08 October 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving early in October as opposed to in late November like our American friends do. While today is Thanksgiving day, some of us gather on the Sunday instead, as we did yesterday with my mother, sister and brother in law. As with any gathering, we think of my late beloved father, whose presence is ever felt because we always share stories about things Dad did during family get-togethers or special meals, and we eat and laugh and enjoy one anothers' company.

Yesterday I walked around my sister's garden and took photos, some of which I'll share in a later post; today I strolled around our own yard, well bundled up because the wind off the water today has a distinctive bite. And I thought of some of the many things that I am thankful for, beginning with the glory of autumn foliage on maple trees;

But also for late-blooming roses such as my sister's Morden Sunrise (a Canadian bred beauty). Such a perfect antidote for the cooling, shortening days that we're facing...

...and for a happy home (with the painting now complete...) where wild creatures and plants share in our blessings...

And for many blooms in a tiring but still green garden...(and a new door that longsuffering spouse will paint AFTER he finishes mowing the grass--in October!)

For a comfortable, if messy, office full of plants and photos and oh yes, a few thousand or so books, where I work and earn my living,

...and for all the myriad other pleasures of hearth and home and family--including basking cats...perhaps especially naughty basking cats that sit on the table because they've been 'helping' me read the newspaper, right Simon Q?

I know it's not yet American Thanksgiving, but I'll ask my friends and fellow blogging comrades: what are YOU thankful for?


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you
    Love the pics , the rose is beautiful

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jodi. My husband used to live in a Quebec border town, so am very familiar with your holiday.Some of our friends lived in Canada.

    First, your photos are lovely. I am itching to take a shot of those colorful chairs! So many things still in bloom up there, and so much green grass. We haven't had to mow in at least three weeks.

    I guess I am thankful to have space to garden and time to do it. Guess I should not have put that before my family, what was I thinking?? A warm and comfortable place to live, and time ahead to learn many more things.

  3. Jodi: Happy belated Thanksgiving! Great photos of a happy and warm home with cats everywhere! They really own the place don't they!? I'm thankful for those things that you mentioned also. What is better than family, friends and a warm place to rest your weary head.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Jodi! We have a lot to be thankful for here in Canada. Thanks for posting photos of Nova Scotia. Everything looks so different from Ontario, and that's for sure.

  5. Jodi...Happy Thanksgiving. It is Columbus Day here, but not too many get the day off anymore.

    I am thankful for garden blogger/authors who take the time to research my mole problem and send me great advice!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  6. Jodi, what a lovely post! I'm thankful for the beauty around us shown in all your pictures. It's our pleasant duty to make the world a more beautiful place, isn't it?

    That Morden Sunrise is a stunner. No wonder our garden writers in Colorado tell us to plant that one because of its hardiness. Lovely photos, all.

  7. Happy thanksgiving Day to you :) Thank you for leaving kind words on my blog about the loss of my wonderful Jaffa-cat. I love all your kitties with their descriptive names. Wonderful house and garden too.

    I am thankful for every breath I take, my wonderful family, close friends, our wildlife garden and Monster, our cat...and the three strays who choose to live in the barn. Each moment is precious :)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, Jodi! (a day late? or perhaps everyday is a thanksgiving day?!) I'm thankful for gardens of colorful abundance and friends who are family and family who are friends - and the time to slow down and enjoy everything/body!

  9. Jodi: Wait a minute...was that new header there last night? It is beautiful!

  10. Ahh, thank you for a refreshing breath of fall! (And a glimpse of your enviable book collection.) Lovely blog.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving...

    I am thankful for finding garden blogs and the wonderful people that write them...My family... friends... our garden... Life

    Lisa at Greenbow

  12. Hi everyone and welcome--did I mention one of the things I'm thankful for is the blogging network of friends that has opened to me? :-)

    Rosemary, thank you--the only drawback to that rose is that it's pretty well scentless, but it's one of those that we can forgive because it IS so beautiful.

    Sandy, I'm glad you like my photos--yours continue to inspire me every time I visit. I could send you some grass if you'd like to mow more...?

    Layanee, yes, the cats run our household--but they give so much love it's okay with us. And yes, it's a new header--figured out how to do this and thought it was time for a little more customizing.

    Dirty Knees, Ontario's autumn is glorious--last year I was in Ottawa-Gatineau and Burlington and Windsor in early autumn, and eagerly drank in the rich colours. But you're missing an ocean, so I couldn't live there....

    Carol, good luck with the mole-mediation--I hope the traps work well.

    Lost Roses, always good to see you visit; I'm with you that hopefully we make the world a more beautiful--and peaceful--place.

    A Wildlife Gardener, welcome--and again, our sympathies at the loss of Jaffa--I'm glad you have Monster and the barn kitties to help.

    Kris, you're right. Every day ought to be thanksgiving day, just by virtue of us being here. I try to remind myself of that, but sometimes I forget....

    Val @the Illustrated Garden...welcome to my funny farm of colour. Your artwork makes my heart sing.

    Lisa, welcome and happy Thanksgiving to you too...I hope we'll find you also have a blog soon.

  13. Great pictures, I wish my thumb was as green as yours! Love the kitties, check out my blog for lots of cat pics and stories...


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