24 February 2013

The Orchid Show at Acadia University

 Yesterday was a real red-letter day for me. I was out for the first time since arriving back home from my knee-replacement surgery, nearly two weeks ago. My friend and fellow plant geek Jill picked me up and we went to the annual NS Orchid Society show and sale at Acadia University's KC Irving Centre in Wolfville.

16 February 2013

On the Mend...and planning for the future

I'm happy to report that my knee-replacement surgery DID go ahead last week. I got back home on Monday and am faithfully doing my exercises, walking with a walker but soon going to a cane, and looking forward to the spring. Between the cats, who act as nursemaids, and the flowering plants in the house, like this Paphiopedilum (lady's slipper orchid), I'm feeling pretty cheery most of the time and much encouraged at how much less pain I have!

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