29 November 2007

The catchildren do the Blissteam Meme

The Bliss Team over at Yolanda Elizabet's tagged our furball family to play Questions, so after some discussion, snacks, scraps and snoozes, here's what they have to say:

1. Name 5 favourite "Songs", real or cat-created

Mungus: 'What have you done now?' (by Within Temptation)
Toby "Wicked Game"
Simon Q: "Light on my Feet"

Nibs: "Hopalong Kittycat"
Spunky Boomerang: "I needa needa nap now!"

2. Name Five Favourite Toys:

Nibs: Anyone else. I can take them all! So what if I have three legs!

Simon and Toby: Flowers, real or silk. We're master flower arrangers!

Mungus: I can only have FIVE toys? What will everyone else have? Okay....BIRDS! If I could just open this window...

Tigger:Long blade of wild grass, or the horse's longe whip

Spunky Boomerang: Water!

3. Name Five things you like to eat:
Spunky: Cat food, or a little chicken, but I'll look seriously at you whatever you eat.
Thistle: Shrimp, please! Tail off.
Tigger: catnip, catnip, catnip, please!
Simon: Butter! Butter! I'll lift the lid off the butter dish. I'll sit and look at your knife. I'll knock the dish on the floor, but I MUST have butter!
Mungus and Simon: We'd like to try pan-fried squirrel, please!

Rowdy: Anything that I can get my teeth into. Except moles. I leave them for Mum to step on in the grass.
Nibs: I'm the littlest, and I have three legs. I get canned cat food all by myself, but don't tell anyone, okay? And I love barbecued potato chips!

Toby Soprano: Whatever comes out of the fridge is fine with me! Here, let me help you!

4. Name 5 favorite activities you'd like to indulge in:

Toby Soprano (with the babycats Spunky and his sister Mango): Sitting in a sunny window with friends.

The late, much lamented Quincy: Yoga while sleeping.

Toby and Simon: Playing Lazer Eyeball Tag with Thistle

Mungus: Want. To. Go. OUT!

Rowdy: Helping Dad rebuild the boat. Don't I make a handsome figurehead?

Spunky: Basic and applied napping on Mum's desk.

5. Name 5 bad habits

Mungus: What, me? Just because I open cupboards, bug Thistle, wake my parents up, try to go outdoors at every opportunity, chew on socks and plants...

Simon Q. Okay, Maybe I THOUGHT about knocking the tree over. But I didn't. Not yet.

Thistle: Me? I'm little, cute, and have no tail!
Toby Soprano: I'm the flying furball, the boss of this here family, and a good fluffy boy.

Tigger: Me? I'm the senior cat, perfectly elegant and well behaved. Especially when I'm intoxicated on catnip, or catmint.
Spunky Boomerang: Moi? Je suis always too tired to be bad. Well, mostly.
Nibs: Well, I never....I'm perfect, and I have only three legs! I'm disabled so I get special compensation, right?

Rowdy. You talkin' to ME?I go outside where no one can find me when I want to be bad. But I'm never really bad. Much. Well, except when I fight with others. So I'm territorial. Whaddya gonna do about it?

Simon Q: Who me? Would this face get into the butter dish?

You see why it's never dull at our house???


  1. Oh, what lovely photos. Your cats are really sweet. Greetings from lavaterra.blog.de, munic, germany

  2. What a delightful post Jodi. You should really write a book about your cats and have your photos as the illustrations.

    All this cat talk has brought my much beloved cat that has passed many years ago to mind. Especially the butter eating. I would often find those little tongue prints in the butter if I didn't leave the lid on the butter dish. Of course she would never have jumped up on the kitchen counter to do such a thing. She always blamed the door mouse.

  3. Hilarious. Funny, funny post. What a great bunch of cats you have there. Now, I'd have a cat IF someone else would clean out the cat litter pan, really.

    Carol, May Dreams catless Gardens

  4. Jodi! Your blog is such fun to visit, and your cats give me such joy. I would like to be the godmother to all the cats in this blog world since I can't have one. Actually, Baylee would LOVE a cat, but I'm suspicious of her motivations. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

  5. Thanks for the great cat post. so many pretty cat babies. I see your cats love quilts too. ;-)

  6. Yes, yes, you should write a book about your cats!!
    It is the middle of the night, and here I sit laughing at the cat's antics.

    Two books-the second could be cats in the garden!

    This is my comment on the cat post. I am an OTHER, since I use wordpress, and that seems to have disappeared.

  7. The cat children delegated me to say thank you to everyone who commented on their post.T hey're pleased that you find them as delightful, charming and entertaining as I do.

    Sandy, I put your comment up as a "nickname" because I can't figure out either what Blogger has done now!

  8. The personalities of your cats are so apparent here. They must have a wonderful time together. The photographs and conversations were great fun.

  9. Pan fried squirrel with a big knob of butter on it and sprinkled with some (well loads actually) of catnip, now why didn't we think of that?

    Drinking from the tap, we do that too, Willow even manages to switch on the tap every now and again but switching it off again? Nah, she leaves that to her PA. ;-)

    Simon and Toby are a real inspiration to us regarding flower arranging!

    Nibs's got real cattitude and we like it!

    Baby Spunky and Mango are too cute for words, just like baby Toby and Simon.

    Mungus shows real good taste in music,we know the music of Within Temptation too as our Mum loves Within Temptation and attended a concert of them the evening before her last birthday. They played What Have You Done Now too!

    lots of purrrrrrrs from all of the Bliss team!

  10. Your kitties make me giggle! I've got two cats that love Triscuits, but since reading your post I'd bet they'd like BBQ chips too. So funny! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  11. This is an outstanding cat post. Your cats are very beautiful and I love the languid shots. I don't know how it is that cats can lounge like they have no bones. How many are there?


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