07 April 2008

The Lost has been Found!

With apologies to Lewis Carroll, Oh frabjuos day! Callooh, callay, she chortled in her joy. After all that waiting, and fretting, and longing (and even threats to post a Lost and Found ad on Craigslist)...spring has decided that yes, she DOES remember where Scotts Bay is. This afternoon, the temperature got up to 62 degrees F here at our place (especially out of the wind). The glacier is melting with great enthusiasm, and suddenly, as LSS told me yesterday, there are sprouts of green growing things everywhere.

Despite not feeling real well, as I try to dodge another bout of diverticulitis, I did go outside and work for two whole hours, cutting down dead stocks of perennials, raking gravel off beds (where LSS dumped it when plowing the massive drifts of snow we did have over the winter), trimming a few shrubs, and even pulling some perennial weeds (ground ivy, willow herb, couchgrass and chickweeds). And I WAS amazed at how, despite the snow and wind and cold and snow and--well, you know what we've endured this winter--the perennials are poking up through quite nicely. Shoots of new growth included

Euphorbia griffithii 'Fireglow' (looks like orange asparagus shoots)
Euphorbia cyparissias (both regular species and 'Fens Ruby')
Eryngium planum (flat sea holly)
assorted rudbeckias
assorted Papaver orientalis (Patty's Plum, among others!)
Gernanium macrorrhizum (pink and white)
Various sedums

There was probably a lot more, but I didn't explore too closely. In keeping with my determination not to get overwhelmed with all the tasks that need doing, I am sticking to the mantra of 'One Bed at a Time' as I clean up and study what needs moving, dividing, and so on. Please remind me of that when I DO invariably get overwhelmed, okay?

I know I left some of you hanging when I hinted at new plant purchase yesterday while in Truro. So without further ado....look what happened! It SPOKE to me, pleading to be brought home and rescued from the cold unfeeling staff at the big store, and the customers who don't know the difference between live and plastic plants. So what could I do?

This phalaenopsis was unlabeled as to cultivar, but it's green or greenish yellow, depending on how the light hits it. It'll keep my other two company just fine, I'm sure.

In other news, thanks for your good wishes and support of our decision to keep Rescue Kitty. He's gaining weight and isn't dehydrated now, he's using the litterbox though he has to remember about covering things, and while he's still in seclusion, I hope sometime this week to let him out more into the rest of the house. He's still very thin and quite weak so I don't want him to argue with one of the other catchildren and get hurt. He's a funny boy, very loving but also talks and mutters a lot, and his little feet seem to hurt him. He probably traveled a long way before finding our barn; his pads do look worn but his nails, though short, aren't worn off. I'm slowly working at getting the tangles from his coat, and he IS definitely a handsome boy. And I think his name is Dexter, but I'll let you know when he tells me for sure.


  1. The Eastern Shore was not quite so balmy - only 10 degrees C here (50F), but I was excited about the weather too! Not warm enough yet to go for a ride on my motorcycle, but enough to putter around the yard. My oriental poppies are all planted quite near the house, so they stayed green all winter, but I was interested to hear about your eryngium. I will have to go look for mine tomorrow - last summer was its first, I moved it twice (eep!) and don't know if it overwintered.

    It feels odd, waiting so long to see some sign of spring, and now I'm jetting off to Cyprus for 10 days. I'm so worried all the action will be over before I get back. Knowing NS, though, it's not likely.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you're finally getting some promise of spring -- I'm looking forward to watching your garden come to life.

  3. Yay, yay, and yay!!! Spring has found you!! We worked out in the gardens today, too, and of course I overdid it. We'll see what tomorrow brings, but I sure was loving it out there in the warmth and sunshine, playing in the gardens!

    LOVE the new orchid! I'm so proud of you for bringing it home with you! Only a fellow plantaholic would be proud! LOL.

    Dexter! Love that name! He sure looks and sounds like a Maine Coon. The talking and even the litter box issue. Simon never covers his. I'm not sure why and I don't know if that's typical of Maine Coons or not, but just thought I'd let you know, and Simon is the only one of our cats that does that.

    I hope you're taking care of yourself and that you'll be feeling better soon, Jodi!

  4. Doesn't it feel wonderful when that first spring day arrives? Over the weekend we actually reached about 14 celsius. I'm just hoping it stays with us now.

  5. Nothing like some spring temperatures, a little weed pulling, new orchids and a sweet new kitty to make you feel better. It sounds like all is getting better up your way. Get well so you can enjoy all of spring. Dexter is a good name for your kitty. He looks a lot like a Dexter. There is someone in our town that raises and shows Maine Coon Cats. I've always thought I wanted one. We don't have a cat. Sometimes I wish we did.

  6. Jodi ! All of this is very heartening news (except the illness .. that is a "pain" .. I'm sorry) .. the greenery coming up in your gardens WONDERFUL !! .. the beautiful orchid, and from Truro !!! old favorite town of ours .. and your handsome fellow coming along so well .. Dexter is cute if you do go with that .. hubby looked at female cat names on the computer for us and picked Emma .. Emmy for short while we are chasing her around the house telling her to get OFF Sophie's back ! LOL
    Wonderful pst .. happy you are feeling cheery !
    Joy .. PS .. rest up girl !

  7. I KNEW! I just knew it was an orchid. Well, why not? If you enjoy them and they spesk to you, what else are you going to do? I'm glad Kitty is feeling better. Is litter box born in them or is it a learned habit? Makes me wonder if he hadn't been born into a house.

    Spring can be a fleeting thing, so don't get depressed if it snows at least once more. Enjoy the good days.

  8. Since he seems to be a Maine Coon Cat, Dexter is a perfect name. Dexter is a Maine town, just west of Bangor.

    I worked out in the garden yesterday, as well and am paying dearly for it with sore hips from climbing up and down the hill. Sun is shining again today, so I'll just pop a couple of ibuprofen and head out once more. Oh, my achin' back.

  9. Good for you, Jodi! Dexter looks a lot better already. (Definitely Maine coon, definitely.) And that fabulous phal! Yum. I, too, am trying to "do" one bed at a time this year; it just makes sense. So far, so good. Enjoy it all and feel better!

  10. The new cat is a handsome fellow indeed.

    I'm so glad you had a warm day and were able to get outside. I hope your diverticulitis clears up soon.

  11. Jodi, I'm glad spring is finally arriving in your area. We are having our third day in a row of sunny, warm (60's) weather. I have so much I want to do, but I'll have to remember your motto of "one bed at a time." I hope you're feeling better soon.

  12. Thank goodness we have good people like you with big hearts who take in rescues! I applaud you. He is adorable. Those eyes are quite peculiar, but very pretty. Also, those perennials are hardy gals and fellows. They come back to greet us when we think they must have truly left us for good. I'm certainly enjoying mine poking up their little heads to salute spring. (He does quite look like a Dexter to me, but then he may end up telling you different. Cats are smart little devils with their own take on things!)

  13. So glad you are getting some warmer weather, at last. Your garden will be growing. And surely there will be some wildflowers out there somewhere too.

    Elizabeth Joy

  14. Dexter is SO HANDSOME! What a lovely boy! I'm glad you decided to keep him. Take care of yourself and don't get too down. "Getcher rest," as my mum would say, complete with wagging finger and stern look.

  15. Happy to hear Dexter is doing well. The orchid is lovely.


  16. Finally spring! Sun does make you feel better! Love the new orchid! The phalaenopsis are so easy to grow and that one is a beauty. I have the same mantra in 'One Bed at a time' but needed a reminder! Thanks for that!

  17. Yay! Glad to see that spring has found you there in the bay! :)

    The cat temporarily known as Dexter is very very pretty. I bet that once he gets his strength back, those tender paws won't even bother him anymore.

  18. Well it's about time that spring arrived! Glad it's there, I hope it stays for you. We keep getting teased, one warm day and then three cool days. Warmth is back on the way though so I have my fingers crossed.

  19. Hip hip hooray!! I can relate to the "one bed at a time" feeling. Not that I have a whole lot of beds to care for at this point, but the amount of work that needs to be done can get pretty overwhelming.

  20. Hello from Southern California!

    Great blog, beautiful cats and lovely orchid! Sorry about your diverticulitis...been there...ouch! I'm a great believer in rescued animals and have two now...a handsome Blue Pt. Siamese and big, goofy Black Lab.

    Happy Spring! :-)

  21. Hi Jodi, hope the outdoor activity made you feel better rather than worse. I feel that it did, mentally if not physically. It is amazing about the toughness of the plants to endure the cold, but snow cover is said to help insulate them, isn't it? Having sworn off the phals, it is admitted that the yellows are a particular weakness of mime. If one were going to be brought home, it would be like your lovely new addition to your growing collection. I love the talking from your Dexter, and him letting you groom him shows he is a very mannerly gentleman. Good for you all.

  22. Glad to ear Spring is finally going your way. Dexter (if thats is real name ;-))Is looking beautiful. Do the paws look funny or are they just sore? Cats can have inflamatory pododermatitis that might need to be looked after.

  23. One of my favorite cats is named Dexter. It's a great, honorable name for your fellow. He looks like he's already in love with you. And the color of that phalaenopsis is wonderful! My purple one has been blooming for three months and still has two branches full of new buds. They are amazing plants. I love them.

  24. Isn't it wonderful? We've had we days of 60ยบ weather too, and my crocus are blooming, along with the snowdrops. I have several surprise clumps that I planted last year and forgot. I've been out in the gardens too, and what a great feeling...warm sunshine on my shoulders! What fun it is to see the plants pushing their heads through the soil. Yay Spring! Finally!
    Dexter is the perfect name. Looks like he's found himself a happy home. Hope the rest of the cat children learn to love him.
    Love that new orchid!

  25. Now you have a Dexter too! C.K. Dexterhaven (the full name of our Dexter) will be so happy to have another kitty with his name, as he was feeling a little bit lonely about it. Your Dexter went to the right home, for sure!

    I saw your comment on my latest post... and, yes, all those blooms are happening right now. The photos were taken on the day before they were posted. I'm loving all my spring blooms immensely. Looks like you'll have yours soon too (fingers crossed for you).

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  26. I'm glad spring has found its way into the hinterlands.

    We have a similarly colored Phalaenopsis orchid and it is definitely one of our favorites. You have good taste ;)

  27. From the pic I can see that Dexter (?) is still weak as he's sitting with his hind feet flat on the ground. Have you tried rubbing some calendula ointment on his poor sore feet? I hope his health will improve steadily. Being in an TLC environment is a big plus though. ;-)

    It's good to see that spring has found your garden too.

    Give sweet Dexter lots of cuddles from me and have one yourself as you could do with one too. Hope you get well soon!


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