13 May 2013

The very busy season!

Hi faithful readers and fellow gardeners. It is THAT season, when there aren't enough hours in the day, week, month...lots has happened in the past few weeks, including relocating to a great place in Wolfville that is much easier for me to manage and much more suitable for all kinds of purposes. We're still in the process of moving, so it's a challenge to keep up with non-urgent stuff. But there are a couple of very neat upcoming events to tell you about here in Nova Scotia. 

The first one is the Pugwash Communities in Bloom Gardening Fair, coming up in less than 2 weeks, May 25 9am-4pm. It's the first time I've attended so I'm really looking forward to it. 

I don't CARE what the sign says, the plant sale being advertised here is being held at the NOVA SCOTIA AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE in Truro. This plant sale is a fund raiser for the Rock Garden on the campus, one of the absolute finest gardens in Atlantic Canada, and probably beyond. There will be choice and delightful plants on offer, and if it's anything like the Rare & Unusual Plant sale we just had this past Saturday in Annapolis Royal, it will be a first come, first served, don't wait or you'll miss out kind of event!

Whew! There are assorted other things taking place too, but I don't have time to list them all. You can find some of them on the Events page at bloominganswers.

I will say this--I started buying plants last week, including this double English Primrose 'Ken Dearman'. I need soil, however, so I can start building beds. Anyone ever give someone a few bags or a load of soil as a housewarming gift?


  1. It is indeed the busy season! I've got a back porch full of plants that are waiting to be planted. Now that the last frost (I hope) is over, there's lots to do. I saw some double primroses at the Chicago Flower Show this year--so pretty! Hope someone takes the hint and gifts you with some soil, Jodi:)

  2. A load of compost as a housewarming would be the best gift ever!! Sorry to hear you had to move again but hopefully this place sticks? Missed the rare and unusual sale this year but loved the photos of all the lines of happy people. Looked like a great event.

  3. Where did you buy this double primrose? I have to have one or two hee hee...

  4. Hmmm. I have seeds; I have soil and peat moss; I'm ready to do up my planters - what have you done to me Jodi????? Me of the original black thumb? I'm reading gardening books. I already refreshed most of my big garden bed and part of my small one. And I'm eyeballing the rest of the yard considering its destruction in favour of more gardens. My husband is considering commitment - to an asylum. This isn't me - or at least, it wasn't.

  5. Truly is a busy season everywhere! I'd love to be able to attend your garden "fairs!" I've been working on a 2-yard load of composted soil that will soon be gone (once the rains quit again!). :-) Then I'll order mulch!

    Keep us posted on your progress!!


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