09 January 2014

My Gardening Non-Resolutions for 2014

 Resolutions are meant to be broken, aren't they? So it seems, which is why I resolve never to make resolutions, even about something I'm passionate about like gardening. Oh, we have the best of intentions, but then life intervenes, or we forget about our best-laid plans, or other curveballs come into play. So I never declare I absolutely will do thus and so about anything. There are things I do tentatively plan to do, most of which I do every year, but I still won't call them resolutions. Other than to continue to loathe goutweed, because that's a resolution that will never break.

I will, however, plant more seeds this year, especially of my favourite annuals: poppies, sunflowers, nigella and sweet peas. Especially those sweet peas. There is hardly anything more glorious than a bouquet of sweetly scented sweet peas sitting on the table or office desk, and I have the seeds already. I just need to get em in the ground come spring.

02 January 2014

Happy New (Knee) Year!

Suddenly, it's 2014. A new year, a new month, an (almost new) season...of winter. In the past three weeks, we have had an amazing number of storms throughout Atlantic Canada, with records amount of freezing rain, snow, subzero temperatures, power outage...some poor souls in New Brunswick are into day 10, I believe, since losing their power, with another storm forecast for tonight and tomorrow. 

There is, however, a pristine beauty to the natural world, although a week plus of ice on trees and shrubs isn't likely doing them a lot of good. 

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