncton New Brunswick and like Jodi said yet another snow storm.

    We've had quite a year so far and it ain't going away anytime soon. Looks like Wednesday we're getting another snowfall. I know i will be glad when winter is all over and spring and summer arrive.

    Jodi great blog and I like your picture of the beautiful flowers, kind of gives us some hope to see spring here soon :)

    For me I've had enough snow, I like summer and look forward to getting my vegetable garden started this summer, but I'll have to wait a little longer before that heppens :)

    Great Blog!


    Jamie Boyle
    Hypertufa Gardener

  11. We have a lot of snow, but I think you have more. Good grief, when will it all stop. I know, it's winter and we are Canadian eh? The Americans love to blame the Canadians for the weather, but I hate to tell them, but all the big weather systems originate down their way. They even blame us for the cold, but heck, we are just the messengers, as the cold comes from the Artic. Roll on spring, those Canadian groundhogs did say it was coming early didn't they?????

  12. I love the snow, but maybe that's because I'm a Southerner and enamored with it. Thanks for sharing everything. Your blog is most enjoyable. XO - Debi @ GHT

  13. The cats tell the tale! Snuggled in a slipper and hiding behind a paw! They seem to have the right idea! If you have to have snow at least you have enough for cross country skiing or snowshoeing! Daylilies do show promise!

  14. I know that you probably don't want to hear this, but the snow pictures are fantastic. To someone who has only seen snow maybe three times (and then only an inch or less), those pictures are wonderful, and I would love to see it in person.

    Jan Always Growing

  15. Jodi I hear you! We here in southern Ontario are experiencing a deep freeze also! Time to pack my bags and head for the sun! I do love the look of our pure white coverd world..everything looks magical!Now lets wave our magic wands and POOF..it's Spring!!I am coming here from the Garden Bloggers Carnival post! Nice to meet you and congrats on your nomination! :)NG

  16. Ohmy! And what might I ever have to complain about down here in Iowa? We WILL be happy to see Spring, won't we? :-)

  17. Your snowfall pictures are so pretty. I love the picture of the sleeping kitty. He looks like he smacked himself in the head and said, "I could have had a V-8", (from a v-8 juice commercial).

    I enjoy living where I have some snow, but enough already. I'm so tired of the cold. I can't imagine living where it is any colder, I would be most miserable.

  18. Ok---wait a minute-I was in North Dakota for 4 years while dh was in the AF. We got the house on the wrong side of the street. The snow and drifts would get up to our second story window. You walked out our front door and looked straight up at 12 ft high snow banks. A big snow cat type artic mobile would come get my dh and take him to work. lol But now I'm in good old warm NC!!!

    I enjoy your blog! You are very witty. I'll be back soon as I'm done watching The Dugger Family of--is it 18 kids now? It's a TLC special. Can you imagine having that many kids and all that snow?

  19. Hi Jodi,Where would be gardeners be without the weather to moan about?At least you have some cats to keep you company and that lovely daylilly photo.We all learn to live within our own gardening environment.We are a temperate Island and only get the tail end of Artic or Scandanavian blasts.They are freezing up there with soil frozen like concrete untill April at least!
    Warm hugs to you :)

  20. Yikes! How long will it take to melt all that?

    I'm a weather wimp now that I live in Virginia - 2 flakes of snow is usually enough to close school here.

  21. Oh, dear is that where all the snow is? We haven't had any here this winter... It sure looks beautiful!

    By the way, I've posted my entry for the Garden Bloggers Geography Project on my blog.

    Have a great week! /Katarina

  22. I feel your pain. For the latest look at what my area has seen in the past 24 hours check out:

    I'm getting tired of this! But then who isn't!?!

  23. Hei! we don´t have snow here in Finland. :/

  24. Jodi - I loved this posting so much, that I read it to my Mom and described the photos (she has no computer and wants none, but was amused and delighted at your descriptions). The cats were great - ambitious like my crew. I've been enjoying your recent entries, as time allows. Glad you liked Denmark.

    Congratulations on those well-deserved awards... Deb

  25. Just checking in to see if you're buried, or not. I see you just about are! It's coming our way tonight and tomorrow, with predictions of up to 10" on Wednesday. It's lovely to look at, and not so bad when you can bundle up and stay inside, but I pity the poor souls who have to struggle to work in it.
    The kitty pics are so much appreciated! :) They do know how to snuggle up and find the warmest spots, don't they? I love those paws on Mongus. He reminds me of our Murphy...same colour, and big paws :)
    I'm dreaming of daylilies too. Oh, what a color that one is!!! Gorgeous! Thank you!
    Stay warm..and don't hurt yourself shoveling!

  26. Love your blog, pictures of the flowers and cute kitties. You also have a great arbor in your yard.

  27. That snowy landscape is so beautiful, Jodi. We rarely have snow here, and I've only seen deep snow once, in Colorado. Whine all you want, but keep showing those pretty pictures!

  28. Your snow looks so lovely, Jodi.

    We had many deep snowfalls in Illinois, but the lots were only a quarter to half-an-acre in size, with streets and drives and public sidewalks that needed to be kept cleared. In those closer quarters the snow gets slushy and you run out of room to stack it.

    There's a purity about your expansive snow views that is much different from my memories!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  29. we are deep in snow here in Utah, as well, and ready for spring to come along. Had a nice visit from a moose on the weekend! that was a novelty.

  30. Wow, now that's a lot of snow. Something which you'll never see over here. We are all as happy as the proverbial sandboy when we have about 1 centimeter of snow. :-) I heard from Kate how bad it can get in Canada, with up to 1,20 cm of snow.

    Your cats are having the right idea of course, they always do. :-)


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