04 April 2009

Mother Nature Throws a Wet Tantrum

Never underestimate the determination of a spring-flowering bulb to get itself back on schedule. Yesterday afternoon, I walked around the yard (where I could get through and not end up with too-wet feet) and discovered the lower garden was relinquishing its snowdrifts quite nicely. In the morning when Longsuffering Spouse went out to do chores, there was snow all over this bed. By 2 pm, the snow-waves had receded and these little fellows were making their presence known. 

Snowdrops are nothing if not determined. I can almost hear them talking. "Okay, the snow is leaving. All together now, push..."


These little fellows had to come through ice, but they were coming and that was that. 
Now, it was lovely mild yesterday and then it started to rain last night. And it rained. And rained and rained and threw it down. Today, we went up to Cumberland county to the annual bull sale at the Maritime Beef Testing Station. No, I wasn't buying a bull or shooting the bull...I have enough of that to deal with, what with the current government of doughheads in this province. I was on assignment. It was interesting, but only to those of us who happen to be interested in agriculture and where our food comes from. I'll save that for another day. 

I slept most of the way up, and we went the highway anyway. We decided to come back via the back road in Hants county, one we know very well. We'd heard about some flooded conditions. Well, how bad could it be? 

Um...quite bad, actually. This particular washout was going to be fixed before nightfall, but it had a mate on the opposite side of the road. Can you say, "crumbling infrastructure", you idiotic Fiddling Fool premier? (I don't like OR respect 'Rodney, can you tell?)

Lovely drive by the seashore. Only thing was, this was down in Hants county, probably about 15 minutes from where Nancy Bond lives; and this is supposed to be a meadow with a small pond and brook. Today, well...more like a lake! I don't know that the Peepers will be out here today, not just yet. 

On the opposite side of the road, more flooding. No barn is an island, except when the waters come along. Some of these areas are off tidal rivers that spill into the Minas Basin of the upper Bay of Fundy, so when the tide is high, the water is...way up! 

Another spot that is regularly a field with a brook...not a lake with trees sticking out of it. Hubby was driving, I was shooting through the windows of the car because really...we didn't dare pull to the side of the road, after having seen the earlier crater. 

Coming down the main highway near Hantsport, we saw the RCMP (our provincial highway constabulary, as well as that serving many communities) had blocked off the first exit into that town, which lays alongside the very tidal Avon River AND the Halfway river. This is all new highway infrastructure...and the whole area around the exit/access roads is underwater. Probably part of the road too, down in the flood plain area. We couldn't tell, but we doubled back at Bishopville and looped around for another look. 

This is the road leading into town, the other end of that highway pic above. All that water isn't supposed to be there--on either side of the road. But it looks like the Halfway has a jam somewhere, and the water couldn't get back out to the Avon and the Basin. The tide was going out, so I hope this all lets go before the tide comes back in again...

We carried on homeward, and arrived before dark. Yesterday despite the snow in that lower garden where the snowdrops were poking through, Hamamelis 'Diane' had decided she was clear enough of snow to explode into bloom. Today, she looked even happier.  

And the tenacity of the snowdrops paid off, as the last of the snow had melted off and they all started popping up with great enthusiasm. Yea for snowdrops, always. The late, great garden and cat lover Beverley Nichols wrote in one of his books that snowdrops were best observed laying flat on the ground looking up at them. Mine are a little too tiny yet for anyone but an elf to be able to look up into, and it's far too boggy. But...spring is waking in earnest. 

My proof? Oh, looky here, Frances! 'Ivory Prince' Hellebore has made it through winter and all that snow again. Yippee! Now, I'll drag the Christmas tree off the back deck (where it has been stuck since New Year's Day due to a winter's worth of snow.I'll chop it into pieces and put it around the hellebore to protect him from whatever April is planning next. 

Because yes, although it's spring, it's spring in Nova Scotia. And the only thing predictable is that this is an unpredictable season. 


  1. Seems like our weather is about the same, we are expecting snow tonight.

  2. Those snow drops are one tough plant! Here's hoping your snow melts soon and things come back to life for you.

  3. Sorry to see the roads in such nasty shape! Ouch.
    Over in our little corner of the Bay we have a sump pump that is churning in earnest, snow drops, and....loads of crocus making a grand entrance on the sunny part of the front lawn.
    The peepers can't be far behind!

  4. I had been wanting snowdrops for the longest time and just kept forgetting to buy them. I found two pots of snowdrops on the sale table. 50% off. I bought 10 plants for under $4

  5. That's a lot of flooding! I think you win for having the worst weather of any of the blogs I read. I'm sure you'd give that prize up in a Nova Scotia minute!

    But the snowdrops are very pretty!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  6. Isn't it something?! I wasn't even out and about today, but heard of a lot of spots that had flooded and/or where the roads had washed out. Here's a link to an album showing the flooding in Kennetcook, Hants Co. (http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=87121&id=527737422) -- hopefully that takes you to it. The roads are disgraceful all through the province. We share the same sentiment about The Fiddlin' Fool!

  7. He he .. reading this reminds me of giving birth to a baby especially when you mention 'push'. The determination to see the world! Maybe we could learn a thing or two from this ..

  8. I'm sorry for all the flooding and snow. Seeing your bulbs adds to the others who say they still bloom after being snowed on. We're supposed to get a few inches tomorrow.

  9. That flooding looks pretty bad but it makes for interesting photos! Hope the people who live in the area are ok.

  10. Wow Jodi that is some flood water. We had that bad here last spring. This spring there hasn't been much rain so not much flooding.

    Those little snowdrops are marvelous aren't they? They grow on their own schedule, ignore the snow cause they are comin through.

  11. Despite the flooding and the lingering snow, I'm so happy that you're finally seeing FLOWERS!! As Churchill said, "Never, never, never give up!" I know you won't, but I'm sure it's got to be terribly discouraging when you want to see those flowers without the snow as a backdrop.
    I hope this is the first step that spring has taken to make its permanent appearance!

  12. I think snowdrops look best when they are in a really tight, full bunch, as yours are. Mine aren't so I have to bring them in and look at them from below.

  13. Mother Nature loves to show some spirit this time of year,doesn't she? Ick on crumbling infrastructures. I wish you, your family and your flooded area well, Jodi.

  14. Jody, It really has been an unpredictable spring in North America...I can't say about the rest of the Northern hemisphere;) The flooding has been bad...those poor folks with flooded homes and fields.

    Your snowdrops are a welcome sight and I can't imagine what conditions allow for lying down and looking up into them...maybe a hillside! But if you do attempt that would you post a photo! have a good week. Gail

  15. Yippiee for Snowdrops! At times, I've found that mine have started blooming while covered with snow. Your Witchhazel looks great, definitely worth the wait. I'm still waiting for my 'Ivory Prince' Hellebores to open. One would have yesterday had it been sunny, instead of overcast & about to snow. Hopefully, it will this week.

  16. The flooding looks pretty bad. The rivers are over their banks here too but so far no serious damage to homes.

    We had a dusting of snow last night but not enough to worry the daffodils and tulips that are starting to emerge. As far as bloom goes, it seems the heat is harder on bulbs than the cold. When we have warm springs the bulbs just blow in a couple days and it's all over.

  17. That's craziness. All that water and no way out. Remind me to send you some oars and a row boat.

    Seeing the water washing out your road reminds me of when we use to live in Arizona. 11 months out of the year, it's dry. They build roads over the wash basins. Then about February---the roads wash out.

    At least you got bloomers--right? Did you yell at Nancy as you passed?

    So were the bulls everything you thought they would be and more? I've never been to a bull show--unless you mean the evening news. Oh--you did mean the evening news. You are too funny.

  18. Your winters are certainly harsh, jodi. Even though this spring has not been spiffy here, I'm not complaining (but we did get 6 inches of snow yesterday that thankfully has mostly melted).

  19. I'm glad you made the trip safely. That's a lot of water! But yay for the tough little snowdrops and Ivory Prince! We've had a week of nasty weather too, but no heavy snow...just rain, frigid winds and snow flurries. But today the sun shone and the crocuses opened their petals again..and a couple of daffs are almost open!
    Yes we can, Jodi!
    Jubilee indeed :)
    Happy Easter to you and your longsuffering spouse :)

  20. Thanks for sharing this for the GGW Design Workshop, Jodi. I'm glad to see that things have dried out and finally warmed up a bit for you over the past few weeks. Down here in Pennsylvania, we seem to have given May and June a miss and landed smack in July.


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