30 March 2013

No lilies indoors! An Easter warning & other options

"Hello. My name is Tiny Timbit, and I have an important message for all you cat owners out there. It's about keeping us safe during Easter (and during other times of the year."

 "There are all kinds of plants that you can have in the house when you have kitties. We usually won't bother most plants that might not be tasty, like Hydrangeas..."

 "And this is a great time of year to be bringing home pansies and violas (Johnny Jump Ups) to plant in windowboxes and other planters.
"I rather like pansies and johnnys, because they sometimes look like they have little cat faces too. They aren't nearly as handsome as I and my brothers and sisters are, though".

 "Our mother has to put the big planters in another room, because some of us might like to lay down in them. Not mentioning any names, though. And I would never do that!"
 "African violets are a good choice for houseplant when you have kitties. The furry leaves mean we won't usually bother them, although we might walk by them and leave some hair on their leaves. Just cos we can.
"Our mum is very pleased with this greenish yellowish African violet, though she said to tell you she had a hard time capturing the colour properly. 
"Gerberas make a nice houseplant or hostess gift if you're going somewhere for Easter dinner. You can usually plant them outside after the frost is finally over. 
 "If you have cats, though, you need to be careful with lilies and their relatives. We don't usually bother the daffodils, other than to bump against them...
 "And we don't care for grape hyacinths or tulips as a rule, either.
But lilies are extremely toxic to cats, even if we get a little bit of their pollen on our fur. It causes severe kidney failure in cats, within a few hours of us eating any part of the flower or foliage. And there is no cure, other than getting us to the vet as soon as possible and hoping for the best. That's pretty scary for kitties and for their humans, too.

 "So if you are going to bring Easter flowers or plants home, please be careful not to put them in a room where we are, or choose something that won't make us sick. And have a happy Easter, everyone. We are hoping for some Easter salmon for our supper."


  1. Thank you Tiny Timbit for this kind warning. Although I have a resident Botanical Alchemist who is very particular about indoctrinating her students to leave toxic plants well alone, I had never heard of the damage that lily pollen can do to cats. We have many cats on the farm and also many lilies and have to date, touch wood, had no problems.

  2. Good to know, Tiny Timbit!

    Me (Boris, 12 years old) e my daddy will be more careful with our garden and house flowers.

    Here in Southern Brazil we aren't yet in the time of hyacinths and tulips (only in may and june). But, after this helpful warning, we'll be very very careful! Thanks a lot!

  3. Excellent advice, Tiny. You are very wise to share this information. Thank you.

  4. Tiny, how on earth are you typing without opposable thumbs ? You are not just very smart but you are obviously very dexterous too ! Thanks for the information.

  5. I love your photos! The cat looks awesome! :)

  6. Thank you, Tiny, for these timely reminders! Toby and Widget just wish the gardener here would put her few houseplants somewhere else--they're in the way of their window sunbathing spots!

  7. So glad you are still O.K. Tiny Timbit...kind of wondered from your upsidedown photo. Thanks for the warnings and will pass it on to all my kitty friends!!!

  8. Tiny Tidbit good advice. What a clever kitty you are indeed. I hope your mama grows you catnip! ;)

  9. what an adorable kitty! it is surprising so many cat owners don't realize that some houseplants are poisonous to cats.


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