09 May 2007

This just in.....

I was up to my ears in dirt, grubbing happily away in the front garden, hauling out buttercups and talking to Tigger, when I heard a certain, distinctive sound.

Bzooom. Bzoom.

A big fat joyous bumblebee had trundled past me earlier in the afternoon, but this was a different sound.

And there he was...the first male hummingbird of the season. He stopped and hovered a few yards from my face, as if to say, "Well??? Where the heck IS it. I'm HUNGRY!"

I got two feeders out fast, and he has now forgiven me for being slow off the mark.

The swallows arrived back today, with a whirl and twitter and aerial ballet that made me flop back in the grass and grin in bliss.

Mind you...the blackflies also arrived tonight, at least one did, while I was tenderly tucking some Virginia bluebells into the shade garden, hauling out wood anemone by the rootfuls, and celebrating the profusion of red trillium--and the white is back!--all in this one happy locale.

It is a very good thing to have spring...even if it gets cool again, we know the good weather is coming.


  1. Hi Jodi,
    It's good to see that you're feeling better. I haven't seen a hummingbird yet, despite having put the feeders out two days ago. But I did get landed on by a black fly this evening.
    Wild Flora

  2. A hummingbird is a gift in the garden once you get over that initial fear that a bee is bearing down on you! I haven't seen any yet but then there is little in bloom. Great action shot!

  3. Oh wow that pic of the hummingbird is awesome. We don't get those over here but they are sooo beautiful.


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