01 October 2007

Garden Blogger's Muse Day: October 1

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus

I very much like Camus's quote, but for this October 1 Garden Blogger's Muse Day, we still have a celebration of flowers going on. One of my new fascinating delights is the toad lily, or Tricyrtis, which has settled in nicely and is causing me great joy when I see it.

There was a bit of frost in areas around us last night, but so far, the annuals and perennials here are doing just fine, unscathed by the cool touch of Jack Frost's paintbox. Hints of colour are coming in the foliage, so that second spring is not far away...and of course each day will bring us that much closer to the 'real' spring once again.


  1. Toad Lilies are great aren't they? Such beautiful flowers. In my country its common name is Poor Man's Orchid. It's not difficult to understand why. ;-)

    I'm glad your garden is without frost damage. Now you get to enjoy it all a bit longer yet.

    Love the quote by Camus!

  2. Short, but sweet, Jodi. I love Toad Lilies as well. Thanks for your contribution.

  3. They look like little orchids and seem such a treat at this time of year when flowers tend to be much brighter colors. Subtle, yet beautiful!

  4. You still have a lot blooming! Some of my earlier plants are blooming again, but most of my garden is done.

    I tried to comment a few days ago, and couldn't get your comments to open, so will say now that I hope you are feeling better, and you don't look old enough to be the mom of that good looking guy!

  5. I love the toad lilies, but I transplanted mine around a bit this spring, and after the dry summer, I think it is all they can do to just stay alive.

    So I enjoy seeing pictures of yours!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  6. Hi Jodi! Your grassman here! I have the variegated toad lily and it seems to bloom a couple of weeks ahead of the regular Toad Lily. Both have the same flower form. A great late blooming plant as is the Bugbane Cimicifuga.

  7. Nice toad lily, Jodi. They're small but elegant.

  8. I never heard of the toad lily before. That add another plant on my must have list. I love the quote it's so true.


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