03 April 2006

Supporting Our Local Nurseries, Continued!

As promised, contact information for some great locally owned and operated nurseries: Not exhaustive by a long shot, but a start! Thanks to those helpful gardeners who have provided me with some of these sites, because I’ve not visited them all—yet.

HRM and South Shore of Nova Scotia (Area code for NS 902)

Lakeland Plant World Dartmouth, 435.5429
Seabright Greenhouses, Seabright 483-7076
Bayport Plant Farm, Bayport, Lunenburg County 766.4319
Pine View Farm, Bridgewater, 543.4228
Village Nursery, Pleasantville, Lunenburg County: 543.5649
Wiles Lake Farm Market543-6082
Cosby’s Garden Centre, Liverpool: 354.2133
Spencer’s Garden Centre, Shelburne: 875.3055
Ouestville Perennials, West Pubnico 762.3198

Western Nova Scotia
Baldwin’s Nursery, Upper Falmouth 798.9468
Canning Daylily Gardens, Canning: 582.7966
Glad Gardens, Waterville 538.8688
The Briar Patch Farm and Nursery, Berwick 538.9164
Maple Hill Farm and Nursery, Aylesford 538.8658
Den Haan’s, Middleton: 825.4722
Bunchberry Nurseries, Upper Clements 532.7777

Northern and Eastern NS

Hillendale Perennials, Truro 897.6791
Woodlands and Meadows Perennial Nursery and Gardens Truro895.8727
West River Greenhouses, West River Pictou County: 925.2088
Gray’s Greenhouses, West River, Antigonish County 863.8111.
Pleasant Valley Nursery, Antigonish 863.1072
Duyker’s Greenhouses, Afton 232-3092

New Brunswick (AREA Code is 506)

Cornhill Nursery
Kingsbrae Garden Plant Centre, Kingsbrae Garden, St. Andrews: 1.866.566.8687
Mayfield Greenhouses, St. Stephen 466-5926
Canada Green, St George 755-2929
The Potting Shed, Quispamsis: 849.6206
H.Erb’s Herbs: Cambridge Narrows, NB phone 488.3344

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  1. Thanks for the list! I'll be doing some travelling as things continue to warm up. There is also a lovely little greenhouse in Mulgrave, run by Laurie and Peter Evans: PALS Garden Centre 747-2434


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