28 March 2009

Whoops, I done Gone 'n Dunnit....

Sunlight is such a balm to a winter-weary soul, isn't it? Couple it with springlike temperatures, and you can hear the collective sigh of relief from Maritimers who really needed a wee bit of respite from it all. And sunlight looks so lovely glinting off petals and catching the dustings of pollen, too. Hmmm. Where might this be?  

If you squint just SO, you can pretend that this flowerhead of lavender is outdoors, and not in my office with a medley of rhododendron leaves outdoors making a nice living mosaic in the background.

I swear the darling miniature daffodils are lasting splendidly because my office tends to be quite cool except when the sun is shining through the windows. They're such dear, happy, flowers, and their scent says spring, but not cloyingly so the way some think that other narcissus and hyacinths are. (I love them all, but I do understand that some fragrances can be a bit...overwhelming. 

There have been bunches and bunches of standard yellow daffodils for sale as cut flowers in the past week or two, but I prefer to buy the bulbs, let them grow and flower. I'll plant these outside and if they grow, fine, if not, they can compost. They've already given me huge delight for the few dollars I paid for them. 

The day of the snowstorm, when I went to town muttering and sputtering, this handsome and good-sized succulent ghost plant (Graptopetalum, but not sure of the species: paraguanense, probably) caught my eye and climbed into my cart before I could talk myself out of it. A kalanchoe followed suit, but this plant is just such a glorious crassula, I had to show it to you. It was a rescue mission, after all: it was getting overwatered and under-sunned, and now it's recuperating with the rest of my succulent obsessions. 

Today, I suggested to my dear longsuffering spouse that we go for a drive. I bribed him with brunch in Berwick (at the Union Street Cafe) but told him I wanted to go to a nursery and get this specific plant that y'all talked me into. 

Yup. One of the clivias came home with me. A small one, not nearly as expensive, and flowering nicely. Your advice, wisdom and good sense convinced me that I'd do just fine with it. It's in my office now, catching a little sunlight, and smiling. 

Well, we're both smiling. 


  1. All of these lovely blooms make me smile too Jodi.

  2. Well, I for one am glad you took our advice to heart! But you didn't need any help with the succulents; you knew they were going home immediately! ~~I remember long Missouri winters. I had houseplants and pretties to keep me company then. gail

  3. They are very nice plants, glad it is brightening up your office!

  4. Good haul! I hope you & your Clivia will be very happy for many years.
    Just so you don't feel alone under the snow, it's headed my way, with accumulation forecast between 4-6 inches. Granted, nowhere near what you've got on the ground, but shovelable. Oh, Spring, Where Art Thou?

  5. Jodi, the Clivia is beautiful. I don't blame you for 'duning' it. :0 And the ghost succulent needed a kind soul like you to save it.

    I can tell you are a true northrener-'went to town during a snow storm'! I saw a special the other day that said the Bay of Fundy has the most drastic tides in the world. As much as 50' difference. Watching them come in and go out must be great fun.

    Not to ramble, but I found a source for the Hot Papaya and it also has a Double Pink Delight as well as a Pink Poodle.


    If you are interested. Hope true spring finds you soon.

  6. Good for you! Now you probably know why I love indoor plants as well as outdoor. They sure know how to brighten up the soul.

  7. Gail, I had no idea Missouri had long winters--when I was in Kansas City back in August my friend and I discussed winter and we agreed that what she got was pretty tame.

    Oh, MMD, I AM sorry about the next snow-session. The good news is they don't usually last that long now. Usually.

    Beckie, we Fundy-dwellers do indeed have the highest tides in the world, and they're pretty impressive. In some places, they come IN over a long way, so that looks even cooler--when they're out, they're way, way out, across the mud flats. I always tell myself living on the Fundy does make up for the cranky winters and late springs.
    Yea for Hot Papaya! Are you going for it? Sadly, I can't because of the absurd laws about transporting plants between your country and mine. But it'll make it here in the next year or so, if not this year.

    Cathy, I already knew why you loved indoor plants, recognizing a kindred spirit as soon as I started reading your blog. Soul-brighteners indeed, every one.

  8. nice choices from the side trip to the nusery. love the first photo.

  9. Lovely flowers. I like having daffodils indoors and even enjoy their 'overwhelming' scents too!

    I laughed to read that the Graptopetalum climbed into your cart! Plants often do that to me, and trips out always seem to end up at gardens or plant nurseries ...

  10. My goodness! If I had such lovely greenery in my office, I'd never go outside. You must be catchildren that are far more well behaved than ours to have such a wonderful indoor "garden".


  11. You had me going there at first, I thought you finally had some nice weather. It won't be long now, but at least you've got some beautiful blooms until then.

  12. Yay! Another member of the Clivia Club! Hey, that's a fun idea. Let's see...maybe a blog post is in order and we really can have a Clivia Club! Could be fun!

    I'm SO glad you got one! We can discover them together. I'm not a big fan of orange, but the form of the plant, its big strappy petals and those gorgeous blooms all in combination make for one fantastic plant.

  13. I'm glad to know that you're smiling, Jodi :) There's nothing like bright and happy blooms to cheer up a house...and a gardener.
    I hope you got at least a little taste of spring today. We had 72ºF/22.2ºC this afternoon. We haven't felt an outside temp that warm in a very long time. My, oh my, did that feel good!
    Hope you get to experience the same very soon.

  14. Jodi~~ I love the back lit petals. Beautiful.

  15. Hi Jodi, your office is like a greenhouse, no wonder you yourself thrive in those conditions too, surrounded by plants and cats. Are the cats allowed in there with the plants? No plant eaters among them? It is heartening to hear your temps have moderated too. The whisper of spring in your psyche. Hooray!

  16. Lovely flowers! Things are grey here in the Mid-Atlantic, so it's nice to see such color. Thanks!

  17. I love your new succulent it is just gorgeous. I really need to get more of them for my garden. I love them so much, but don't plant them.


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