22 February 2009

Ominously ongoing observations of....

...winter, of course! You were expecting crocuses, or veggie seedlings? Not here. Not any time soon. I remember when things did look like the photo above. And they will again. But permit me a little more amused grumbling about the weather, please. You'll be amused, and your heart will be warmed too. (click photos for larger image in most cases)

I came home Friday night from the south shore in a gale of wind and 'flurries', which continued on yesterday. Winds out of the west, off the water, made more flurries and sculpted the drifts in the yard higher and higher.

I had thought I'd wallow out through some of the snow and take some photos, but in studying the yard from windows and from the few spots outside where I can walk without floundering, I decided I didn't want to scale 4 and 5 foot snowdrifts with my camera in hand, just to try to get some sense of what it's like for you all. So instead, I took photos where I could safely do so. Like from my office window, where the snow-tsunami is threatening to engulf my weeping Chamaecyparis.

From the back window, you can (sort of) see how the snow sculpts itself around structures, trees, etc. Hubby managed to clear a sort-of path to the pasture to let Leggo and Jenny out, as they've been indoors for several days. The snow was up to Jenny Lumpy-donk's belly even with the horse breaking the trail through first.

I cheated. I went through the barn and out the back barn door to take this photo, startling my snow bunting friends into flight.

They landed in their tree and sat chittering and twittering and waiting for me to disappear, which I did by getting into the car, rolling down the window, propping up my camera, and waiting.

They land on the house, sidle over to the edge of the roof, and discuss amongst themselves whether or not they should drop down to the feeding area. A few of them elect to go first.

As they snatch up bits of corn and other seeds, they tell their friends to come down and join the buffet...

And pretty soon everyone is down there with them. I just sit quietly in the car, snapping photos and grinning a lot, because I know that any second now...
They'll all take off again, and do some aerial acrobatics around the house before returning to the roof of the barn or house to do it all again. 

Days like this, when it's mild and calm and the snow buntings and other birds are having fun (or are giving me great joy because they seem to be having fun) are what get us through the bleak days. Like the storm that is due to come in tomorrow. 

I'll hang out with the cats, the plants, my computer and some hot chocolate tomorrow, and let the weather bring what it may. It's gonna do that anyway, so it's best to just acquiesce and put a good face on it all. That's my usual philosophy, and it helps get us through Yet Another Fundy Winter Weather Tantrum.

At least there's no goutweed at this time of year....


  1. Jodi, I enjoyed reading your post and looking at the pictures. Pictures are so good! No doubt, you had fun feeding and watching those birds. I am curious if you have any neighbors somewhere close. It looks like you are alone there in the middle of the beautiful snow kingdom...

  2. What a view to wake up to everyday! The pictures were wonderful. I to remember what the flower beds look like every spring and summer. But for now it has been a long winter, snow again today. But spring WILL be here soon! Keep sending those beautful pictures of your flowers, I loved it!

  3. Jodi, What amazing photos. I don't think I've ever seen a snow bunting. The may not be indigenous to my neck of the woods. I've had robins eating the berries off my aronia but unlike your friendly fellows who cordially invite their comrades, the robins fight and chase each other away. It's sad because there are enough berries on that bush to go around but noooo.

    The snow is beautiful.

  4. Wonderful Snow Buntings! Rare here, I've chased them a few times only to miss them. Glad I found your blog!!

    In case it makes you feel any better it'll be 22 degrees when I get up in the morning here in North Carolina, that is cold for us.

  5. We've had plenty of snow this week too, and more in the forecast, but yesterday brought bright sunshine for a nice change.
    The snow buntings are a treat to see as we don't get them here. So you know how much I appreciate your sneaky photos :)
    The snow drifts are beautiful. Too bad we have to endure the cold that goes along with them.
    I love those deep red poppies and...well, the whole lovely garden! Something to look forward to, isn't it? :)
    And that rose. Oh my!
    Enjoy snuggling with the cats tomorrow.

  6. O O O o well, the least one can say is that it is very beautiful with the snow.
    I have the 'big white' outside my door as well and minus -2 C. Not that cold but there is no sunshine and that makes in boring.

    You have really caught those birds brilliantly.

    Thank you Jodi, you gave me a new word today Ominously :-)


  7. I enjoyed the pictures of the snow bunting.
    Amazing to think that all the plants in your July picture are sleeping under their snowy blanket.

  8. You did warn me: that is some serious snowfall. I can understand anybody having an excess of cats when there is a distinct possibility of freezing to death if the heating fails.
    Just pile on the felines and hunker down!

  9. A cup of hot chocolate sounds an excellent idea to get through the Farch! And at least those lovely snow buntings are there to keep you entertained for a while.

    Keep warm and keep smiling - spring is on it's way - I promise!

  10. I wish we had snow buntings here. Great photos.
    I've been looking at your LinkWithin, and have decided to give it a try on my blog. It looks like a neat widget.

  11. There you go-no goutweed. Way to look on the bright side of things. I hope spring comes to you soon, those buntings are awesome.

  12. Hi Jodi, what a pleasure to read your stories. I really loved this one. It seems impossible to even get in and out of the house with so much snow. Don't know if I could shake the feeling of claustrophobia there. But you getting into the car to keep warm and not scare the snow buntings was brilliant. I can imagine you sitting there, happily sort of warm and enjoying their antics. The birds help us wait the long wait of Farch too. Even with seedlings and crocus. :-)

  13. I've been wanting snow all year, but I think if I had it as long as you have I would be getting very tired of it by now.--Randy

  14. Hi Jodi ! how are you girl ?
    What a great picture that was, with the birds 'layered' ? in that tree .. it made me laugh it was so cute. Every time I see pictures where you live I get home sick .. I know, you know, how lucky you are : )
    We have snow on snow still .. but it is supposed to rain on Wednesday with temps up to 6 degrees !!! then back to freezing .. the number of car accidents will surely rise as well ..
    Great pictures .. and .. Spring does have to come eventually doesn't it ?? LOL

  15. Yep, you've got snow! More than enough! I hope you get some warmer temps and sunshine that melt that stuff away. It does look pretty, but I think all of us in the north are more than ready for another kind of pretty!
    Hang in there!

  16. Well Hello! Thank you for your comment on my blog - still raging about that silly journalist and her silly article. Really glad to find your blog, gorgeous photos ~ that is snow!!! We just don't get that in Northen Ireland, especially by the sea, where I live. Looks beautiful though it must be a pain for you! :)

  17. We got several inches of blowing snow Fri nite and all day Sat. Like you I went out to get some photos but the snow was over my boot tops. Came back inside with boots full of snow and icy toes. We northerners learn to be a patient lot.

  18. The snow buntings are very cute. We're still deeply buried in winter too though I feel a change in the air. Hey whoever gets the warm air first, blow some the other way okay?

  19. My goodness that's a lot of snow. I would not venture into it either.

  20. Hi Jodi!
    I loved looking at the images of the landscape. What a beautiful spot you live in!

  21. HI Jodi, I love seen your pictures, winter looks so beautiful when you live in an eternal summer

  22. Jodi:
    I don't envy you the snow, but I do envy the beautiful scenery... so close to the water, and while it must be a pain at times, there is something so soothing and relaxing everytime I 'walk' the coast in your photos!
    I love the snow buntings.... my garden has been strangely void of birds of any kind this year, but see more and more cat tracks. We are a tough breed, and will outlast Mother Nature's humour .... I often wonder why I find myself trying to rush Spring... too much to risk losing! Thanks for sharing, and know that you are not alone.... I think we Canadian's should have a dinner party of our own!

  23. Hope that you are keeping in safe, warm and snug Jodi. It' s hard for me to imagine those quantities of the white stuff but I am sure that your flowers will soon be stirring. You must get such a tremendous surge of growth come the spring !

  24. Jodi, Beautiful post....I really enjoyed reading it~ The photos of the snow leave me speechless...seriously....it is overwhelming trying to imagine that kind of weather. One of the delights in visiting blogs is learning: I'm pretty sure I can id snow buntings;) They are great birds and I love learning about NS. gail

  25. It would be nice to have such amusing birds to while away the winter!

  26. Wow, Jodi,
    I really need to not feel sorry for myself while waiting for spring. I love your pics, though! Those birds look like fun ones to watch and take pics of!

  27. What a huge flock of buntings! I don't think I've seen that many hang out at one place for so long. They must like the menu. :) Well, at least we got off somewhat easy with this storm -- though I'm sure you had more flurries where winds blow off the water. ;-)

  28. Oh! Aren't they plump and adorable! I wish we had them here.

  29. I know you must be longing for all that snow to be gone and spring flowers showing up, but for a Southerner that has never seen that much snow, it is a glorious sight. It has been a long winter this year for so many people, and yet, there still are beautiful, sunny day with your snow buntings that surely must lift the spirits.

    Always Growing

  30. Jodi, the snow is lovely, but overwhelming! I grew up in Michigan, so I am familiar with the huges piles of snow. It seems that they'll never go away and let the flowers return. But before you know it, they will go away and you'll be back out in the garden once more. Did you know you captured a snowflake on your lens? Check out your third photo down. So cool!

  31. Clearly, I have nothing to complain about in the weather department compared to your woes. You just have to make it through the dreaded Farch and then wonderful things will begin to happen in the garden. I'm sorry, but I did have to laugh at the Chamaecyparis, I wouldn't have known it was weeping if you hadn't said so.

  32. OMG, that's so funny that I thought you had captured a snowflake, when it was just a suncatcher shaped like a snowflake. LOL

  33. no goutweed....I knew you would find winter's silver lining. enjoy the hot chocolate and the birds.


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