24 December 2007

The tulips were snuggled all tight in their beds...

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday morning, there were beautiful frost flowers and ice crystals festooning the car, when I came out to go to Halifax and pick up my son...

The sunrise over the sleeping, snow-covered Annapolis Valley and Minas Basin was glorious. The day was wonderful...and then sometime, overnight, the rain and mild temperatures came...

Yes, Christmas Eve, and I was finishing the bulb planting; about 3 dozen tulips, 15 or so large alliums, and somewhere around 150 snowdrops, iris reticulata, small allium, crocus, leucojum and species tulips...these were the leftovers from when I started the bulb-planting, some weeks ago. I waded through water on the lawn, battled gale-force winds, rain and fog, and dealt with frozen ground in most places and muck in a few other spots...but it's all done. and I hurt all over, of course. But now let the weather do whatever it wishes!

So we're officially ready for Christmas, although we've started assorted revelries already, what with family here yesterday for my birthday. Since my son had only a couple days off and needs to split it between various parts of the family, we did some of Christmas unwrapping this morning before he went back to be with his Dad tonight in Halifax.

Meanwhile, the catchildren are on their very best behaviour as they wait for Santy Claws to come. As much as I love amaryllis, I think Toby Soprano is even more delightful...and he was very glad to use this recycled bulb box for a place to sit.

Mungus, of course, is the only catchild who would try to peek at presents, though they all enjoy chasing bows.

Simon Q likes to sleep with his feet in the kleenex box, for reasons only known to him. But at least he's not into anything!

Tigger, tired out from watching that darn squirrel outside, is catching up on his midday nap before getting ready to sleep after supper...

And Spunky Boomerang is taking the afternoon to also indulge in a little napping in his favourite chair, even though his favourite lap (mine) is busy doing other things.
The rest of the cat-children were busy avoiding the camera and either sleeping or hunting for voles in the basement. They haven't brought up any 'gifts' from there--so far, anyway.

From our house to yours, a merry, bountiful, and peaceful Christmas!


  1. Got your bulbs planted!!! You lucky girl. I am glad you survived.

    Those cat children are the cutest things. I can see they are enjoying the holidays with bows to pounce on and boxes to sit in.

    Your house is a holiday delight with all that color in the snow.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. Your house looks so charming, all aglow in the twilight with the snow piled up around. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a bountiful New Year!
    ~Angela :-)

  3. Hurray, your bulbs are in! And hurray again because you had your birthday!! Belated happy birthday dear Jodi and a very Merry Christmas to you, your family and all the cat-children.

    Loved the pic of the frost flowers, they're gorgeous.

    BTW how many extra towsies does Mungus have on his front paws?

  4. lok forward to the spring flowers
    many christmas blessings!

  5. Merry Christmas, Jodi, to all your family - two and four legged, may you all have a relaxing, happy day! You go, girl, with those bulbs - I'm proud of you.

  6. With so many photo-ops of your furry friends, I'm amazed you even have time to step outside, Jodi. Thanks for sharing the holiday fun at your home--and Merry Christmas to you!

  7. Love the cat children photos! The frost on the windshield is a very beautiful photo! Merry Christmas!

  8. Merry Christmas Jodi and a belated happy birthday to you!! I hope you had a delicious birthday cake.

    And what a treat to have good planting weather... glad all the bulbs are in now.

    Your cat pictures are always fun to look at and the sunrise is spectacular.

    That was a good poem in your previous post.

  9. Merry Christmas and a belated birthday to you, Jodi!

    AND a huge congratulations at getting all the bulbs planted!!!!! WooHoo!!!! I know what a task it can be. I can't put mine in until January or they'd be up by now like my naturalized daffodils are (don't know if I have any Christmas blooms yet--still need to check).

    Thank you so much for sharing your special experience in the last comments you left. Your comments (as well as others) are making the decision about Skate much clearer. Now we just have to explain to friends and family how we can justify another addition (some have campaigned quite actively against it). Friends like you out in the blogosphere that understand what it's like to be in this interesting dilemma have meant the world to us!

    Merry Christmas and Holiday Hugs,
    Cindy, Brent, Dexter, Dee Dee, Tom Tom, Thomasina, Suzette, Lydia, Gus Gus and Skate at Rosehaven Cottage

  10. Merry Christmas, Jodi!

    Congrats on getting your bulbs planted,and thanks to Toby for the laugh. My cat Halle (who stayed with my ex and the other cat, Pepper) used to love sitting in boxes like Toby. We called her Hals-in-a-Box all the time because of this. :) (Ah, the silly names you come up with for your animals... *grin*)

  11. Happy Birthday!
    Merry Christmas!
    Congrats on finally planting all of your bulbs, we knew you could do it!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  12. planting bulbs on christmas eve??? good grief woman! that is awesome! glad you can mark that off your list. Merry Christmas, Jodi! i have to tell you that your xmas card is hanging on my doorway exactly at eye level for 3 year olds who need to say "kitty" a minimum of 1498679 times. that was fun!

  13. Those cat children are always up to something, aren't they? Good shots, and I that one of the frost is great. I took one on the van this morning, but it didn't have the light behind it to make it shine like yours.

    I hope you and your family have a great holiday, since we have New Year's Day coming up shortly.


  14. Wahoo - the bulbs are planted! Time to break out the champagne. (Of course I never need an excuse to break it out.) Happy B-day, belated. I'm been too busy with cooking & family stuff to get online til now. I hope you all had a great Christmas.

  15. Jodi, great photos as usual. Glad you got all those bulbs planted. I loved that photo of Mungus -- all the cats really but especially him ... he does love to be on his back doesn't he?

    By the by, I ordered my Mac and it'll be ready sometime next week -- yahoo! May 2008 bring you and yours many inner joys and, just for you, may 2008 bring everything green and colourful and healthy waving in the breeze!

    Diane Sand to Glass
    Dogs Naturally


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