17 April 2008

Feeling the kiss of the sun--and the ouch of the muscles!

We've just had the second of two warm days up here on the mountain. Yesterday, I had no time to go outside and play, so I convinced myself it was better to let the yard dry up a bit more while I slaved away indoors on my assignments and projects. Today, with some things under control, and having had to go to pay my respect's at a friend's father's wake, I figured the garden needed me for a little while--and I needed to be with it. So with my intrepid assistants Tigger and Mungus (on his harness) in tow, I headed out to see what new surprises might be seen.

Not only have the pink chionodoxa opened, but there are pollinators out and about already! Good thing we also have the hamamelis in bloom, and a few more days like this and the poplars and red maples will be starting. It was just SO nice to get up close to this bee for a photo. There were at least half a dozen of them around, and that was simply music to my ears. Especially since the frogs are still silent. A look back at past years shows that they've been this shy before, so I won't panic.

Well, whatever might THIS be? Hmmmm...imagine my surprise when I saw the tag-Helleborus purpurascens. I bought this plant several years ago, and thought it had shuffled off its mortal coil and become, a la Monty Python, an ex-hellebore. But no! It must have just grown leaves last year quietly, in behind the more boisterous plants and gotten strong enough that it.IS. GONNA. FLOWER. Whoo hooo!

Watch the weather gods dump some enormous cold front or seven feet of snow on me for this.

Although we spent only a couple of hours outside working, we accomplished quite a bit (one bed at a time, remember!) and after going back to work for the past six hours, (and not sleeping much the past few nights) I'm actually pretty tired out. So I'm going to listen to Spunky Boomerang, my personal office assistant, who has been trying to get me to go upstairs to bed for some time...good night, all!


  1. Oh my, I was laughing out loud just reading the title of your post. So true! I am *so* not in "gardening shape" just now, though it's just a matter of time :)

    So lovely to see your flowers and bees, and a hellebore that will finally bloom is *very* exciting indeed!

  2. Oh I hope you don't get 7' of snow! Those chionodoxa are so cute. We're due for 1-2' up in the mountains and FROST. --Curmudgeon

  3. Hooray for warmth and hooray for the surprise hellebore, a dark one even, and hooray for you getting out to enjoy it. But listen to Dr. Spunky and take it easy, the garden is good about waiting for us to come and tend it.

  4. You and I must be leading parallel lives, between relentless deadlines, sleepless nights, funerals, and bees on the chionodoxa. I counted four kinds of bees yesterday, and doubtless there were others I didn't see. Oh happy day! Absurd what the sight of a bee can do to lift the gardener's heart!

  5. Hasn't the sunshine felt wonderful for the past two days? I worked in the garden for both days, but today is a play day and we're off for a hike in Acadia Nat'l Park.

    Spike always goes out to the garden with me on his harness and he sits quietly and watches me toil. Sluggo,on the other hand, is a thug and wants to run all over, but only has a 6 foot lead, so he can't go far.

  6. LOL! After a day in the garden a few weeks ago, I decided that I need a better work out so I could get more garden tasks done without killing myself. That's it! An exercise DVD...The Gardener's Workout...winter time use only.

    Happy gardening!

  7. Don't you just love that kind of garden surprise?

  8. The garden is such a wonderful place to be when you need to rejuvenate your spirit. To get out there and find an unexpected plant is even more fun.

    I noticed there are two computer screens on your desk. Now that would be frightening to me. A sign of too much work going on at one time.

  9. I Loved the title, especially since I spent last night sleeping on an ice pack after spending two hours in my garden. My husband and I joked that I gave new meaning to the term frigid. ha ha. Our winter ice storm killed all but one tree so I get to replan my entire now sunny yard. One garden at a time. I love your page. I tend to be a homicidal horticulturist in denial and need all the help I can get. I don't intentially kill gardens, it's just that being transplanted from Syracuse NY to Oklahoma takes a lot of education. What thrives in my mother's beautiful gardens dies here. I keep hoping if I keep reading garden blogs - I'll get the hang of this.

  10. Lucky you to have some sun - you must have got our share, as the sun seems to have completely disappeared here - & it is so cold - too cold for gardening!

  11. Aah and ouch in the same breath.~~Dee

  12. Now remember all that good advice you gave my about Lavender and rest! I tried on a pair of pants today from a month ago and they dang near fell off--woo hoo. That's what lifting a couple of hundred 3 gallon pots a day will do for ya. It is tiring to the bone getting started especially for us computer lovers.

    Your blooms look cheery and I hope to goodness that neither of us gets that cold front nonsense. I believe I'd have a nervous break down if I had to haul the nursery plants in one more time.

  13. Just reading your title I could relate to you! Apparently there are many of us who spent yesterday (Thursday) enjoying the beautiful weather by working outside and then paying for it later. My knees just aren't what they used to be!

  14. Do not worry - like everyone in Italy, I know someone who knows someone who knows someone ... and the weather gods have promised no more snow for you this year.

    So keep at it ... and don't work too hard.

  15. I'm moving a little slow this morning, too, after a full day of cleaning up the garden beds - taking inventory of what survived the winter and what did not. It's my favorite time of the year...

  16. Hope you slept better. Perhaps the changing seasons? Our cats know best. In fact, they'll let you know that they truly know it all!

  17. Sorry to be slow in answering my messages of late--mostly I've been visiting other blogs to comment, but sometimes I get behind.
    Amy, hope the ouchies are easing off for you too.
    WWW the weather continues nice here (Tuesday); cool at night, but that doesn't bother what's growing here. It'll warm up for you son.
    Frances, Dr. Spunky and you both give very good advice!
    OurFriendBen, you're so right about bees--they are instant happy-makers for us gardeners, as happy-making as a few flowers in spring. Hope your deadlines and sleepless nights are easing--and the funerals too. They're very hard.
    Giddy, the good weather continues; we had a day of rain ,but nice since then--this morning is sunny AND foggy, and mild. I just might go out to drink the rest of my coffee on the step.
    Nancy, more spectacular weather--t's been warmer in Windsor than here--Falmouth was wow yesterday (Monday).
    MMD: Yup, love these kind of garden surprises; they are just fine with me.
    Lisa, I find the two screens really helpful; I have different programs spread out across both screens, and it actually makes me more organized. (it's true! really!)
    RedBridge Home, welcome. I'm sorry that you lost so many trees but the replanting is always fun. And sure, you'll get the hang of gardening. We'll cheer you on.
    TopVeg, sending some warmth your way TODAY!
    Dee, exactly right!
    Anna you go a bit easy on yourself--you have a long season to get through and we don't want you worn out before you even get started.
    Rose, yes, when I was last reincarnated (hah) my knees weren't...so they're about 115!
    Sue, hope you're feeling better and enjoying your balcony gardening.
    Kate, any good surprises in the garden for you? It's still early days for deciding about perennials, but all our newly planted shrubs and trees seem to have sailed through just fine.
    Brenda, sometimes I sleep and sometimes just NOT. Slept fine last night, assisted by various wise cats who hold the covers down so they don't blow off. Or so they tell me. ;-)


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