01 August 2007

Garden Blogger's Muse Day: August 1

Here goes...my first attempt at playing in the Garden Blogger's Muse Day festivities. I'll enjoy reading other postings more, though.

Daylily days and frogsong nights
Heat and fog play
The best looking plants seem to be the weeds
As hungry insects gnaw on once-perfect leaves and flowers
And of course now come the visitors!
Little do they know that a garden writer’s garden
Is only perfect if her name is Martha.
Still, there's a little 'Green Envy' to enjoy...
Deadlines can give way to hammock swinging and sense-restoring
As we listen, look, smell, touch and taste the garden’s joys
A storm cloud trembles on the horizon, to remind us
We’re half past summer, quarter to autumn
No matter what the almanac says.


  1. Thanks, I enjoyed that as I can relate to most of it. ;-)

    In the Netherlands we are quarter to autumn too in August, you can actually smell it in the air. At night it gets more nippy too.

  2. Hi Jodi and thanks for posting your wonderful poetry for Garden Bloggers' Muse Day.

    I appreciate your comments on my poem as well - I was having trouble with that function but now it's fixed .

  3. Lovely honor to the muse of the garden. Taking your lead, I posted one myself. Not nearly as lyrical as yours--but thanks for the other links as well. Take care!


  4. Oh, very nice, Jodi, and I love your blog! I've been scrolling back reading all your previous posts and what a gorgeous collection of photos of your garden. And just how many cats do you have? LOL! A cat in the garden is pretty much a necessity I think. Like pink flamingos, they make me laugh!

  5. Hi fellow gardeners!

    Yolanda Elizabet: Isn't it amazing how quickly things seem to accellerate once we're past the middle of July?
    Carolyn Gail: This was fun, but I won't give up my day job to write poetry, of course ;-)
    Cynthia, good to see you posting again--I'm sure it's been a busy summer for you and Ben.
    Thanks, Gina for your note! Love your poem on bloggers who make you wait, too!
    Lost Roses, Welcome! We have eight naughty little catchildren, all of whom are very spoiled but also joys of our lives. Now my son is planning to get another cat--we'll see if he stops at two or keeps going...they're like potato chips, we can't have just one!?

  6. Beautiful. 'Half past summer, a quarter to autumn...' Lovely. :)

  7. I liked this ... I'm glad that deadlines are giving way to some hammock swinging.

    Alas, we are on our way to autumn. 8c the other night which was a reminder ... and the asters look as if they will be flowering soon ... way too early methinks!


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