09 December 2009

Group Hugs and Amaryllis Pots

What can I say about the past couple of days? You are all awesome, that's what.
Reading back the comments on my previous post, I feel like I've been given a huge group hug from around the blogosphere. It's really, really wonderful to receive such tender, thoughtful and heartfelt feedback from you guys. Between your comments, the renovating of Bloomingwriter, and reading my way around the garden of blogs I normally visit, I feel reinspired, refreshed and ready to go forward into year 5 of this wonderful world of blogging.

Obviously many other bloggers sometimes face the question of why we do this, and whether it's of any use to any others. I'm all about encouraging other people, whether in gardening, in writing, or in reaching for their dreams. That's why I started Bloomingwriter, as a way to give back to the gardening community, because I always, always learn something new whenever I visit or talk with another gardener, whether in person or by email. And that's a huge gift, so this is my little give-back.

I think I'll post shorter entries more often, and see how that works, with fewer photos per post. Well, that's my thought today, anyway.

Mr. MacGregor's Daughter asked in a previous post how I got the amaryllis bulb into this narrow necked planter. The container opens from the bottom, you put the bulb in, add the soil, put the lid back in, and set it on its saucer. Water and wait. The container is made of pottery/ceramic, and is quite heavy so it helps stabilize the bulbs. (I lugged this one and a smaller one, for hyacinth, on the flight home from Canada Blooms nearly five years ago. That was entertaining.)

There's only one drawback-I don't know if the company (based in Ontario) is still in business or not. Its website is still up but doesn't seem to have been updated in a long time, so I'm reluctant to mention its name. I think they had a great idea, although the vases were pricy, even with a discount for promotional purposes, but I've never seen them in garden shops around here, nor heard any more about them.

I expect this amaryllis to flower in the next week or so, and will post photos when it does.

Thank you again, dear friends, for your support and friendship across the miles. I <3 y'all.


  1. Dearest Jodi, that is just the best news. You have so much to share with us, we want to keep reading your lovely words and viewing the stunning photos. Also keep us up to date with the catchildren. Cool about the vase, a good way to keep those long stems supported.


  2. Short posts or long posts do what you feel like doing and make it fun for yourself! We'll enjoy no matter what ;). Neat idea on the amaryllis pot.

  3. I love that amaryllis pot, too. Must investigate. Your blog is well loved for its beauty, knowledge AND the cats, which you may recall I've adopted virtually. Yay! You're gonna stay!!! ((((HUG)))

  4. Well good, Jodi. I'm glad you feel encouraged and inspired. You deserve it. And thank you for your kind words on my blog.

    Shorter entries are what seem to work for me although I'm reluctant to admit that it still takes me way too long to get them perfected and published.

    I bet with the narrow neck on this Amaryllis pot you don't have the leaning/drooping issues. How clever.

  5. I think we all go through a time when we wonder why am I doing this? and should I stop? is anyone reading what I post? I just cut right back on everything, post when I want and what I want.

    I love the container for the amaryllis and must look around for one like that.

  6. You were one of the first people who left comments on my blog Jodi.I'd hate to see you go. It's a good idea to publish shorter posts. Many people do this. I need to do this myself! I spend too much time on thinking over, editing, reconsidering, etc. As a result, the majority of my pictures never make it to the blog. At the same time, don't you think that 4 or 5 good posts a month is better than 20-30 short, telling nothing small posts? It's a rhetorical question, isn't it?
    Stay warm!

  7. The amaryllis pots are great~~I'm glad that MMR asked about them~~they were puzzling me as to how you got them in there, too! and, I am so glad you feel reinvigorated and renewed!!


  8. I am glad you are sticking with us. I would be very sad if one of my mentors went by the wayside.

  9. Goody, goody. I'm so glad you decided to keep blogging. I would have missed you so much:)

  10. Thanks for the link love! That is just the coolest thing for Amaryllis ever, and so clever. See, we need you to write about stuff like this. If we create a big demand, maybe they'll start making them again. If not, maybe I can find one on eBay someday.

  11. I'm glad you're refreshed! That is a cool vase.

  12. Jodi girl .. I understand how you feel, felt .. I had a few rough weeks here and I had to let posts slow down. Glad you feel a bit brighter now ..
    I would love to know what company that is girl !! I thought the same thing myself .. "How on earth did she get that bulb in there !!" like those boats in bottles trick ? LOL
    Hey .. if you want to let me know about that company .. I might be able to find more information about it from here ?
    Take care of yourself and YES ! more cat kids please ? LOL

  13. Jodi, I'm so glad that you are feeling refreshed and have decided to continue blogging. I like Lisa's term of mentor, because I think of you as one of my mentors, whether you realized it or not. Shorter posts, less frequent posts, whatever works best for you--we'll be here to read them and appreciate them when they appear!

  14. hi jodi
    love that pot too :)
    no matter what i do i can not get an amaryllis bulb to rebloom the following year?? any tips you could post on your blog-i have two coming up now but they don't look to promising
    as always thank you for sharing your little corner of the world with us
    enjoy your day
    p.s.-thanks for stopping by my blog :D

  15. That tall-necked amaryllis pot is a wonderful idea! :-) What is the subject of your first photo, here? I'm intrigued. Is it something you've made?

  16. Happy for your choice to stay connected with all of us who love touching base with you, jodi :) I'm down posting until I can wrap my arms this, that, and ... As in the past when I've been away for a bit, old friends (this loving community of beautiful gardening souls) appear with big hugs and encouragement, something I had never expected :)

  17. HI, It must be amaryllis awareness time as I have spent lots of time posting about my attempts at growing them on my blog and website too. Not as artistic as yours though - mine are just in standard pots!

  18. Thanks for your lovely message over on my blog. I'm so glad you're going to keep going. I think we are all our own fiercest critics, and sometimes we all need a bit of applause for our efforts. It seems to me you've had something of a standing ovation! You deserve it.


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