22 May 2008

Way to go, America (and some crazy Canucks, too)

Every now and again, things turn out the way they should. Behold your weeping American Idol, David Cook, with his mum. (photo via one of the DC fan sites. )

Way to Go, David Cook! Way to go, America! Congratulations all around.

Regular 'programming' will resume here next post--after I get some sleep, that is. Four hours of Gizmo last night, lots of reading and vid viewing...and of course preordering music vids off iTunes. Whew.

Oh yah....and Dylan was awesome, but watching DC with ZZ Top was even better.


  1. I don't watch this show. I don't watch much tv at all but I can see why you like David Cook. He sounds great and looks even better.

  2. Glad you got to see the show, even if you already knew the winner.
    It IS nice when the right person wins.
    Now I'll have to find something else to do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights--perhaps weed the garden??

  3. THANKS, Jodi; I hadn't even checked out your video when I wrote the earlier comment. Now I won't have to go to You Tube to find this one!

  4. I haven't followed American Idol at all, but am disproportionately happy at David Cook's win -- for your sake. Funny how when I heard the news I thought, "Great! Jodi will be thrilled."

    Enjoy this with your normal unbridled enthusiasm.

  5. Aren't you going to miss this season?! Two exceptional young men with bright futures ahead of them. David C with ZZ Top was the highlight for me, too...that and the duet the two Davids did of 'Hero'. (I'm assuming you've seen the whole show? If not, let me know and I'll mail it to you on DVD. :)

  6. Jodi, while not a fan of AI, I'm glad your David won. Even with all the media hype and the hoops they jump through, it is a way for talented people to get the recognition they deserve.

  7. I don't watch much tv and can't watch the reality show like this...I have no idea why, but I get so nervous for the people on them. But, I have to say...HE IS HOT. He definitely had a bright future.

  8. Hi all...yup, dude can sing the birds right out of the skies, and he is definitely what Randy would call Hawt molten lava bomb.
    But more than that...he's obviously a really, REALLY nice guy. He was so great with 'Archie', and so humble and self-effacing, yet confident. And smart. Naturally, smart (without being smart a**) rocks my socks.
    Awwww. It's really neat to see something happy happen to someone who deserves it, given the mess so much of our world is in. Like DC sang in 'The World I know'..."Hope still lingers on."

  9. Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man? Hmmmm, I'm not that shallow but I am crazy about a clean shaven man. No point there for either David or the ZZtoppies. :-D

    We have Dutch Idols which I am giving a big miss. Is there such a thing as Canadian Idols?

  10. I'm glad we Americans do something right. We certainly can't seem to vote a decent president into office lately. Can't wait to get the current one out and get the hell, hopefully, out of Iraq. Where we never should have been in the first place, in my humble American opinion!

  11. Jodi, I haven't watched AI except for the last couple of seasons, and don't watch it every week. But when I did catch it this season, I thought every time that David Cook was the 'best.' I'm glad he won. DA is a good singer, and he's a cute boy. DC has more life experience and more depth. It shows in his performances, and he's therefore more appealing to me. The best man, in my humble opinion, definitely won. (It doesn't hurt that he's hot, while DA is more the boy next door type.)

  12. jodi, i agree with you and ruth, i have followed DC all season, and am so glad we americans (with the help of some canadians) finally elected someone deserving. :-) i do have hope for our future.

    ye, david cook looks good clean shaven as well!


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