21 January 2010

Sir Mungus of Anjou and the Eagles

It's no secret to regular readers of bloomingwriter that we are owned by seven amusing cats, the most amusing--and I swear, intelligent--of whom is Mungus. Or, after his little performance yesterday, Sir Mungus of Angou. He celebrated the fact that I brought home some really fine Anjou pears from a local farm market by laying on the bag, nuzzling the pears, and sprawling ON them.

Now, If there was nowhere else in the entire house for him to lay and rest, he would throw a riotous hissy fit worthy of Garfield or Bill-the-Cat if we tried to prevail upon him to lay on the pear bag. I wasn't quick enough to snap him trying to bite one of the pears, but he decided that they were an ideal place to rest. Perhaps they are used for acu-pear-ssure and relieve the weary muscles of hardworking felines.
Did I happen to mention that Mungus is, PEARhaps, a bit of a ham-cat? He also likes to prevent the reading of the newspaper on a regular basis, which given the sad state of the newspaper really isn't a huge loss.

Since this is normally a garden-related blog, here's a gratuitous photo of Yet. Another. Amaryllis. This is the double-flowered Pasadena, quite a handsome thing, and likely as close as I'll ever come to the real Pasadena. Sigh. Sometimes it's hard hanging off the easternly edge of the continent.

This coming weekend marks the kickoff of the 19th annual Sheffield Mills Eagle Watch festival. The festival runs for three consecutive weekends and is a great way for families to spend some quality time in the outdoors, observing some of the many bald eagles that overwinter here. This fellow was sitting in one of the 'eagle trees' located near a poultry farm, likely digesting his breakfast, when I came back from town this morning, and obligingly gave the baleful eagle-glare while I snapped his photo. Over here in my community of Scotts Bay, we have a few eagles that live here yearround (as a few do elsewhere in the Valley, while many go to Cape Breton for the summer/nesting months) but I never, ever get tired of watching eagles. Not ever. They may be our neighbour to the south's national bird, but we love them too.


  1. The photo of cat laying with his back on the pears is just hilarious. I can't imagine it is comfortable for him...
    BTW, the real Pasadena is just beautiful and I was fortunate to visit often when my grandmother lived there. HOWEVER, they do not have beautiful Bald Eagles as you do :^)

  2. Mungus is definitely a ham. I wonder what was on that bag that drew his attention?? Maybe just the smell of fresh pears. It might have reminded him of a time outside when he climbed a pear tree. The amaryllis looks great with a snowy background. Eagles are magnificent birds.

  3. As you may probably have guessed, I have a very soft spot for all cats particularly so since losing my own. They are such contrary creatures and will always do what they want to do when they want to do it. I continue to enjoy looking at yours.

    I was much amused by your caption to the Amaryllis; the blood red against the snowy background gave it a slightly menacing appearance. Or is it my envy that you can grow such splendid specimens?

  4. A-pear-entely [sorry couldn't resist that one] he is big into getting his fruits and veggies during the winter months.

    I love that you write "owned" by them. For that is certainly true. Any suggestions on how to stop Bootsie from scratching the carpet? He is causing too much damage.


  5. It's nice to know that 7 cats
    are still cats
    How funny..pears
    one of mine likes donuts
    Say..what are you going to do with that other red flower when it's spent...firing squad?

  6. Oh, I love that Mungus. His snappy new title fits him to a "T!" Pear-haps the goodies were meant for him all along as, of course, he IS the Mungus cat. Lovely amaryllis and ADORE the eagle pic! Fun post, Jodie.

  7. hi jodi
    mungus is a riot-and anjou's are my favorite too :)
    no luck for me this year with the amaryllis...hmmmm not sure why i even bought two new blubs-oh well next time maybe
    and how wonderful to see eagles like that~ last spring i had one sitting across the street on the fence-i think he was a juvinile and may of been hunting at my feeders-such majestic birds
    hope all is well in your little corner of the world
    thanks for sharing
    enjoy your day

  8. I would love to see some bald eagles in the wild! There's a lake here in TN where they like to live that I need to visit one day. I never realized that cats enjoy pears so much. Our cat used to climb all over the newspaper when you were trying to read also. Must be genetic.

  9. Good Evening Jodi: I see you are into Cats, how many do you have? We have four Dogs, little ones that keep a low profile. What would life be like without the love and companionship of our furry friends?

    Enjoy your Evening,

  10. Nice blog post, Jodi! Isn't it the truth that we are 'owned' by the cats. We have a cute sign in the house that says, "Dogs have owners, cats have staff". Not only does our cat, Comet, insist on being on the newspaper or magazine when you read it, he also wants to be on the keyboard when I'm at the computer.

    Nice shot of the bald eagle. We have them here too, but the best place to photograph them is at the annual gathering of the bald eagles in Haines, Alaska - about 3 hrs drive from here. I think that's in February, and I always intend to go, but haven't made it yet. You've reminded me to make plans this year. Hank

  11. What's not to love about the bald eagle? What a lovely shot. And such a smart kitty-wonder if he liked the pears?

  12. Your kitty is adorable Jodi... clearly so in love with you. I used to have a kitty with similar ways. What a fabulous photo of your equally fabulous amaryllis!! And an Eagle no less!! I could see how you would never never ever tire of watching them. Grrrreat shot!

  13. I reckon that Mungus was giving them a good look over for Pear Aphids, Common Green Capsid, Caterpillars, Codling Moth, Pear & Cherry Slugworm, Pear Midge, Pear Leaf Blister Mite, but generally speaking Pears are not prone to attack by the hosts of minor pests that infect the apple, occasional cases may be encountered by the Social pear Sawfly, but in this case I am thinking a serious attack of the leaf curling Mungus Midge (the only pest possible) and all that is left is to soak him in Bordeaux Mixture. You know there is nothing left for it!
    The Gardener in much appreciation of delightful story.

  14. Fortunately, ham and pears go well together. :-) He's a handsome boy. I can't believe it's already time for the eagle watch again! Jodi dear, we're almost into Farch!

  15. Aw, I feel that way about really fine quality pears, too. He's adorable. Reminds me of Leo with that look in his eyes that says, "Watch out! I might be smarter than you."

    (Not that I'm insinuating anything about your intelligence. But as I get older, I do begin to wonder if my kitties are smarter than me. Even the "dumb" kitty has me perfectly trained to do his bidding... ;)

  16. that cat is definitely funny, and he looks like ours. We have 3 regular but the 2 always have kitterns which we ask for adoptors always. The kids like to have all of them but we cannot just let all of them here. I am sure you will be amused by this: http://abagillon.blogspot.com/2009/02/1st-lesson-in-detachment.html, and this: http://abagillon.blogspot.com/2009/01/allens-new-pets.html

    That lily has very lovable colors, mine is orange. And the eagles, havent seen many of them in natural habitat.

  17. Too cute. You just never know what a cat is going to get up to. They sure are good for entertainment.
    Your Amaryllis is beautiful. Do you like the doubles? I bought my first double blooming bulbs this year and I can't decide if I prefer the singles or them? Maybe there's no need to have a preference ~ they're all beautiful in the dead of winter.

  18. I saw Nancy post about cats not pulling a sled and these don't look like they would either. Pretty spoiled being allowed to lay on fruit and such.

    I see it's time to watch the Eagles with you. Let me get my coat and borrow some mittens. I don't have clothes for that kind of weather.

  19. Jodi,
    Sir Mungus has good taste. My cat will do almost anything for a taste of yogurt, including trying to swat the spoon right out of my hand. Your eagle photo is just beautiful, and brought me back to days living in Northern Idaho, where on the lake you could observe them fishing for kokanee salmon. Wonderful photos.

  20. Jodi, as a cat-lover I know that you realize cats will lie anywhere they want to! Newspapers do seem to be a favorite resting place; at our house, it's usually while Husband is trying to read his. Sir Mungus is quite handsome and ap-pear-antly the ruler of your kitchen:)

    Seeing the bald eagles would be such an exciting adventure!

  21. OMG Jodi .. are you talking about "Bill the cat" from "A Wish for Wings" ?? We totally LOVE HIM !! LOL .. Mungas should meet up with Emma (she turned 2 yesterday .. got catnip and was totally HAPPY the whole day ?) anyways .. she would out do Mungas on the roll around on anything and anyone mode .. especially at the worst time possible .. front door when we are bringing groceries in !!! .. try NOT stepping on a HUGE FURRY Main Coon set on displaying how truly larger than life that she is ? haha .. BTW .. she bites tomatoes if left on the kitchen hutch .. go figure .. she hasn't met a food she doesn't like ??
    Love that brilliant amaryllis with the sunny white background like that .. we finally have sun today as well .. trying to venture out !
    Great cheerful post girl : )

  22. You amaryllis Pasadena is just beautiful!

    Your kitty is so cute.It is marked so pretty. I want to reach out and wipe the smudges from its whiskers. LOL! It looks quite relaxed in the pears.

  23. Really good pears are hard to find, I guess Mangus knows that. Or maybe he is like my Toby and wants to leave his mark (tooth or claw) on everything.

  24. Mungus is hilarious! :D I love when cats do funny things.

    And nice pear pun, my husband the Master Pun-isher would be impressed. ;)

  25. Your cat is pretty and quite the ham, and seems to love the camera. He could be a movie star.
    I grow Amaryllis too, that is a handsome one.

  26. Hanging off the eastern edge of the continent has its advantages, like easy sightings of bald eagles. There are roosting places in central Texas too, but I have yet to see them. Amazing. And Mungus is very cute too.

  27. I think he is just trying to get some extra attention...guess what, it worked....how "pear-fect" & "purrr-fect" he must have felt after getting his picture taken!
    Have a great weekend Jodi!

  28. he hee Mungus is fantastic in that pose. He's a natural for the camera.

  29. Hilarious! I think Mungus is practicing for the upcoming Oscars.

    We had a newspaper layer-on at one time. I used to have to lay two sections on the table and pretend I was reading one section (which he promptly laid on) and secretly read the other. Yes, he usually caught me! :)


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