17 April 2009

Bloomingwriter's awesome Mail Call: Gardening friends across the miles

In talking to my long suffering spouse on Wednesday or Thursday evening, I heard something that made my heart leap. "You've got a parcel from the US," he said. I could hardly wait to get home on Friday afternoon. 

First, there was Anna's lovely card and apron, thoughtfully made with the cat-children in mind as well as the gardener. 

Then there were the letters and cards...normally, my snailmail consists of bills, advertorials, and of course the occasional snailmail letter or card, except at Christmas when we get quite a few more cards. 

This felt like Christmas before I even started opening them. 

I'm a wordsmith and plant person. I don't do needlework or paint or draw or scrapbook, lacking the time or creativity in that direction. I deeply, deeply love and admire those abilities in others. 

You know, I've never met any of my gardening blogging friends face to face, and while I had thought I would do in Chicago, it's not to be this year. But when I talk of friends, I refer to friends such as these; people I've yet to meet, or in most cases even talk to on the phone. 

Yet were they to turn up at my door--or I at theirs--there would be no awkward pauses, no hesitations. There would be hugs (and vetting by cats, in many cases), and tea or coffee andfood and much plant talk and swap and even much more laughter and friendship. 

That's what opening these cards and letters was like; 'meeting' friends old and new (because some are longtime correspondents and fellow bloggers, others newer to us) and having conversations across the miles. 

Like Gail wrote last week to so many accolades last week (including mine)...I am so very fortunate--blessed, even! In the people who share my life, who share the love of gardening and plants and writing, in where I live (the snow is GONE, Anna, all of it, except in the woods!) 

So to Anna (FlowergardenGirl), the fabulous organizer of this fun, and to Jen@ Muddy Boot Dreams, Catherine @ A Gardener in Progress, Ann @ Northeast Gardener, Jared @ Pleasant Hill Ramblings, VP @ Veg Plotting, Kathleen @ Kasey's Korner, Phillip @ Gardens of a Golden Afternoon, Peggy @ Organic Growing Pains, Jan @ Thanks for 2Day, and Kylee @ Our Little Acre...much love and gazillions of thanks across the miles to each of you for your creativity and thoughtfulness. 

I will be writing to each of you individually, but...the sun is out, it's not freezing, and the garden is calling my name! 


  1. What a sweet gesture on their part, Jodi; I know you appreciated all their thoughtfulness. I know exactly how you feel: yesterday I was so surprised to find a package in the mail for me from the UK. It was a small book of poetry from a garden blogging friend who knows exactly what I like! The friendships I have made in the blogging community this past year have been wonderful. Someday I hope to meet many of them face-to-face--I do wish you were coming to Chicago!

  2. Oh, wow, Jodi, that is more than fabulous! You're right, it's just like Christmas! Wish I could come enjoy your gardens and coffee and cats. (Maybe some day! Nova Scotia is at the top of my must-see list!) Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful cards and creations with us. It's brightened my morning!

  3. That must have been a fantastic surprise package.

  4. Jodi - wasn't it a great idea of Anna's? I'm so glad you enjoyed your 'Christmas present' - it was such fun to put my small part of it together for you.

    You are so right about meeting blogfriends and there being instant conversation without pauses. I've been so fortunate to meet some over the past year and it's been more like meeting old friends you haven't seen for years rather than complete strangers. It's lovely.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Yippee! As I'm about to mail out the next parcel, I was thinking all of this was going to overlap. I'm glad you like the apron and I did have the kids in mind as you can see.

    You mean a lot to so many of us and your words are shared across the gardening blog world. I hope you play outside all day without interruption. I just came in for lunch and am headed right back out. MrD needs to know how to design the door for Copper Top.

    I am thrilled your snow melted. I was almost depressed for you.

  6. Jodi, I delight in reading your posts...You are a crafter of words and a gifted story teller. When you write, we are drawn into the story, into what ever activity you do...a walk through the woods, a visit to the horses, a cat on your lap and now, opening the package, Looking at the cards...it was like I received them all, too. What a joy! Thank you for the compliment and the shout out! I do wish I was going to meet you in Chicago...gail

  7. You certainly are blessed. Don't you just love snail mail from friends???!!!!

  8. Soon as I can afford the postage I'll send you a rock.

    I can understand why people like you. We've never met but when we do it will be like we've known each other a long time. You take the time and reach out to others so it's no surprise they reach back.

  9. I've heard of Christmas in July, but Christmas in April? Wow! You're a lucky girl, Jodi! That was a package chock-a-block full of sunshine and sweetness, wasn't it? Blog friends are amazing. There are some really wonderful people out there.
    The daffodils are going wild here. Any blooming there yet? We've been enjoying glorious sunshine, but there's rain in the forecast, which is good. We need it!
    Enjoy your garden, Jodi!

  10. It really is fun being a part of this great idea of Anna's! It does start to feel like we get to know each other through our gardens and blogs. I had no idea that starting a garden blog would open up a whole new world! Hope you had fun in your garden!

  11. I'm glad you are back to blogging regularly, and you like plants and cats (some dogs are ok too!) and reaching out to people. Pretty good in my book.

  12. Hi Jodi...What an awsome package to open. I would be excited also. So glad you shared it with us...it's fun to see what is up in your private life. I bet the kitties were more interested in the box after everything was out of it!!!
    Enjoy your snowless gardens finally!

  13. I hope you are still snow free!

  14. Jodi: You get back what you give...and you have given a whole lot! My door is always open to you should you wish to visit!

  15. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming post. Loved reading it...

  16. What a fun surprise! It's too bad you can't come to Chicago, but maybe we'll finally get to meet next year. Enjoy your goodies!

  17. Hi Jodi. It was fun to pop over here and see your lovely assortment of cards and goodies. It thrills me to be a part of it all and connect with other gardeners like yourself. You would be most welcome in my garden at any time and I'd happily share a plant or two or three with you if I had something you didn't. Enjoy the spring weather and your bundle of gardening mail.

  18. How wonderful to look forward to so many surprises from blogging friends :)

    I had a lovely carved wooden spoon sent to me from Virginia by a blogging friend. It was such a surprise, so I think I know how excited you must be :)

  19. This is such a great idea -- what a treat!! :)

  20. As the others have said, it's so much fun for the rest of us to see your "Christmas" presents! I am new to garden blogging and have been so happily surprised by the friendliness of the community.


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