20 February 2009

More Signs of Not Quite Spring

The Bay called me the other day before I went to the other shore for a couple of days, so I took my camera and went down to the wharf to see if there were any signs of spring lurking around. 

There's less snow down along the shore here than up on the hill where 'flurries happen where winds blow onshore.' Up on the hill, we catch all the flurries; down ON the shore, they aren't nearly so prevalent. 

There's only one lobster boat still fishing out of the Bay, with the vessel on the left. Both boats are slumbering, waiting for spring to come, even though Todd Suzanne is 'retired'. 

Do you see the waterline on the rocks across the cove? That's the highwater line, where the water will be at high tide. When this picture was taken, it was about half-tide. The waterline is about ten feet from where the water now is. See what we mean about tides? I keep trying to get down there at low water, but haven't managed lately. 

When my better half was the harbourmaster, this wharf was kept in excellent shape. He gave that position up a few years back, several years after he actually stopped fishing, and the neglect of the current harbour authority is obvious. There is sadly a bit of a 'dog in the manger' attitude; the one boat still fishing here doesn't want to fix up the wharf because someone else might come and use it. I used to drive my car out to the end of the wharf, right where this hole is. Not now. 

The rocks along the Bay shore include a lot of what is called columnar basalt. There are seams through some of these rocks, where you can find agate, amethyst, and other semi precious stones. Do you see the rock out in the water, far right, halfway up the photo? That's called the Shoe Bridge, and is submerged at high water and for a while before and after, exposed at low water, and a definite navigation hazard to those not in the know. Especially when the weather is throwing waves in the air ten or twenty or more feet high. Today--this being several days ago--the water is what my better half calls 'flat ass calm'. 

Back at the house, the only waves are made of snow, out under my spruces and across parts of the garden. And we've had more snow since this photo was taken. Surprise, surprise, surprise. 

But it's okay. The days are getting longer. There's heat in the sun. We can deal with it. (repeat as necessary.)


  1. Jodi, I enjoyed walking with you and looking for the signs of spring. It looks like you live in a very picturesque place, close to the water. What a difference the water makes... I like the first and last pictures especially.

  2. Jodi, I like what you wrote in your note above. I have lots of trouble keeping up with all the blogs and comments, and when garden season starts, I may have even more trouble.

    You live in a beautiful area, and I love your pics and commentary. It's too bad that wharf is not taken care of. It looks like the water is not frozen there. It will soon be March. Woo hoo!

  3. Jodi, I swear I can smell that sea air! I used to live at the beach in Australia, and now I'm a long way from the ocean here in beautiful (but frigid today!) upstate NY. Seeing your photos makes me very nostalgic, but in a good way.
    Your winters might be long and cold, but oh my, it's gorgeous there! Beautiful photos! Thank you.

  4. After a few days of sunshine, it is snowing again and very cold.
    Not very unusual for our area. I expect more snowfalls before spring arrives.
    - Cheers from Guildwood.

    "Every gardener knows that under the cloak of winter lies a miracle ...
    a seed waiting to sprout,
    a bulb opening to the light,
    a bud straining to unfurl.
    And the anticipation nurtures our dream."
    - Barbara Winkler

  5. i loved your town's trip: i felt almost there walking around with you!
    what a beautiful place...

  6. Hi Jodi, no wonder the sea is in your blood. I didn't know about your LSS being a fisherman either. Too bad about the wharf too. Nothing ever stays the same, doesn it? I am so glad of your attitude, the days longer, a new warmth in the sun. We are depending on that warmth in the sun, we can feel it too, even without snow cover, although it is in our forecast for tonight. Our ground is frozen but the birds are makin' babies, so spring really will be here soon. Enjoy your other shore trip.

  7. Oh how I miss tides - the Mediterranean just doesn't move in comparison to the Atlantic.

  8. What a nice walk through the town that was. It was almost as good as being there!

    That's a shame about the wharf, though.

  9. Hang in there Jodi! I bet when you thaw out it happens really quickly. It will be here before you know it. :-)

  10. What beautiful rugged country you live in. Very scenic. Thank you for the tour.

  11. Jodi:
    It's wonderful when you can take a break from the daily grind and observe nature... Never having been to the East Coast, I was thrilled to be taken on a guided tour! Such beauty! It's so sad when we see the blatant neglect that change brings - you are lucky to have your LSS.... pity the rest! Hopefully one day soon Mother Nature will shed her cloak of ice and snow and we Canuck's can join the rest of the bloggers who have such splendid blooms to share!

  12. It quite lovely in snow, it must be delightfully lovely in full spring and summer. Neither as far away as they were yesterday! Something my grandmother would have said! I think sweetbay said it best~~ you live in beautiful rugged country.


  13. I Love seeing these pictures Jodi , even though it makes me homesick for the sea. It is true girl !!! the days are getting longer and earlier and the sun is warmer (I hope it isn't all in my mind ? LOL)

  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos, Jodi. It's wonderful to live near water, isn't it? Though I'd trade my "fake" reservoir for your "real" cove any day! Thanks for the tour!

  15. What a neat place to live. It has a small coastal town vibe for sure.

    Spring is near. I promise.

  16. Hi Jodi,
    I SO enjoyed this tour of the wharf and water and to hear about your tides. Ever so different than our Gulf Coast.

    I have dreams of visiting your area some day... it's always seemed so magical to me. Your photos are confirming my imaginations.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  17. You are so lucky to have such a
    beautiful scenery even in the winter!

  18. Thank you for the tour. That's a very different landscape than near my house in Texas. Very enjoyable to walk with you.

    Too bad about hole in the wharf. It's a shame that attitudes prevail.

  19. I didn't want you to quit writing this cause I didn't want to stop reading about the bay. Nothing around here is so exciting or dangerous.

  20. Though not spring, still most enchanting through your loving eyes, jodi. So enjoy your deightful tours ... for a few moments, my mind wanders beside you and I feel the heartbeat of your beloved earth.

  21. I, too, noticed yesterday that the days are getting longer. It won't be long for you until all the snow and frigidity melts away.

    I really like the photo of the high water mark on the rock. So cool!

    If I lived where you do, I think I'd be called down to the bay quite often... water does that to me.


  22. What a fun tour of what you see! It's just as beautiful as I imagined. I'll have to try your mantra and see if it works for me, too.

  23. Jodi, I've enjoyed seeing all your signs of "spring" this morning:) Although we don't have as much snow as you, winter still has a firm grasp on our part of the country, too. It's hard to see the bulbs starting to shoot up and other signs of spring on others' blogs and not feel a little envious. But you do live in such a picturesque area--when spring finally does come to you, it will be glorious!

  24. Hi Jodi - this looks so pretty and what a beautiful area you live in - nothing nicer than being down by the sea - even in winter or when spring is so obviously around the corner... enjoy! Miranda

  25. Jodi, I really enjoyed the visit to the harbour! We used to spend summers at Winter Harbor, Maine -- it's where Schoodic Point juts out into the Atlantic, and it looks very like what you showed us in your pictures. Thank you for the tour!

    Love the cats! We are wholly-owned by the Dame Kiri te Katerwaul, a Siamese taskmistress.

  26. a beautiful scene. I would love to live closer to the Atlantic. My husband's family lives in a very picturesque fishing village, Stonington, In CT. This reminds me just a bit.

  27. The days are getting longer. There's heat in the sun.

    I guess I need to be a broken record :)

    I was looking for ice in the bay but it looks like we both got fooled. I did like the tidal rock. It gave me another perspective on just how great the tides are there. My friend shows me pics of the 'flats' by her place when the tide is out and the water is lost to the horizon.

    The days are getting longer. There's heat in the sun.

  28. Hi Jodi, I'm just getting around to reading this today! Sorry so late, just too much else to do, I guess!
    When I see your photos I am SO reminded of my years living in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I know you are further north, but there is so much similarity...the coast is so lovely, all times of the year. I would get tired of the lingering cold and snow, I must admit. But it is so beautiful to see through your photo tour. Just makes me wish I could be there in person--but not for as long as you (Sorry! Just being honest!) ha ha

    Take care of yourself in the frozen north!


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