04 June 2007

Catching up with things

It’s been a busy busy weekend, and now I feel like I should be like Simon Q, basking in the sun…

First I jumped in the car on Friday morning to head to Yarmouth to the annual convention of the Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs…and to visit a few nurseries along the way. Among my ports of call were three I’d never been to before, which I have to write up and post for other NS readers to check out.

One of them is Woodland Farm Nursery, in Upper Clements (not far from Bunchberry Nurseries), and it is a lovely place, up on the hill overlooking the Bay. Another is Garden of Eatin’ Farm and Nursery in Paradise (Lovely pun, yes? )

What I like is that a lot of nurseries do these wonderful display gardens to show what some of their plants look like planted out and to give us gardeners new ideas about designs.One of my favourite gardens is at Bunchberry Nurseries, as I'm sure I've mentioned before. (I feel like I ought to show them off because they don't have a website--yet.

I rolled into Sandford to my friend Flora’s place about 630—eight hours after I left home. It’s normally a 2.5 hour drive…but when one visits no less than six nurseries along the way….

Flora is one of the most marvelous gardeners I know of. She has this great sense of colour, and she is the propagation princess of the universe. She can take a cutting from anything and get it to root...and she's a great one to share her plants. Her sister and another friend were also staying with her, and I understand that on their way back home, they visited some of the nurseries I told them about--and their car was filled too when they got home.

Saturday morning was foggy in Sandford, but not wet so it was a nice time to wander around Flora's back garden and refresh my soul--and get inspired to try some different ways of planting our yard! She has the best tulips I've seen in a personal garden!

New plants that rode home in the car included:
Half dozen lovely heritage tomatoes
An orchid primrose
The Thujupsis I was talking about the other day
Canada Holly (Ilex verticillata) and Winterberry (Gaultheria procumbens)
Golden Lights Azalea
Lemon Princess Spirea
Another delicious selection of annuals
A lovely copper beech

And when I got home, there was a truckload of soil waiting for me. In between deadlines, you know what I'll be doing!


  1. Jodi: It sounds as though you had a very productive weekend! I love the tulip garden at your friend's home. I'm looking forward to seeing your 'treasures' placed in your garden.

  2. What FUN! If I lived closer, I'd be there to help you. Really, I would! My own garden is pretty well under control now and I think it would be fun to help someone else. Just help, not take it over. I don't do well with coming up with ideas on my own, but I do love to dig in the dirt!

  3. That is one impressive dirt pile! Simon Q looks as if he's having a wonderful relax.

    I am continually amazed at all that you pack into a day. That is a lot of nurseries to visit - Flora's garden is spectacular!

    It'll be great seeing where you put all your new plants!

  4. I like Simon Q's cattitude!;-) Garden of Eatin' grin! Great pun!

    You visited 6 nurseries in 1 day and lived to tell the tale? I take my hat off to you Jodi, what energy and dedication! ;-)

    Your friend's garden looks lovely, so many tulips there and many other flowers too.

    BTW there is a humongous pile of earth waiting so what are you doing behind your pc? :-D

  5. layanee: the placing of treasures is a work in progress, as I gradually clear couchgrass, buttercup and horsetail out of places where they have taken hold. I sort of know where I want to put things, but sometimes wander around with a spade in one hand and a plant in another...

    kylee; There's really nothing nicer than digging in the dirt, is there? It's so therapeutic, and grounding. Err...bad puns again.

    kate: Simon Q is a professional rester, only outdone by Spunky Boomerang, who has naps between his naps to get rested up for further naps--and can't wait to go to bed. The dirt pile hasn't dwindled at all; it's been a hectic week workwise and oh yes, more plants followed me home yesterday.

    Yolanda Elizabet: I went to five or six nurseries again yesterday on my way to give a talk about ninety minutes from my house...and more plants got into the car to come home with me. It just sort of happens...

    I should rattle off a few more of the plants that have arrived, but probably tomorrow if there's no fog I'll take photos first.


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