29 December 2009

The cranky gardener creates her own sunlight

Although the sun put in an appearance for a while on Monday, it was the first time in about a week, and well...it wasn't nearly enough. Not for a person who doesn't handle lack of light real well. I can compensate indoors by having bright colours and lots of lights around me, but sometimes we need a little visual boost that goes a little further than that.

Since I was going through folders looking for plant photos to use in my Year-in-Review-Sort-of posts, a couple of photos caught my eye because they were soothingly, blissfully filled with yellow flowers. Or else they had just one flower but it was a feast of yellow richness. Or else the foliage was golden. You get the point.
Above collage, clockwise from top left:
Rosa 'Golden Wings'
Inula (elecampane)
Yellow centaurea (Centaurea macrocephala)
Evening Primrose, Sundrops (Oenothera)
Rosa 'Topaz Jewel'
Hypericum shrub, species unknown
Hyacinth 'City of Haarlem'
Centre: Magnolia 'Yellow Bird'

I know that yellow is not to everyone's tastes, and where the brassy, almost-orange yellows are concerned, I tend to use fewer of them, or to cool them with something blue or purple or white. But the soft and rich yellows suit me to a tee; they're like a sunny day even when the weather is frowny cloudy. Or, as it is tonight...snowing again.
Top column: Honeysuckle 'Graham Thomas'; Clematis tangutica; Echinacea 'Sunrise
Middle column: Lamiastrum (yellow archangel); Rosa 'Harison's Yellow'; Berberis 'Nana Aurea'
Bottom column: Hemerocallis 'May May'; Yellow impatiens (anyone think this is 'Fusion Glow'?) and Merrybells (Uvularia grandiflora).

I hope this post has brought some sun into your day. Probably can't help with the snow shoveling/deicing, though.


  1. Oh, I didn't know there was a pale yellow impatiens - how gorgeous!

    These are the yellows I love, creamy, buttery (geez, must still be thinking of xmas treats here :)) and able to blend with the crowd without taking over the limelight (ha ha!). Ok, back to new gardening books delivered by the jolly old elf :)

    A happy new year to you!

  2. I am just starting to use yellow in my garden but I find the light yellow shades delightful. The rose and magnolia pic were yummy, thanks for the sunshine! Too bad they can't help with the snow and deicing though....

    Christine in Alaska

  3. I love that gentle, just perfectly right, yellow. Used to have a Mermaid rose. Just the right yellow, but sadly the plant grows too big. I'd like a miniature Mermaid!

  4. Jodi girl !
    I love them all : ) ... but shame on you for making my plant list for 2010 LARGER !!! LOL
    This is the deep dark end of the pool for the next 8 weeks or so .. but .. I have been given some fun plant projects to play with, "Apple Blossom" amaryllis (hoping for a Valentine show)and an Areogarden3 .. so I'm hoping to see the "light" of plants in a few weeks ? BUT your plant kids ? wink wink, here have had a warm golden glow and I love it : )

  5. Lovely "brighten my day" collages.
    Thank you for sharing!!
    Very fitting quote:
    "From December to March,
    there are for many of us three gardens -
    the garden outdoors,
    the garden of pots and bowls in the house,
    and the garden of the mind's eye."
    - Katherine S. White
    - Cheers Gisela.
    We have -16C in Toronto.
    2 cm of snow but blue skies.

  6. Wonderful collages, Jodi! I think I got a portion of vitamin D from your sunny pictures!

  7. an array of beautiful flowers.... ~bangchik

  8. Bring on the yellows! I love them Jodi! They help brighten the day and I couldn't garden without them. We had sunshine yesterday, but the clouds of winter are back! Now I think I might have to have a year end post, too! Great idea! gail

  9. Love the yellows! Even though I live in "sunny" Florida, there hasn't been much of it around lately, so I definitely needed these bursts of sun:)

  10. I struggle at this time of year with lack of light as well. I love reading blogs from Australia etc at this time of year as their photos are nice and bright

  11. Nothing like your lovely golden yellow flowers to warm up the spirits! Beautiful and sunny! Best Wishes for the New Year Jodi! Carol

  12. Do like Topaz Jewel but I think I'm sticking with Golden Wings for personal quirk reasons! :) Your big orange and white cat reminds me of my cat friend Onyx (who recently moved to Santa Fe on me!).

  13. I really like some of those buttery yellows. Hmmmmmm maybe I need to go eat dinner. ;) It is good that you can conjur up some sunshine on a snowy day.

  14. Dear Jodi, your yellows are dollops of sunshine on wintery days! All so lovely and bringing with them dreams of flowers and foliage to come. I thought of you and ordered seeds for a yellow hollyhock from Baker Creek seeds. They haven't germinated yet, really should be planted in fall, but if we ever get seeds, you will surely get some! ;-)

  15. I used to think I didn't like yellow. Then I realized I don't like orange, but I do like primrose yellow, or butter yellow or pure yellow. Thanks for the ray of sunshine.


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