09 April 2009

A Flotilla of Snowdrops and other pleasures

Last Sunday, Longsuffering spouse gleefully announced we had 99 snowdrops in the garden. Yes, he counted them. He was very glad to see them, popping up in clusters as the snow receded. Last night on the phone, he upped the count to 135.

When I got home this evening, I walked around the yard. Remember all that snow? It's GONE. All of it. The grass and ground are very, very VERY wet, sodden, branches are broken and bent from all the winter's accumulation, but it's left the yard. 
The horse chestnut's buds are sticky with promise of new growth soon to erupt. The black smudge in the tree behind is a redwinged blackbird male, singing his 'Pooo Too Weet?" song to me and to the ladies down by the pond. He's more interested in them than in me, but I'm probably even more glad to see him than the avian ladies are. 

I've missed seeing the colour of the heaths and heathers all winter because they were so buried in snow. They've emerged, with much of their colour still intact. 

This particular heath is flowering like gangbusters, and while I'm very thrilled with that, I love the subtle shading in the foliage too. 

Still, it's awesome to find this nice sized clump so festooned with blossoms. It was too wet to crouch down and check for fragrance, though. 

Some of the snowdrops are not yet opened; these singles are taller than the first ones that so bravely popped up a couple of weeks ago, and they're really lovely once they open. Right now, they look like lovely pearls hanging from green pendants. 

It was late in the day so the crocuses had all furled their floral banners for the evening, but they were still brilliant with colour. 

I didn't get 'Ivory Prince' covered before I left on Monday afternoon, so I'm glad the weather has been moderate. Some snow is forecast for this weekend, however, so I will likely drag the evergreen boughs over to this garden in case of major climate change. Just in case. Not that I don't trust Mother Nature or anything. Not at all. Nope. 

If this isn't a good reason to plant a hamamelis, I don't know what is. Isn't this fabulous? The light on the petals makes me absurdly happy. Maybe I'm easily amused.

Oh, we're back in the lower front, with my double snowdrops that are opening more and more each day. Evening sunlight on them fills me with delight, too. But after all, spring has been a long time coming. And she may not yet hang up her bonnet and stay a while.  

However, a few flowers does make the heart of this eternal optimist bloom with joy. Tomorrow, I get to play in the garden for much of the day. So I'd best get some sleep if I am going to be of any use. Perhaps I'll dream of more snowdrops. May you all have a restful and peaceful gardening holiday weekend, whatever you're celebrating. Pax vobiscum!


  1. So glad your snow is gone, and all those snowdrops....just lovely.
    I love the witch hazel photo....the lighting is amazing.

  2. Now that's a nice husband to count those snowdrops! Glad you can see bare ground again!

  3. He counted them? How cute. Those snowdrops are pretty. I wish I have some in my garden, hanging at one spot in the flowerbed.

  4. What a relief it must be for you and LSS to see that the snow is finally gone!

    Snowdrops, Witch Hazel and Crocus, yes indeed, spring has, at long last, reached Nova Scotia.

    Happy Easter Jodi!

  5. Have a great day playing in the garden.

  6. The image that 'flotilla' conjured up in my mind is great. I can just see all of your blooms bobbing in the spring thaw.

  7. 135 snowdrops?!!! Now I'm jealous. I'm going to have to count mine next year! I remember how excited I was to see the first red-winged blackbirds here this year. And Jodi, your heathers and heaths are just gorgeous! Drool. Wishing you and yours a joyous Easter weekend as well!

  8. Dear Jodi, ....and also with you. The late day sun transformed your garden into a wonderland of light. The Hamamelis is exquisite. The snowdrops and crocus closed are just as beautiful, if not more so than when fully open. Full of promise.

  9. Yippiee, no more snow! How cool that you have 135 Snowdrops. I've never tried to count mine. Your Crocuses look great, even closed. I so admire your Heath. My soil isn't acidic enough for them, but I can just imagine yours filled with buzzing bees. Happy Spring, finally!

  10. I'm smiling about your LSS counting the snowdrops :) He must be as excited to see them as you are. They really are as beautiful closed as open, I think...like little white beads.
    The evening sunlight behind the witch hazel makes a glorious photo. Yes, it is fabulous, indeed!
    I'd like to plant some heather and heath here. Those tiny early blossoms are so pretty.
    I'm sharing your joy at the snow being gone. Yay, spring! Go flowers!
    Have a lovely Easter weekend, Jodi, and enjoy your day in the garden!
    It's gorgeous here today with lots of sunshine!

  11. Help! Zombies are attacking my house - they've already trampled my sunflowers and I don't know what to do. Anybody have advice on a good zombie-zapping plant?

  12. Jodi, your pictures are lovely and they fill me with hope! :-) We visited Charlie's folks today who live in a Gladys Manning Retirement Apt -- the bldg being new and nicely landscaped -- and there were clumps of butter yellow and purple crocuses everywhere you turned, with a lot of tulip green emerging as well. We'll be back tomorrow and I'll be taking some pics. I do love all those spring bulbs. :)

  13. Jodi...Isn't is something that all that beauty can survive buried under the snow you've had this winter! It is mind boggling that one day there are several feet of snow and then there is such beautiful bloom! The light shining through the petals of the witchhazel is wonderful. happiest of weekends to you! Gail

  14. Hi, Jodi--I've been too busy to read my favorite blogs for several days, but what a delight to come back and find not only that your snow is gone (at least for the moment) AND that you have flowers! I'm very happy for you. Hope you had a great day outside today.

  15. No to snow, yes to snowdrops!
    Jodi, the most interesting for me is that your husband counted them! It should be a very long winter... I would pay money to see him doing that!

  16. It looks like spring is finally arriving - I know you must be happy!

  17. I've got to have a talk with Longsuffering spouse. Thoughtful actions like that give the rest of us hubbies an even harder time with our better halves. Wait, on second thought it's you I need to admonish. All those poor suffering wives wouldn't have such a good example to hold up to us if you didn't say anything :)

    Now go back and give him a big kiss.

  18. Such lovely photos. I'm glad to see your snow is generally gone, and some green is poking through.

  19. Jodi, how thrilling that spring has come to your garden. Ivory Prince is just as beautiful as I remember from last year-as are the double snow drops. Thanks for sharing your snow-free garden!

  20. Your long, cold winter is finally ending, and look how you are being rewarded for your patience!

  21. Love the heaths and heathers. Snowdrop season is over here; we're just moving into daffodil season. I can imagine being so happy to finally be rid of winter that I would count the flowers. Though I've never done it. Yet.

  22. Jodi - Peace is indeed what we need - and more sunshine! Beautiful photos. They're full of hope.

  23. Ha! I was reading PATSP today and was almost shocked to see someone from Canning comment! I grauated from Acadia a few years ago, I miss the valley... It has been a few months since I've been up there. Hope things are starting to bloom!

  24. The snowdrops are beautiful Jodi. I've been convinced on the hamamelis - Dave the UPS guy should be bringing one here soon.

    So much lovliness!

    Happy Easter!

  25. So glad that spring has finally come to Nova Scotia, Jodi! I hope you've seen the last of that "white stuff." I love the lighting in your photos, especially the witch hazel--lovely.

    What a sweetheart LSS is for actually counting all those snowdrops!

  26. Lovely photos. For us here in Ireland the snowdrops are just a happy memory from three months ago! Hard for us to imagine you're only just seeing the end of the snow. Our daffs are nearly over and the tulips are now in their full glory and I've had to mow the lawn twice already!

  27. Hm, judging by your garden chores, Twisted Willow, my northern Californian garden is in a similar zone.

    I am impressed by the counting of snowdrops; I tend to hide my childish pleasure in things like that, glad I'm not the only one.

    The redwing blackbird's song is officially Poo Too Weet? That beautiful jug-gurgling upswing sound that raises the hair on my arms? Redwing blackbirds need new lyricists.

  28. Finally Jodi...The snow is gone and the spring is here. I love April, I'm trying to enjoy every single minute of the day.
    Lovely lovely bloom you are sharing with us.

    Happy gardening!


  29. Ah yes jodi, my kind of walk ... April love! (Impressed with your iPhone photos, girl ... don't tell anyone but, such a wimp, I've never take a photo with mine)

  30. As much as you love your garden, it must be kinda hard to see so much change. My heart tugged a bit for you and how much you have to be away. Lovely blooms and especially pretty color on the heather after so much snow.


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