21 July 2007

Bubotubers, mandrakes and gillyweed

No gardening today, folks. The only plants I'm dealing with today are those found within the pages of a certain series of books, the final one of which hit the bookstores this morning at 12:01 am....

...Unlike scores of others, I didn't stand in lineups at midnight. Nope. I waited til this morning then went to the Box of Delights Bookstore in Wolfville, my favourite bookstore anywhere, where I bought my copy. Maybe it wasn't as deeply discounted as at the bigbox stores...but 5.00 from the sale of each copy is going to UNICEF plus we had a huge Hogwarts Cake!

So it's a good thing it's raining...the garden will wait tiil tomorrow...and so will everything else! I have my nose in a book!


  1. Ok, while you are Quote, 'nose in book', be careful the bouncing bulb doesn't attack

  2. You can't have your nose in a better place! :-)

  3. Enjoy your read! Your garden will wait for you...


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