14 December 2007

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day--December, indoors

Well, there aren't going to be to many blooms outdoors in my garden for this December issue of Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, created and encouraged by Carol of May Dreams Garden. No, not with more than a foot fo snow covering all of the garden, and more soon to come. Or was that rain? Or both? Weather in Nova Scotia can be entertaining, if nothing else.
I still have plenty of plants in bloom in the house. You've seen the first of the amaryllis (which has another bloom opening today) and of course last week we explored the joys of poinsettias. Like many other gardeners, I find solace in cyclamen at this time of the year, because they do so well in my office.

The Blue Haze evolvolus is still tossing up flowers (and still festooned with cat hair), and provides a cool blue tone for the season. But I'm not having a blue Christmas here.

It's true that Christmas cactus are kind of uninteresting for most of the year, and they can also be decidedly hard to photograph. But Once they get around to flowering, all is forgiven. Although I have the traditional red and fuchsia pink types, I'm quite fond of unusual coloured varieties.

I had to have this yellowish-apricot variety when I saw its buds at my local nursery, and it's been a joyful addition to our livingroom window. I'm happy to report that there has been no bud drop on any of my cacti this year, which has been a surprise to me. The fuchsia and scarlet ones aren't in bloom yet, but they're developing buds nicely and they might bloom by Christmas...or they might be 'after Christmas' cacti!

Still flowering, my beautiful phalaenopsis orchid has been such a star despite my best efforts to try killing it earlier in the summer and fall. And since it still has buds forming, it may well be the ONLY thing in bloom for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day in January...

Oh, there ARE still blooms outside...mind you, they're of the dried variety! A woman I know makes the most beautiful wreaths, and since tis the season to be busy...I bought one from her for beside our front door. And tomorrow, the outside should 'bloom' in our Christmas lights...if it's not snowing or raining, that is.


  1. Lovely pictures.
    My Xmas cactus did not wait until XMas to bloom. Maybe it'll make a second turn for easter...

  2. Hi there, Jodie :-)

    Nice to see some flowers from inside for a change anyway isn't it? We don't have snow in my part of Scotland so it doesn't feel like Christmas at the moment as it is quite mild :-D

    I love the cyclamen and have tried growing them unsuccesfully in my garden too! I also like the orchids and perhaps that might be all in flower from my garden next month - well if any decide to flower that is :-D

    My post is up too if you would like to visit :-D

    Best wishes for 2008 :-D

  3. Your smattering of blooms are so nice Jodi. You have much more than I. I don't think I have any blooms this time. I was hoping my kalanchoe would bloom but the buds just won't open. I will check them again later on. We are having our first snow as I type.

  4. Jodi... thanks for joining in for bloom day. I don't have a foot of snow on the ground, yet, but probably will by tomorrow. I clearly need more house plants to tied me over!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. All of your pictures are lovely, Jodi, but that shot of the Christmas cactus in the window just takes my breath away! And even though he's not blooming, Hugh's picture over on the right side of this page is simply priceless.

  6. Jodi - stop tempting me with the lovely pics! Now I want to go out & get a couple of Cyclamen. As if they'd survive me. At my former house I had hardy Cyclamen in the garden. I might have to get some C. hederifolium this year.

  7. Jodi, as usual all your photos and blooming flowers are lovely. I adore phalaenopsis but can never get mine to rebloom after they finish. Good thing my cyclamen is blooming so nicely -- but here I am with a single blooming plant in the house!! Oops, make that 2 (forgot about the pointsettia).

    Diane, Sand to Glass

  8. Jodi, just me again. I've been visiting some of the other GBBD participants and, since I read yours first thought I'd let you know you've inspired me to become a first-timer.

    PS: That wreath looks lovely.

    Diane Sand to Glass, bloom day

  9. Hope you're feeling better, Jodi! I love the Christmas wreath! It reminds me that I should make one from cut greens today to get the smell of Christmas in our home. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  10. I can't quite muster up enough excitement for Christmas cacti to go out and buy one, even though I LOVE the blooms you've posted (and everyone else!).

    Every time I read a word about your amaryllis, I get more anxious for mine to open up. I give it two more days, maybe three, then I should see it in flower. :-)

    The wreath outside is gorgeous!

  11. I love cyclamen at this time of year - mostly because I am sick of poinsettias. Your Christmas cactus is beautiful... and the wreath is lovely.

    At least we just have snow here. Daily snow, but rarely ever freezing rain - which I grew to dislike when living in Ottawa.

  12. The wreath is beautiful; I think it's the prettiest natural wreath I've seen.

    The picture of the Christmas cactus in the window is stunning. My blooms fell off, lucky you not having bud drop.

  13. Beautiful range of colors, even if they are indoors. Thanks for sharing them. And what a thrill to read a post from so far north.

  14. jodi, how nice that you have so many blooms indoors- especially in your office to brighten your day. i am so impressed and it sparks my interest in Christmas Cactus to see yours looking so lovely.

  15. What a lovely wreath! I can well understand your falling for it. ;-)

    Your orchids looks very pretty and it's nice to know that it will be pretty for weeks yet.

    That Blue Haze is wonderful, I love that colour as it is true blue. ;-)

    Most of my cyclamen are botanical ones. They are not as big as the ordinary ones but most have a scent and they seed themselves all over the place and that means free cyclamen. How could any plant lover resist?

  16. Jodi,

    A terrific post for December. Your photographs are so beautiful.

  17. I'm returned to say hi and what lovely candles. Wonderful pictures of flowers, it's nice to see colour in winter. Those two plants on the windowsil are doing fine. I had a thyme which grow from an egg(this is real), looked like it was about to die but now green shoots have sprouted from the branches. The other one is fine, bottom leaves turn yellow and wilt, new ones appear. When those plants are happy, I'm happy as well.


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