24 September 2010

Skywatch Friday: Autumn Light, autumn harvests

For Skywatch Friday this week, another juxtaposition of sea and sky, sun and land. The boldness of autumn light is officially upon us, and we're going to focus on the crisp, clear days, humidity vanquished, brilliance of sea and sky. This is the lighthouse at Margaretsville, Nova Scotia, further down the shore from us.

See how the dazzling flowers of various Miscanthus cultivars erupt into gleeful colour and light as the sun smiles upon them. It's hard to resist Miscanthus's charms. That would be why I have nearly a dozen cultivars of them.

And of course, autumn means the harvest is in high range for the next few weeks, as tree fruits, cole crops, grains, potatoes, root vegetables and more are harvested. Preserves are being made, veggies are being frozen or dehydrated or canned, and pumpkins are being displayed for the glee of their colour, a celebration of the season. This weekend will see hundreds of people out at upicks around the region, getting apples and squash and pears and tomatoes and many other fruits and veggies; if not picking them themselves, they're purchasing from farmers markets.

The sky promises to be pleasant all weekend. Good harvests, everyone.


  1. Great skywatch photo!
    The shot of the little child with the pumpkins is very cute too!

  2. Happy Harvests! Beautiful juxtaposition of the sky, land n autumn lights. Monsoon's will probably recede by 15th Oct... till then most parts in North India are expected to be wet with rains n floods.

  3. Happy Sky Watch Friday and happy weekend, hope it is full of nice photo opportunities for you

  4. What a cheerful bright post Jodi. It is good to see that Autumn is being good to you. Happy SWF.

  5. Edward Hopper comes to my mind with your first crisp photo . . . though perhaps he would not paint so crisp. Sweet pumpkin child. Happy Autumn Jodi! ;>)

  6. Absolutely...Harvest has begun...so much to do...I'll probably be in the garden most of the weekend...bumper crop of tomatoes this year! and everything else did quite well also. As much as I LOve Spring & Summer...Fall is such a LOvely time of the year... Keep the camera handy! We are in for some tremendous Fall colors this season! Again just wanted to say I don't always respond to your posts, but LOve to read them...LOve your sense of Humor and Wit! Enjoy the weekend !!~

  7. To me, that's an interesting and unusual lighthouse. For me - those pumpkins would be a challenge. So large and so many!


  8. Lovely photos, Jodi, including the one on Wednesday with the light streaming onto the chair. Autumn does seem to have a softer light and is certainly a welcome relief from the hot, dry summer we had.

  9. Great lighthouse photo. Happy gardening.

  10. We are finally getting some sunshine here and the weather has promised to warm up this weekend - so off to the Farmer's Market! (Must have roasted squash....)

    Happy Harvest weekend to you, Jodi, and thank you for the fine, sunshine-y pictures! :)


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