18 May 2008

Late Bloom Day: My Internets have been naughty....

One has to wonder why there are people in this world who have, apparently, nothing more important to do than to create malware programs that attack Internet Service Providers' equipment. Yup, we've been going through another week of fun with our internet. At times, it's been nonexistent. At other times, it's been about dialup speed-not exactly conducive for doing anything more than downloading email--assuming it's all been getting here, of course.

In my mindset, when things like that happens, it's karma trying to tell me something. A project I've been working on that isn't going well? Time to let it go. More importantly, after the wretched day I had on Thursday, it was time for a mental health day of the highest order. So maybe it was a good thing that 'The Internets' (yes, I'm poking fun at Shrubby) decided they needed mental health day too. I spent most of Friday in the garden, puttering--cleaning out weeds, preparing to divide things that haven't already gone skyward, moving a few plants around. Friday evening, Leggo and I went for a long contemplative ride in the woods, where I studied the wildflowers in bloom. Saturday, it rained all day, and today, LSS and I are going to go visit friends for a few hours. Monday is a holiday for some, but I'm going to assume that the now-partially recuperated ISP will continue to work as it has most of the time since Saturday afternoon, and get back to work.

Bouquets of brilliance to all of you who wrote such sweet and supportive notes about our loss of our dear furball friend Tigger. I did indeed plant a catmint clump under the viburnum that I added to the garden for him, and somehow, that brought great comfort to my heart.

This really ISN'T a proper Garden Blogger's Bloom Day report either; with so much going on, and with our garden being so far behind just about everyone else in the continent, I just decided to show off a few photos to let you know that we, at least, out of the snow zone for the year. And bizarrely, some parts of the province area already extremely dry, though we received much-needed--and cold!--rain on Saturday.

Despite the chilly days we had last weekend and early this week, my Stellata magnolia is just fine, and has covered itself in flowers. They have a slight fragrance, but nothing like some stellatas I've seen. Nor like 'Yellow Bird', which I discovered the other day down at Baldwin's had a lovely lemony fragrance. Still tempted to bring one home...

Of course for the next six weeks or more, our garden will be festooned with froths and petitpoints of forget-me-nots, one of my favourite flowers. I like the pink and white ones that pop up periodically in the garden, but the blues are my favourites, of course.

I'm really LOVING this Geum 'Mango Lassy'! It's still in its pot, so it's ahead of the geums in the garden, which are just starting to push up flower buds.

It's not a secret that I'm quite crazy about euphorbias, and while 'Fireglow' is one of my absolute favourites, this would be a close second. It's the well named, 'Fens' Ruby', and with the deep rich foliage and the strikingly neon bracts, it just appeals to my sense of fun.

The primulas are just starting to pop in earnest, and this makes me happy. I don't have a huge collection of primulas, but there are probably a dozen different species and colours out there. This purple one is a favourite; now, if I could just remember where it came from and what it's called!

A few more days and I figure everything will be UP in the garden and I can report on mortalities and successes. For now, I'll leave you with several comments:

Echinacea 'Green Envy' is up and doing just fine.
Weigela 'My Monet' sailed through the winter with flying colours.
You already know that I have FINALLY had hellebore successes;

and I have HOLLYHOCKS! Hollyhocks, of all things. Popping up everywhere. Will any of them be yellow? Doubtful. Could this be the year, though, that I break my yellow hollyhock curse?


  1. Life's 'ups & downs' will never beat you, Jodi! Please know you are not alone in naughty days. Forget-me-nots are a favorite of mine also ... when my children were young they pulled massive bouquets for me from the rock garden. Today few remain but when they bloom, I remember delightful days when beautiful flowers begged to be picked as a gift for loved ones.

  2. Sometimes life gets more attention than garden - but then it is so pleasurable to turn back and see plants grown :)

  3. It's nice to spend a day outside just puttering about in the garden. That seems to be when I find blooms I didn't know about.

    So glad your snow is finally gone. I note your 'stellata' is blooming now, whereas mine bloomed way back in early-mid April! Those are the kinds of difference that we find from bloom day posts, and which make us understand so much more about where people garden.

    Hope you have a great day in your garden today.
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  4. You have some lovely blooms in the garden. The ons and offs of internet connections can be very annoying. Let's hope it is all sorted out soon.

  5. It is good that you got up and away from the computer Jodi. I am sure that your outing with Leggo was just the soothing salve that you needed after finding Tigger. Flowers also remind us of life getting on after a hard blow.

    I must say that I bought a couple of Euphorbias after reading several posts about your joy of growing them. The ones I bought have bird names. How could I resist?

    I hope your internet woes are now under control.

  6. After so much sadness, I'm glad you were able to have a mental health holiday and do some of the things you enjoy :) I can picture drifts of blue forget-me-knots blooming in your garden - on of my favourite spring flowers. I just planted a clump yesterday that my mother passed on to me and hope it produces plenty of offspring.

  7. Perhaps the Internet woes were a blessing in a way, giving you time to reflect and enjoy the garden. The catmint is the perfect memorial to Tigger. Here's wishing you yellow hollyhocks this year!

  8. Jodi .. planting the catnip is a comforting step for your heart.
    The net and weather are both naughty and need a kick start again ?
    Our weather has also been smirking at us, after being spoiled for a few weeks .. rain , hail and then rain yesterday. Now it is very brisk ? COLD ! out there.
    My Hellebore is still looking gorgeous which I find amazing how long it is blooming .. plus my first primula, red with a yellow throat .. "My Monet", all 3 are doing super as well.
    I found "Twilight" and "Summer Sky" Echinacea .. plus I grabbed "Kim's Kneehigh" .. I am also VERY naughty ? haha
    I know you must be feeling this loss very deeply .. but I think the garden helps lessen the pain with being occupied in admiring its past , present, and future beauty. With times that you have shared with Tigger and the cat children. Things will get better.

  9. Smart idea to take mental health days when computer troubles get you down. I love euphorbias too, and I find it interesting that they grow in so many different climates. What could be more different from Austin than Nova Scotia, eh?

  10. Those Forget-Me-Nots will not let you forget them! Mine come in more and more each year. I now have an entire garden with a blanket of blue. I've never bought a single Forget-Me-Not in my life! I do pull them out, once they're spent, but they'll soon take over my neighbor's yard!

  11. Ack! Ack!!! What is it about the internet?!! Seems like every time I'm on really hot and heavy deadline, the damned thing kicks out. Hardly the freelancer's friend. Glad to see yours is back and behaving itself! And I'm especially glad you put in that clump of catnip! Somewhere in Heaven, Tigger is smiling...

  12. the geum is gorgeous a real gold. i will have to see if I can grow them in zone 8-9. matt

  13. Isn't it great to be 'forced' to spend time in your garden? Terrific therapy for all of life's stresses.

    Love your tulips! Vibrant and cheerful.

  14. Love that funky Euphorbia! I only have one, but I can see myself starting to collect them.

    Sorry about your kitty - hope you feel better soon.

  15. I missed your posts but, as you know, absence makes the heart... Anyway, glad you are back posting with glorious photos and some much deserved garden time!

  16. Jodi - Please stop by my blog and pick up your award!

  17. Pottering in the garden and taking Leggo for a long ride in the woods was just what the doctor ordered! Nature will help you heal.

    Your garden is full of blooms at the mo and who knows perhaps this year you will get one or two yellow hollyhocks.

  18. So glad you're back. I hate it when the Internets start messing with things. What kind of people write malware anyway?

    I'm sorry about Tigger.

  19. I have never grown hollyhocks, and I love them so! You've given me incentive now. Your garden is coming up beautifully. And I know that planting when in grief is very, very healing. So indulge yourself in the memory of your loved one.

  20. I hope your internet connection is just fine right now. Sometimes I have some problems with my internet connection too.
    Your garden is great with all those colorful flower.

  21. I'm glad you were able to get your Bloom day post up.I'm late with my GBBD post as well. Nasty virus, not the computer kind, zapped my energy and what little creativity I have.

    I really like that orange 'Mango Lassie'!

    I have one hollyhock from the seeds I put in the garden last year. I can't wait to see what it looks like.

  22. Dear Ariadne, the image of you astride Leggo is always a pleasant one, with your long dark hair flowing behind you, I know not quite correct but a nice vision, maybe hair extensions? Glad your garden is giving you pleasure, and telling you what needs to be done. Don't you love how our gardens communicate with us? Send the internets to time out...oh wait, they have already been there!

  23. What a pretty bloom day, despite your internet woes. I'm so sorry about your kitty. He was very handsome and reminds me of our cat Pumpkin that we lost several years ago. I have a hollyhock curse-- I've killed EVERY hollyhock I've ever planted--from seed or the nursery. I can grow everything else but that. Sigh.

  24. Hello, I just happened upon your blog today and love it! Beautiful images and loved the reading.Will be sure to visit again. :)

    I to also again writing and photography and have four blogs here.

    Checking back in again soon.


  25. Aren't Magnolias just the best trees/shrubs? Go get that yellow one, I'm sure you can find a home for it.

  26. Jodi - I'm having some weird comment disappearing problem - I don't know if you've gotten my comments, so forgive me if I'm being ridiculously redundant - Please stop by my blog - there's an award for you - and sorry if I've already said this too many times. Let's hope this time it will do what it's supposed to do properly.

  27. I share your love for the euphorbias. As I have evolved as a gardener some of the more unusual plants are what I need to hold my interest. Have you seen E lactea....cool and weird.

  28. Your bloom day post was late, and I'm even later coming to visit, Jodi. I'm sorry for your loss and your sadness.

    Magnolia stellata and blue forget-me-nots are a treat to see. May all your hollyhocks be yellow and the catnip flourish.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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