09 January 2009

New Year...Same Ol' Weather Tantrums

A slightly belated but still heartfelt Happy New Year to my gardening friends near and far! I'm healing slowly but surely from the great semi-colon adventure, and while I won't be out lugging firewood or digging in the dirt any time soon, each day finds me a bit better. Than you again for all your warm notes, cards, emails, comments and wishes across the miles. I am quite sure they have accelerated the healing process for me. Those and the ministrations of my Long Suffering Spouse and the cats, of course!

It will come as no surprise to anyone who is a regular visitor to bloomingwriter that our year ended and began with assorted weather tantrums. Granted, days are somewhat blurred together as a result of doing a lot of sleeping but we've had a herd of snowstorms, thaws, icepellets, rain events, and of course, all leavened out with a generous variety of winds, generally blasting in off the Bay of Fundy.

Christmas was extremely mild, which made it a good day for travelling, and then Boxing Day was also quiet. New Years, of course, came in with Yet. Another. Snowstorm...

...and did I mention we get lots of wind here to go around with it all?

Well, anyway. Then we'll have a day like today, when sunlight breaks out and paints everything in shiny brightness, and we figure that yes, we'll make it through another winter, no matter what Nature throws at us.

All in all, it's a good time to be recuperating, because certainly nothing can be done outdoors. So I'm getting lots of reading done, looking forward to making gardening plans for spring, and oh yes, taking a page or two from Simon Q's book and napping whenever possible.

This just proves to me, yet again, that cats are among the smartest creatures on the planet, and that if we emulated them a little bit more, we'd probably have fewer problems with our health. Time to retire for yet another nap (not related to Yet. Another. Snowstorm).

Next time, I promise to talk about gardening; at least to let you in on my favourite gardening books of the past year.


  1. get well soon, best wishes for the coming year! cats here are curled up by the radiators. keep warm being the order of the day and I agree with that!

  2. It is good to see that you are up and about some Jodi.

    Happy New Year to you, LSS and the Catchildren.

  3. Glad to see you are doing better get well soon and lots of rest

  4. Jodi, I'm shivering just looking at that third photo. I hear the wind howling through the computer:)

    Glad you are starting to feel better; I agree that cats know how to live life. I've always said if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as a cat! Keep resting.

  5. Jodi, wonderful to hear from you and know you are getting better. I have been wondering about youin the land of snow and wind. Perfect time to be inside. Enjoy your naps, the cat children will show you how. :}

  6. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. I am sure those beautiful cats are taking good care of you!!! Lots of snuggles...
    Happy New Year...

  7. Welcome back Jodi. I do hope you recover soonest and do stay warm and dream of those gardens. Like Beckie said, a perfect time to be inside looking at those catalogs, sipping some tea and healing and relaxing.

  8. Good to see you back! I am sure you will make many great posts this year! wish you heal fast and get better!
    I miss you!

  9. Oh such good news, Jodi, that you are healing and resting comforatably surrounded by brilliant cats, and loving humans too of course. A good time to curl up with books and dream of the gardens of 2009!


  10. Beautiful cold winter pictures as usual , your sense of humour is showing, you have to be perking up.

  11. We have had a lovely assortment of winter weather, haven't we? And more on the way tomorrow -- ugh. I am so glad to see your post and to know you're healing well. (((jodi)))

  12. Weather problems or not, your photos of the tantrums make them look good!

    Yes, follow the kitties' lead!

  13. I am so glad to see you back and on the mend. It will take awhile to feel yourself again. Sometimes the anesthesia is worse than the cure. Purr purr to your kitties.

  14. So glad to know you're on the mend, Jodi. Lovely to have you stop by and say hello, too :) Simon has exactly the right idea! Yes, it's good to have some down time, even as we long for spring, and a good time to recuperate.
    Your snowy scenes give me the chills, but they certainly are beautiful.
    We're in for frigid temps this week. I suppose that means you are too.
    Snuggle up and stay warm!


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