19 December 2009

An open letter to Carol, President for Life, SPPOTGWLS

To: Most esteemed, venerable, and herbaceous Carol
President of the Society for the Preservation and Propagation of Old-Time Gardening Wisdom, Lore & Superstition
(hereafter referred to as "The Society")

From: The blogger also known as bloomingwriter

Subject: Gardeners' Christmas Ornaments
Dear Carol:

As you know, the festive season of the Gardeners is upon us, and gardeners everywhere are festooning their homes with decorations of the season. I have long lamented that I didn't have any garden-themed Christmas ornaments, so I felt that I could not join the Society's annual Christmas revelry.

I realized today that I was mistaken in this regard, and herewith present my proof of botanical and horticultural ornaments, in the hopes that I too will be welcome to join in the fun of the Society's meetings. (click for larger photos). From miniature greenhouses to iridescent glass grapes, garden forks to acorns, I actually have quite a variety.

Today on my poinsettia-purchasing adventure, I came upon two delightful ornaments that spoke to me, so that I had to bring them home. They are in the above photo: The festive-coloured Hot Pepper, and the not-very-juicy looking pear.

In keeping with my fondness for both pollinators and evergreens, many of my ornaments are either dragonflies or evergreen cones, and quite a few of them are handmade, such as the lacy doily festooned with baby's breath and the beaded poinsettia in the above photo.

I would beg the President's pardon and favour with this last set, because it includes two lobsters, which are not usually found in the garden. However, I include them as a tribute to my esteemed LongSuffering Spouse (LSS), who is a retired lobster fisherman; and also note that lobster shells are a useful and effective addition to the garden as fertilizer.

This photo set also includes two very special pewter ornaments; the Magnolia in the right-hand side is from Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens, and was given to me during the Magnolia Festival last spring. The pewter wreath in the middle, Madame President-For-Eternity, is composed of trailing arbutus flowers, (Epigaea repens), better known as Mayflowers, which are the provincial flower of Nova Scotia, and created in a 'wreath of hope' by Amos Pewterers of Mahone Bay, NS.

I have other ornaments of a garden-theme motif, including a number of birds (not including my penguins, which are my favourites), but having just learned the art of making a collage with Picasa thanks to my dear friend and fellow blogger Joey of The Village Voice, I thought I'd quit while I'm ahead and wait to hear the Society's deliberations on my application for membership.

Thanking you for your considerations and looking forward to a happy reply, I remain yours most coniferously,

jodi (bloomingwriter)


  1. I would very much like to see more garden lobsters. Or any garden lobsters. There are garden angels, garden gnomes, garden balls, abstract garden sculptures, garden stones, garden birdfeeders, and garden windmills, but no garden lobsters. This strikes me as a serious oversight on the part of whoever decides such things.

  2. Lovely, Jodi! I vote for your immediate installation as a full voting member. Even though there is only one person whose vote counts. The lobsters are perfect, way to find the link to gardening with them! :-)

  3. Dear Bloomingwriter,

    That is an impressive array of ornaments with ties to the garden. I also have that same glass hot pepper.

    I believe you have captured the spirit of gardening with your impressive and beautiful display of ornaments. And I am ever grateful and appreciative of you for sharing them with us during this festive season.

    And I am flattered to be referred to as herbaceous. You are too kind.

    Carol, President for life, The Society.

  4. Wow! Very impressive, Jodi! Now, I want those lobster ornaments!

  5. Please accept my nomination!

    And, yes, garden lobster win my vote. As a former "Bluenoser", I can attest to their overall enhancement of any outdoor/garden festivity! :-)

  6. Mr_Subjunctive, I actually SAW metal garden art the other day in a department store of musical lobsters; one was playing the drums, the other a flute, I think. There were no guitarists left. I should have bought them, since they were marked WAY down and they appealed to my sense of humour. But if they're still there after Christmas (nothing will cajole me into going into that store again til about January!) I will succumb.

  7. Jodi, your Christmas decorations are both pretty and very creatively presented. -Happy Christmas to you!

  8. Great letter and lovely collages, dear jodi :) Thanks for the thank you ... have fun creating! (Love the lobsters!)

  9. I second Frances's vote to vote you into The Society. Anyone who can write a salutation like that is a shew in. You have a good collection of gardeny ornaments.

  10. Oh drat, I will never get into the Society. I only have one butterfly. :-)
    I am pleased to see that you will make it though. What a fun assortment.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours Jodi!

  11. Merry Christmas, Jodi!

    How fun! I need to get with the program and learn how to create a collage. I always love Joey's and yours are very pretty, too. Perhaps I can show off some of my ornaments. Most of them are wacky -- I'm way jealous of your lobster!

  12. I'm there with Mr Subjunctive and others in the call for more Festive Lobsters. But why stop there? surely other sea creatures deserve a look in. Perhaps even the guiding Star was actually a starfish.
    Christmas is chock full of lambs and lowing cattle and donkeys. Surely the prawns, scallops, sea bass, hake, mussels, octopii and conger eels should get a look in as well.
    Have a very lovely Christmas.

  13. Glad to see that Madame President has accepted you--otherwise, I would have started a petition on behalf of your membership. Beautiful ornaments, Jodi!


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