28 November 2007

Leggo My Eggo!

I know, I know, this is usually a blog about gardening...so before I start this love story to my horse, here's some flowers. Hmmmm. Red roses....where could those be???

One of the members of our family is Leggo My Eggo, my 11 year old Morgan gelding. He's a BIG Morgan, an old-fashioned sturdy one, not one of the little peentzy ones that look like Arabians. His dad was Equinox Admiration, one of the stallions that came from East of Equinox Farm in Vermont, although he lives in Nova Scotia. I got Leggo when he was just four and called Teddy. He was grumpy from being taught reining--he's a Morgan, after all, and they tend to be bright but to mature later than some...and he didn't like his owner anymore. I took one look at him, rode him a couple of times, and knew he was the horse i'd been waiting for my whole life. I made a deal with him; I'd never show him (and he's very show-quality) and he would never live in a huge barnful of horses again, and in return, he wouldn't buck me off.

We've kept that deal, but that doesn't mean he can't buck in the pasture. We were playing 'fierce wild horse' today, a modified game of tag that only Leggo and I understand. It's a bit like free longeing; I don't bother with a longe line when we do this because he listens pretty well without one.

The object of this game is for him to race around the paddock, either trotting or cantering or galloping (or flying). I took these photos this afternoon, so he's not his shiny sleek self. He's a hairy, fuzzy, and very muddy boy, but a happy one.

He cranks his tail back over his rump when he's happy (and he's usually very happy.) I say it's to fire up his jet propulsion system.

While JennyManyLumps, our donkey-from-Mars, sometimes joins in and gallumphs around a little bit, she usually watches these performances with this sort of expression. "I don't think so! I'm twenty seven years old..that makes me eighty-something in human years!"

And when it's time to stop playing, "Whoa" usually works very well. There's always the chance, when Alpha Horse (me) says whoa, that there are treats in my pocket. And Leggo loves treats!

Leggo is what you would call 'trail safe." While he gets offended at birds in bushes and at grasshoppers, and is very curious about cows, he is unphased by tractors (with plow, mower, bushhog or baler on behind), combines, motorcycles, four-wheelers, semi-tractor trucks, dump trucks, or even asinine drivers who blow their horns at him. I take him in the woods, down the road, along the beach...and during warm summer days, into the water. He's a good swimmer, but the most fun is when we come bursting up out of the water! We're not swimming these days, though.

Oh, about those roses? Well, my longsuffering other half thought I needed some cheering up to get me through the rest of November...Have I mentioned what a rare jewel he is?


  1. My friend just showed me your blog, and it's really awesome! I go somewhere else and come back to see a new post already! Now that's what I call service.

    I actually do enjoy nature a lot and your posts are funny AND informative. Just the way I like it. What I like best is nature photography. I'm what they'd call an "amateur photographer", someone who thinks they're good when really, they're not.

    You have lots of beautiful flowers; I'm sure you never tire of taking pictures of them.

  2. What a lucky girl you are, beautiful horse, nice donkey and caring other half!
    Thanks for those pictures and for the story.

  3. The roses are pretty, Jodi, but oh, those animal shots! That horse looks like he couldn't be happier and that little donkey is sweet. Your shots look like scenes out of a movie.

  4. Your Leggo is a super Eggo! It's obvious how happy he is with his life as a much beloved horsy because the loving part is also very clear.

    I love the pics where he's wild and was much amused to read that he cranks his tail back over his rump when he's happy because that's what my Dolly Coon does too and so did my sweet Chuck!

    Lovely bouquet from your other half but I like the thought behind it even better! Give that man a hug, he deserves it!

  5. What a great-looking horse and an adorable donkey. Those pictures of Leggo playing are great. I love the photograph along the beach. Cool!

    And yes, as Yolanda Elizabet says, you have a wonderful husband.

  6. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful horse, a lovely donkey and a spouse who actually buys you flowers "just because". That's a life any girl woud dream of!

  7. Well, I didn't know you had a horse! And a donkey? I will pay better attention! They are both beautiful and all I can think about is all that great...manure! Lucky you in more ways than one! Oh, and what a sweet husband! It doesn't get any better than that does it?

  8. Hi everyone and welcome to our funnyfarm...

    Officer Jeffery, welcome! I too am an amateur photographer (just a professional writer who takes photos) and we're all learning together, right? Keep up with it, you'll do great.
    Verobirdie, I am a very blessed girl...and I remind myself even on the bad days when I hurt all over.
    Sandy, yup, our life is a movie...Green Acres, maybe! But you're right, Leggo is a happy horse and Jenny, well, she's dazed and confused but sweet. Just don't be in a hurry with her.
    Yolanda, Leggo is a really NICE boy. He's fun because he talks to us when we're out in the garden and he wants attention, or to come in. He picks at the wire (the fence is electric, not barbed) when the charger is off, playing the fence like a guitar, and throws his feed tub around if he's bored. Mr. Personality for sure. I don't know what all it means when the animals crank their tails, but Simon Q also does it when he's in hyperkitty mode, charging around the house just under Warp Factor 5....
    Kate, and Annie, yup, my Long Suffering Spouse is a keeper...I'm very blessed.
    Layanee, I guess I haven't mentioned Leggo much because we're usually chattering about gardening. And I haven't been on his back for months due to my ongoing ailments. But I can play 'Fierce Wild Horse' with him, and he loves that and gets his exercise, so ti's all good!

  9. What a great shot of you guys coming out of the water! They're such beautiful creatures... :)

  10. Jodi - Leggo is such a happy horse and lucky to have you as his mom. How does he get along with his donkey girlfriend? And husbands who cheer us up with flowers are indeed rare jewels! But I bet you do your share of thoughtful things for him too. I have to admit that it's hard to say which I prefer, the smell of roses or the smell of a good horse. Thanks for the beautiful pix!


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