06 February 2009

Do not adjust your sets....this is a test

Oh hi, don't mind me....I'm just testing to see if my migration of feeds as per Google's latest decree is a success or not. This post will disappear after I've proved to myself that I exist. Errrr, that Bloomingwriter still exists. I'm fairly sure I exist, with or without Feedburner. Although with the cold I'm having, I'm not entirely sure about anything except that Vicks helps with a stuffedup head.

If you're using a feed to read my posts, feel free to leave a comment so I know things are working. I changed my feed at Blotanical but I'm 13 hours behind Stuart who hosts the site, so it might take a while for him to manually check and make the change.


  1. I use the google reader Jodi. It occassionally tells me someone doesn't exist which I know does. I just wait a few minutes and go back to it. Aggravating but it eventually does work for me.

  2. Jodi, a cold on top of miserable weather and recouping from surgery? I think you need a good dose of spring. Only acouple morw months.

    I hope you get everything sorted out. I'd hate to think you didn't exist and I hadn't really been reading you.

  3. If you don't exist, that means I'm hallucinating.

    Feel better (hug).

  4. I guess it must've worked because I'm seeing you :)
    I hope your stuffy head clears up soon, Jodi. Better treat yourself to some nice, hot chicken soup, and curl up with the cats to keep you warm. Feel better soon!

  5. Hey you: sleep, hydrate, and know that I'm getting this. May you be well and the spring come early to Nova Scotia.

  6. I see you, therefore you are. I love that you make even feed tests interesting and entertaining. Cheers.

  7. Be the change that google demands! gail

    Take care and let's hope for a speedy recovery

  8. Jodi..now that "they" have told us the Vicks we used to have smothered on us as kids, may not have been good for us after all ?
    Get out of town !!!! Vicks rules ! Buckleys RULES too ! .. anything that can make me breath rules !! haha
    Yes .. the "feeds" situation .. I think I'm on board .. but then I think that a lot and I'm not ? BUT I do see you girl .. so you are ok ! .. now go get some snore time in with as many cats as you can muster in bed with you ! hahaha

  9. You are here. I just changed mine as well. Just when I was getting things figured out, I had to change something. I guess it keeps our minds sharp!

  10. Coming through loud and clear here Jodi :)

    I see from your commenting elsewhere you've not been feeling too well. I hope you're feeling better now so that you can enjoy the weekend.

  11. Hope you didn't have any trouble seemed like an easy thing when I did it.

    Hope you feel better.

  12. I use a reader called Vienna and you do exist! And I love your Obama-esque art in this post!

  13. You not only exist (found you through Blog Networks on FB) but you have a lot of fans! Keep up the great work.

  14. Sorry you gots a cowd. I didn't feed burn over here. I arrived legitimately from my blog. I didn't use any outside sources. I came as the crow flies. I beat a path and churned butter. I ran like the dickens. But I did not feed burn.


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