07 May 2010

Skywatch Friday: The Bee's eye sky again...

It's been a bit too windy to track the bumblebees around the garden the past day or so, but I've been bumbling around on the ground again, peering up into flowers and catching perfect blue skies to boot. So here, for this week's edition of Skywatch Friday, are some more bee's-eye views, starting with one of my hellebores, supposedly 'Red Lady'.

I love daffodils, of all colours. While we have a host of cheery all-yellow daffs in various locations, I really like the white with different corona colours. Alas, most of these have been planted for a long time and the names have long since been forgotten. This is one of the so-called pink daffs, and I have to say it definitely is closer to pink than many of them are.
On the other hand, this pure white and happy yellow daff nearby is definitely showing no signs of pink at all.

These pure white beauties may be my absolute favourites. I have no idea which one it is--it's not one of the miniatures, but it's pristine white with only a wee bit of yellow on the back of the sepals on the perianth. In the background, the yellow and white cultivar is happily providing another burst of colour, along with some greigii tulips.

And to wrap up my ode to daffodils, another cheery selection. It's not 'Barrett Browning' which I do have around the garden somewhere (there are still plenty that have yet to bloom, including the miniatures and the poeticus varieties), because its corona is too long. It doesn't matter, though. They're all lovely, fragrant, and happy harbingers of full-fledged spring, perfect against the blue sky of a wonderful May day.


  1. Beautiful set of flowers, I like the one with yellow the most.

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  2. Those are fabulous colors against the blue sky! Glad you're having fun getting out there to do some skywatching and flowergazing! Love the bee's eye view!

  3. superb! the true spirit of the spring!

  4. I love the different coloured corona's on the daffodils but I agree with you on the pure white one - it is beautiful in its simplicity. I don't have any pink or pure white ones but my neighbour does - I'm kinda running out of space for any more of the big ones - they look so lovely when they are in bloom but its the 6 weeks afterwards when I let the leaves die down that I tell myself that I don't need anymore.

    Have a lovely weekend Jodi

  5. Hi Jodi -
    Oh how fun to be a bee for a little while. great post.

  6. I love the pure white daffodils. I beat they would look great with the pale pink tulips in my garden.

  7. Hi Jodi. Your daffodils are so pretty. I love the peach colored one. Beautiful. All of that sunshine looks so wonderful on your blooms.

  8. I think they are all beautiful, but my favourites are the nearly pink ones...just because they're different. :) Beautiful sky shots from a bee's eye view. Here's hoping that [stupid!] wind settles down.

  9. Wow beautiful blossoms. My daffodils are in bloom too and it has a different color at the middle. Happy weekend!


  10. Hello Jodi,

    I do just love pictures of flowers, shrubs and trees with a bright blue background, don't you?

  11. All of my daffodils are gone now, leaving only wilted foliage, so it is great to see yours. I love the pure white one! Thanks for the bee's view of the bright blue sky!

  12. I'm glad to see that other people crawl around in the garden to get just the right pic. Great pics. jim

  13. Gorgeous blue sky for your backdrop! I am missing my cheery daffodils already. I'm glad they lasted as long as they did this year.

  14. What beautiful daffs! The yellow centres are so cheery. For some reason, I was taken with the pink centres last fall and planted a few varietes. Alas, they are not as pink as I had hoped, but it could have something to do with all the snow. Great post!

  15. Heisann!

    Nice to see your yellow daff. They are beautiful ;:OD)
    You' re welcome to see mine under the magolia tree in my garden at

    Have a nice day...


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