15 January 2008

The Rosehaven Cottage Rose Medallion for Excellence

Well, this is a delightful way to celebrate two years of blogging! Look what I found yesterday in my mail:

It is our honor to present you and your blog with "The Rosehaven Cottage Rose Medallion for Excellence". You have received this award of recognition for your excellence in blogging...Thank you for your wonderful blog and for your friendship. There is so much about your writing that brings us joy. We feel like we've gotten to know you and consider you a friend. In fact, when we saw that a nor'easter was forecast yesterday my first words were, "Poor Jody!" :)

Heartfelt thanks to Cindy, Brent *aka Hubby*, and the catchildren of Rosehaven Cottage for this award! Indeed, they are friends across the miles, as so many of you are, and that's the true joy of blogging, isn't it? Cindy and the gang are great cheerleaders for other bloggers, but they also deserve to have cheers sent right back at them, because the various blogs at Rosehaven Cottage are not to be missed. So if you haven't already, get on your snowshoes and snowsurf over to Rosehaven, and prepared to be delighted by the wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm there.

Which suggests to me that I ought to initiate a blogging award too. But first, I'll have to figure out HOW to do the HTML for an award (oh, son...I need some help here!? ) and just what I'd like to give it to people for. I'll have to do some mulling over that, maybe as I watch the snow blow by. (We got a nice dumping of about 8 inches, but the wind is blowing here quite well and so I expect snow sculptures all around the yard before day's end.)


  1. Congrats on the Award. Needless to say Cindy "sent me." Glad to have discovered your wonderful blog.

    I'll be back...

  2. Congratulations on an award well-deserved! I have immensely enjoyed your blog and musings and photography so much since I came across your site! Thank you so very much!
    ~From one very young green thumb to another^_^
    p.s....i'm learning loads from you! I live in the Pacific Northwest about 3 hours from BC-so climate is so interesting here!

  3. "It's a major award!" Congratulations - it's well deserved & you don't even have to worry about your spouse being embarrassed about it.

  4. I feel like I'm the big winner.
    I had to come back and say GRATS before I forgot. Now I can return to Rosehaven to read some more.

  5. Gosh Jodi, If I had an award I would surely give it to you for the same reasons. Just love your writing style and you are so kind and helpful to newbies like me.

    Happy day and congrats.

  6. A well-deserved award, Jodi!!

  7. You are certainly most deserving of this award, Jodi! Congrats!

  8. Congrats on the award and enjoyed the link too. That blue poppy is so amazing; the most ephemeral and beautiful flower on earth. Oh- and a belated New Years greeting to you.

  9. Congratulations! I can't think of any blog or person more deserving of this award, Jodi. We all come here to bask in your words and sigh at your photos, believing for all the world that we've entered into paradise. Thank you for sharing so much with us and congratulations again!

  10. Hooray for you, Jodi! The award is definitely well deserved. What a wonderful recognition of the level of excellence you achieve here.

  11. Any award would be well-deserved.

  12. That's a true award and so well deserved Jodi! Award of excellence aptly describes your blog.

    I hope you don't mind but I absolutely cannot get my comments to be accepted in your other posts ... I've cut/paste what I tried to write in your Bloom Day post:
    Wow Jodi, you have some spectacular gardening artwork! I adore that tile of the exotic daylily!! ooh la la.

    And that unique scan of flowers is really something too. But, of course, you knew I'd love Mungus closing the other post :)

    I had to get creative for Bloom Day as well ...

    Diane at Sand to Glass

  13. Congratulations! I'm so glad that Cindy has sent us to your beautiful blog!

  14. As one of the previous recipients of this award, let me say CONGRATULATIONS! I already posted a comment at Rosehaven Gardens, but I'll paste it here, just in case you didn't see it:

    Yay! I'm so glad to see you awarded this to Jodi. I feel fortunate to count Jodi as a mentor and a friend, as do many of us in the blogosphere. She's pretty special!

    You're more than deserving of this award, Jodi!

  15. All of your wonderful comments are like awards to me too, my blogging friends across the miles. Thank you so much! Group hugs to all of you.

    I wish I could figure out a way to get to Austin and meet so many of you in April (Pam/Annie, what's your tourism department like? Do they bring writers down on what we call 'fam trips"? I do write some travel articles on occasion.)

    And if any of you received a weird comment from this post from me with a bunch of symbols in it...there was something stuck under a key on my keyboard and I was trying to get it out, and Blogger, always helpful, published the characters that came up while I was doing so. Serves me right for eating chocolate while writing, yes???

  16. Congratulation to the award!
    I truly enjoy your posts, pictures, style of writing, creativity and what is working on me like magnet: sense of humour.
    I am so happy I discovered your blog at the beginning of my blogging adventure :)
    I am happy for you getting the award :)


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