28 January 2008

Wildflowers in Winter, Week 2

Almost forgot to get my post for Wildflowers in Winter, Week 2, posted, even though it's been sitting in the draft folder for several days. How does an ice-encrusted aster sound? I don't remember which one this is, other than it's not the tall white aster, or the heart-leafed species either. But it's an aster, and it's definitely winter here in Nova Scotia.

Now the question is, will I get my Garden Bloggers Book Club post up in time? Stay tuned!


  1. Our ice is mostly gone here in Windsor -- this makes a stunning wildflower picture. :)

  2. This is good that winter is at the time it should be - maybe spring can be expected to be on time as well, ha?

  3. Hi Jodi -

    It looks chilly there! Those wildflowers covered in ice are totally alien to me here in Sydney. You'll have to take a holiday somewhere warm :D!


  4. This snowy picture is grand too. Winter comes and goes here in Northwest Indiana. Today, winter has come back for a visit as the temperature is currently zero degrees Fahrenheit.

  5. I have great faith in you meeting deadlines Jodi. You will get your GBBC post up in time.

  6. It is gorgeous in it's white blanket.

    When the snow falls on the decorative cherry trees, it reminds me of the white blossoms that fill their branches in the spring and then flutter to the ground.

    I love that you leave your flowers to be ground cover over winter. It is such a gift to the birds and little creatures.

  7. Jodi, I can almost picture the kind of weather that produced the snow on your asters. And we are due to get some of that same weather here tomorrow night, although lately the weather predictors haven't had much success with their forecasts, so I'll believe it when I see it!


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