03 May 2010

New Page! Garden Events & Activities in Nova Scotia

Because I love to support good, reputable local nurseries, local garden clubs and nature societies, and other organizations and businesses of this nature, I decided to develop a page dedicated to them. It's my first foray into making pages and I can't say I have it all figured out just yet, but please bear with me and we'll get there.

Now, I do ask for your patience with this, as I'm all new to making pages. Because I use a third-party template, I haven't yet dared tamper with making tabs across the top of the blog home page, so you'll have to simply check out the Garden Events page by clicking the link on the left hand side of the blog. I hope you enjoy, and that it helps the businesses and organizations involved!


  1. Hi Jodi - glad to see that you got your first page up and running and it looks good too. When I did my pages I disabled the comments on them. The boxes below the header with pages didn't work with my template as I already had them there so I just link in the sidebar too.

    I'm going to send the link off to my relatives in Halifax as I am sure they would be interested in all the events in Novia Scotia. :) Rosie

  2. I think it's great you're devoting a page to local nurseries and businesses. That's great of you - they need all the help they can get to compete with Home Depot and Lowe's.

  3. Dear Jodi,

    Oh I think this posting of local nurseries, etc. is a great idea.

    Thanks so much!

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  4. ((very small whine, when I scroll over your page link, I thought it had disappeared. Then I realised it had gone V E R Y Pale Pink)) I do love your cat-children, each with their own story and cat personality. The Ungardener came to cats, only when we met, and he is still amazed, that each is different. Not a one of them is, just a cat.

  5. All fixed, Diana! Just a minor glitch in the colour selection. Thanks so much for pointing it out to me.

  6. The pages look great, Jodi! I don't know about you, but I always feel so good when I figure out how to get some bit of technology to do what I want it to do. -Jean

  7. This is a great idea since a lot of these organizations and businesses need all the publicity they can find.

  8. Beautiful Peony! Good luck figuring out those tabs. My time is coming for a blog overhaul, I'm scared ;)

  9. Your new page is very impressive! It makes me want to visit Nova Scotia more than ever.

  10. Your site looks so springy, Jodi! The top photo, stunning ... a peony?

  11. This is great, Jodi! You're always coming up with new ways to promote blogs, nurseries, and events that merit broader exposure. you should get a prize! And your header is so lovely and refreshing. A treat for the eyes!

  12. Hi Jodi,

    I found this tab designer before Blogger introduced their pages feature. I haven't used it yet but have it bookmarked.


    I'm not sure if it is compatible with your template but thought I'd pass it along. There are a plethora of great tutorials out there.

    I love your banner photos too! Such talent you have and such lovely blossoms. What a stunning peony!

  13. Hi all: Yes, that's a tree peony--not mine, I hasten to add. I have Kinkaku but it won't be flowering for a while yet. More on tree peonies in a post soon, I hope.

    OFB, no prizes for me, I'm not into those sorts of things. I'My reward is seeing people take up similar enthusiasms, encouraging other writers, buying from local nurseries, etc etc.

    Grace, thanks for the tab info. I'm planning to change my template but I haven't gotten to that yet; it takes time and I'm flat out busy, so the best I could do was make a couple of pages in preparation for making the big leap to another template!

    Laura, you can do it. Kylee at Our Little Acre had a couple of really good tutorials on her blog a couple of years ago. I mentioned them in a post some time back, but I have to find them and repost the links.

    Thank you all for your comments and feedback, of course! I am buried in work but trying to do a bit of a catchup on blog reading. The garden, however, is calling my name...

  14. That's a great idea, Jodi. Even though it serves locally, I think it could also act as inspiration if the rest of us can see what's going on in different places.


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