31 March 2008

Bouquets of Heartfelt thanks and Lambish Weather

Listen... Can you hear that?

Exactly so. There's little or no wind. What a concept!

We're having an actual spring-like day today for the last day of Farch, so I'm hoping that this seemingly endless period will go out like a new spring lamb. The snow is gently melting, evaporating rather than just running off everywhere, as the temperature isn't that warm, but the milky sunlight and patchwork sky is promising something else for precipitation in the coming hours. I know that one brief respite does not spring make, and that we're apt to have a session of Farchpril before Nature throws up her hands and lets us have real spring. But I'll take each softer day as a real gift. Just as I take the privilege of reading other blogs, and having you read mine, as a real gift.

It's always hard to know how many people come back to read comments after they've commented, and some posts generate a lot of comments, which as others have observed, can take time to reply to. Because I'm pressed for time right now with assorted deadlines and plenty of research to do, I decided to make a brief post taking off my gardening hat to everyone who visits here, to all whose blogs I cherish and read, to friends across the miles, most of whom I may not ever get to meet.

To answer questions asked in comments: the handsome kitty in the previous post is owned by very nice people who have a large workshop where my longsuffering spouse is working on rebuilding his Cape Islander boat. Tigger Ells is a rescue cat who is neutered, needled and much loved, and he LOVES to hang out in the workshop 'helping' hubby. So though he's gorgeous and adorable, he has a great home...but I have a feeling that one of these days I'm going to go into our no-kill shelter and have a look. The last time I did that, I came home with Mungus...

How lucky we are--blessed, some would say--to be able to play in this great medium of the Internet, to celebrate and rant and teach and learn and just be. At least, that's my feeling. My son and I were talking a week or two back about how we are actually net-veterans, having gotten online first with Bulletin Board systems, then with the early days of the Worldwide Web, back in 93 and 94. We never would have dreamed of blogs, or iPods, or lightning fast computers--my first colour computer, bought in 1994, had a 25 mhz chip in it and 4 MG of RAM, which was pretty speedy at the time.

I've said before that I'm a glass half-full kind of person, and firmly believe in encouraging and helping others. I'm deeply touched by the caring I see, both in comments posted here and on the dozens (possibly hundreds--I don't dare count, now!) of other blogs I read on a regular basis. I take great delight in the varied textures and personalities of the blogs and bloggers; like snowflakes, no two are alike, but each one is perfect in its unique tone and texture. Each one enriches me, whether the writer is talking about something blooming in the garden, trying out a hobby, tempting me to try a new recipe, or having a good chortle or rant over something that's tickled them.

I've shown this photo before, but today, I offer it as a bouquet of appreciation to each of you; the rainbow for hope and peace, and the 1st place ribbon beside it, (no, this isn't my arrangement, I'm hopeless at such things!) to show you that you're all stars in my heart. Thank you to each of you for what you do, and for the sharing and caring you give to others, most of whom are perfect strangers--myself included--across the miles.

Namaste, friends.


  1. Jodi, I'm so glad you are finally seeing signs of spring on the way. You have been very patient. :-)

  2. Glad you are having some spring-like weather finally. It's hard for me to imagine months of being shut in by the cold. I get tired of it after a day or two. No wonder you try to keep your virtual garden light and filled with pictures of flowers.

    Thanks for stopping by Zanthan Gardens and saying hello. I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with my reading and commenting and answering comments. I guess once spring is in full throttle, everyone will be too busy to want to sit behind the computer all day. I'm not sure what I'm doing inside right now. I need to be out!

  3. I too am thankful to finally see some signs of spring, although old man winter keeps showing his face! :) Lovely photos~gorgeous flowers! A very nice blog you have! I look forward to your occasional tantrums on gardening! :) And to checking out your garden resource links!
    Have a great week!

  4. First spring-like day? I'm so jealous. It's raining here, but the snow is piled so high it will take a week of warm weather to put a dent in things.

    Enjoy the silence. It never lasts long.


  5. Ooooh, I really love that first bouquet of zinnias and dahlias. Love the color combination.

    And uh...Jodi...uh...I made a return trip to Kroger's. It was just a mile from where I worked this morning and well, they were such bargains! I'm so bad. :-(

  6. Hi Jodi, I am so glad you are finally having a real spring-like day. We too are having a springy day. For us it is the rain. It started out raining, then the sun played peek-a-boo for a few hours but the wind kept the clouds rolling through. Now we have thunder rolling around. Rain is sure to come again soon.

    It is difficult to answer back to all comments. You don't have to worry about saying something to me for just commenting. I do like it when you or anyone for that matter will answer a direct question. I think most people do so. So relax and read up a storm and comment when you feel like it. This is not your job. Enjoy.

  7. Jodi: Right back at you! How lucky we all are to have this venue to share our love of gardening, our gardens with each other. Love your rainbow bouquet and your cheery disposition.

  8. Jodi, that was a heart string pulling thank you. You have such a gift with words, and you are a real person, with ups and downs and ins and outs. It must be hard to bear the cold where you live but the beauty when the weather does become more temperate makes it worthwhile. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your garden in full knock us over with a petal bloom.

  9. Jodi .. you sound much better today .. I'm glad : )
    My husband and son are old internet foggies ? .. yes .. the "bulletin board" thing .. wasn't that a HOOT ?? LOL
    I would never have imagined all of this either .. such immediate access to such wonderful blogs and people .. I am still totally in awe (hey .. I'm amazed how TV works .. so believe me .. in AWE !) haha
    We had freezing rain starting out this morning .. but just plain rain now .. good news, though, it will help melt the glaciers in my garden and on my deck . phew !
    Love the story of that gorgeous guy .. the cat that is ! haha
    I have a feeling you are ripe soon .. for another furry soul.

  10. I'm one of the net-rans as well. Oh my, it has come such a long, long way.

    It's amazing how the weather helps pick up our spirits isn't it. We had rain all day and probably more tomorrow. But it is making me smile, because it is making the snow go away.

    We actually saw a groundhog scurrying across the field yesterday. And tonight I saw the resident chipmonk be-bopping around the garden restocking his supply of bird food in his home under the front step. Then there was the hawk in the tree for us to enjoy while washing the dishes. Well, actually we stopped doing the dishes and just watched the hawk. The joys of nature.

  11. I am glad that you seem to be on your way to thawing out. I know what you mean about the wind. When I was younger and moodier, I used to enjoy dramatic windy days. Now I just think about all of the raking that was for nothing, and all of the plants that will need to be picked up at the garden center.

  12. Wonderful bouquets! I love the vivid colors. I'm so glad to have discovered your blog!

    We had a wonderful spring like day here in Pictou County as well. You can finally feel it in the air. Won't be long now. Cheers!

  13. Yay for sun!!!!! I'm hoping that you'll get more and more of it throughout April.

    I just have to say, Jodi, how much I share your sentiments about blogging friends and the miracles of technology. You are one of the people I consider myself very fortunate to have "met" thanks to the internet. And I also consider you a true bosom friend.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  14. what a feel-good post. I think you've really captured why blogging is so much fun...it really is incredible to put a bit of yourself on the internet and have a flood of perfect strangers cheer you on.

    I have had such fun, received wonderful encouragement and great advice, and easily made friends from around the world in my last year of blogging. I can't believe it took me so long to try this.

    so glad that spring is on the way for you. enjoy.


  15. Gardeners are 'old souls', Jodi. I hear your song from across the sea;)

  16. Jodi, you are true sunshine, no matter what the weather. You have brightened so many of my days with your visits and wonderful comments to my blog.

    I've enjoyed your blog immensely!
    I am so glad that we are all different and blog in different ways about different things. It keeps things interesting.

  17. I am so happy that spring is arriving to you too :) I feel so sorry for your looong winter.
    thanks for flowers - accepted, appreciated :) Thank you for your time and effort to make our days colorfull and rich with different kind of plants :)

  18. Jodi, I too, add my voice to the chorus of appreciation of your blog. As Robin said...you have brightened many of my days with your charm and wit.

    I wish I'd found the wonderful world of blogging sooner. It has been such a creative outlet for me. And I've learned so much and met so many great people. The flowers are lovely!

  19. You are like Spring, full of joy :)

  20. What a lovely post, Jodi. I'm pleased to hear that Spring is finally coming your way. You and other poor "long suffering" Northerners are due some sunshine and greenery. Your feelings about the sharing of tales and photos, moods and beauty via blogs is shared by many, me included. The More The Merrier and all that stuff and, as Kate said, Let Chaos Reign! Happy Spring, Jodi. Debi @ GHT

  21. Glad for you that Spring finally found its way to your place!! But in fact you know that it will always come, don't you ;-) ! Thank you for the nice flower bouquet which is - together with your nice words - very much appreciated and....returned to you too!
    Have a good time and enjoy Spring!


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