08 April 2010

Public Service Announcement: Seedy Saturday in Wolfville

Because I haven't learned how to do pages yet, I just decided to put up this public information on my blog, as a way of letting people in the Valley know about a Seedy Saturday event at the Wolfville Farmers Market on this coming Saturday.

PSA: Seedy Saturday returns to Wolfville!

Come to the Wolfville Farmers’ Market on April 10th for our third annual Seedy Saturday!

Activities and events include: seed starting and seed saving workshops; free take-home tomato and pepper seedlings; a seed exchange and trading table; seed and plant vendors; a free children’s gardening activity; free seed catalogues and gardening handouts; a Seeds of Diversity table; as well as over 40 regular vendors and live music at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market.

Whether you want to plant a few pots on your balcony, or plant the back 40, there will be something for every gardener and farmer, young and old, new and seasoned, big and small.

For more information, and a complete schedule of events, please see our website


  1. Jodi - adding a page is super simple: in your dashboard make like your adding a post. (click new post), now look up at the top there - see the tabs? One says new post and another edit page, right beside the edit post? Click on that tab instead and voila, click the big "Add Page" button and you're done!

  2. Hi Jodi. I enjoy your blog very much. I am but a tiny-garden gardener in Halifax so I garden vicariously through your blog! I am currently envying your reddish witchhazel, and would like to know where you got it.



    P.S. I spent the other morning pulling up the gout weed that escaped me last year. At least there is less of it now...I think.

  3. Lisa, I don't know how to contact you so I hope you come back to read comments: there are several nurseries that carry witch hazels, including Baldwin's Nurseries in Falmouth (798-9468) and Briar Patch in Berwick. I was at Briar Patch today and they had a nice selection of Hamamelis cultivars on offer out front of the nursery.

  4. The page thing is beyond me, too, try as I might. Thanks Jess, I'm going to give it a try.

    Christine in Alaska


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