04 December 2007

Big snow, warm woolies and one more blue flower

Well, like many other people in various parts of Canada and the US, we've had a bit of weather over the past day or so...we're down to just a few of those flurries now, but it's been entertaining by times. Here we got around ten inches of heavy, wet snow, which has festooned just about everything, including these monarda flower heads.

Naturally, I had to go outside and have a look around the yard; the snow is heavy on the branches of evergreens and plants foolish enough not to have let go their leaves, like the clematis on this arbour, but nothing is frozen real hard and the plants are still in their elastic phase. Tonight the wind has shifted and snow is coming off some plants. (Notice Mungus looking tragically out the upper window at me?)

While I was wandering around the yard, my better half plowed out the dooryard and also a path to the paddock, where he put Leggo and Jenny. Having been cooped up in their stalls for all of 20 hours, they were ready to stretch their legs, especially the big guy, who wanted me to come play with him. How could I resist such an invitation?

If you click on these images to enlarge them, you'll see that the ear closest to me is lopped towards me; he might be running exuberantly around the paddock, but he's still listening to me; paying attention to what I'm doing, in case I ask him to do something different, like switch directions or stop.

You can see that he doesn't much enjoy romping in the snow...he's like a thousand-pound child, I always say!

Of course, being out in the elements requires being properly (ie warmly) dressed; being warmly dressed doesn't mean that we can't have fun with winter clothings. I'm very partial to brightly coloured hats, scarves, mitts and gloves, the theory being that they help to chase away any lurking dullness in the day. And there's often a story or two behind the ones I like. This set is hand knit by a woman who sells her stuff through a tiny store in my community, which is run by a young man with severe disabilities. You can't see the pattern in the mittens because of the long pelt of the yarn, but they're Nfld knit mittens, with a unique pattern that gives them extra warmth. You can see samples (and pattern) for the mitts on this Atlantic knitter's blog; I don't knit mitts myself, but these are my favourites ever!

While I was in Labrador in September, I bought a number of knitted things, including socks, gloves, and fishermen's mitts, which are the wine-and-cream ones in this photo. They have a separate finger and thumb, so they're like a cross between gloves and mitts; this makes them handy for using when fishing, especially when knit of wool, like these are. The hat is knit in the colours of the Labrador flag; not surprisingly, the blue is for the ocean, the green for the forests and barrens, and the white...for the snow!

Do not adjust your monitor! I LOVE this set, which includes a sweater, although one of my other half's cousins told me I look like a roll of lifesavers when I wear these out walking. On the other hand, people aren't going to mistake me for a deer, a snowbank, or a tree, hopefully. These were also handknit, but i don't know the story behind them other than they are rainbows and rainbows make me extremely happy.

Simon Q, while he enjoys laying on anything wool and warm, advises that it's always nice to have a long fur tail to wrap around one's feet to help keep one warm.

And as a late offering in the blue flower festival, this delightful photo taken by my sister of her blue hibiscus; I don't remember if this is Blue Bird or not, but it's certainly blue and beautiful. Seemed like a good way to round out this pot pourri of photos and thoughts, to dream of gardens past and future. Nice shot, sis!


  1. Oh Jodi, I just LOVE that first fuzzy set in blue! Gorgeous!! The rainbow ones are nice, too.

    And yes, Mungus was the first thing I noticed in that picture of your house!

    The hibiscus is soooooo pretty! I have a 'Blue Satin' but it's not so totally blue like your sister's. The photo is just perfect.

  2. Oh, your monardas look like my coneflowers. We got our first real snow of the season here in Minnesota last weekend, and they were each wearing matching white puffballs of snow.

    Love your blog, by the way. I always come here when I'm yearning for a bit of greenery.

  3. Beautiful pictures, especially for someone who rarely sees snow§ Although I would barely need them here, I would gladly borrow some of your knitted stuff, they are so pretty and fun!

  4. Jodi: Great snow shots! Winter is in full swing! Frolicking horses look happy don't they! I love your new knitted items and what is better than a fresh roll of lifesavers! Hibiscus in the indoor garden is so satisfying especially when you can get it to bloom!

  5. We have sunshine here this morning, Jodi. Loved the photos of your horse and flowers under the snow.

    Hope I have my posting problem fixed. This is the first time I have tested it.

  6. Jodi, love all these photos and the array of interesting ditties. I'm taking a break from work and remembered I forgot to let you know I did finally get my flowered houseplant and linked back to you.

    Now, to your horse and Jenny. I love how your horse is too tuned in to you. That's how I used to love to relate to my horses too. I know just how they get all frisky when they've been couped up for a bit and then blow through their nostrils in excitement. I miss the lovely earthy smell of a horse's muzzle.

    Gorgeous blue flower! I loved the fisherman's mittens. I could use a pair of those for working outside mind you with today's weather (minus 33 Celsius) I need real heavy ones.

    Must get back to work -- serious deadlines to meet! Thanks for the great break and eye candy.

    Diane, Sand to Glass

  7. Hi Jodi, It looks like you were about snowed in. Poor Mungus didn't know he wouldn't have been able to get around in all that snow.

    I love to see Leggo pictures. He looks like a dream. Is Jenny a minature donkey?

    I like colorful clothes too. I can't wear wool unless it is reeally cold. Some winters I don't even get my wool coat out of the closet.

    I bet that Simon Q has the warmest toes in your household. :)

    Whoa, that blue hibiscus is gorgeous. I have never seen one that is blue. They haven't made it here to our garden centers. I will be on the look out for that one.

    I noticed a comment you made about people not writing much on their garden blogs during winter. I plan to soon but this is our big "party" time. During the holidays it seems like we are partying quite a bit. Not that I am a party animal or anything like that. tee hee... Its that time of year...fa la la la la, la la la la... I am at work right now, when the boss is away the mice do play when it is nice and quiet. fa la...

  8. I love all the blue: blue fuzzy mittens, blue pretty flowers. And the horse is just wonderful! I've always been fascinated by horses and didn't know they could be so playful or have such distinct personalities. Neat!
    ~Angela :-)

  9. I really like your winter snow pictures. Are the pictures supposed to enlarge if you click on them? I seem to be having a problem, a box appears asking if I want to open or save, then when I click 'open' there is nothing.It is like the computer is treating the photos as if they are on my computer but then can not find them. I am so not computer literate.

  10. The photos of your gorgeous Leggo are just magnificent! He looks so regal and wonderful. You are a woman living my dream... lots of kitties AND a horse. WOW! The coolest part was how you described him in his romping around and that he was still looking for cues from you. So cool! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  11. A roll of Lifesavers; that is so funny!

    Your fresh fallen snow is beautiful but even more beautiful is your black horse running around in it. So picturesque.

  12. love the horses, love the cats, love the garden in the snow.
    thankyou for those pictures!

  13. Love that hand knitted blue set, it is so pretty and so is the story behind it. Love the last set too, it is so colourful and I bet you'd cheer up any dull and gloomy place wearing this. ;-) Excellent advice by Simon Q; I must admit that I have always regretted the fact that I don't have a tail.

    Wow, those Hibiscus flowers are certainly blue!!!!!

  14. Those are all so lovely, but I particularly like the hat like the labrador flag. (No surprise there, as blue and green make up most of my wardrobe. lol.)


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