09 November 2012

"...Can you come out to play in my empty garden?"

If you had told me a year ago that this would be my garden view, I'd have told you you were nuts. After more than thirteen years in the home and garden that I created with my late beloved, this is what I see now when I look out my windows. 

Quite a different vista from that which I lavished love, attention and money on for so many years. To every thing there is a season...and the season of living where I lived is now over. I won't go into details, other than to say karma will sort it all out. Meanwhile, I won't look back. 

An almost-blank slate is not a bad thing. The 'bones' are there, in all those native trees, especially the splendid native sugar and red maples. The meadow in the above photo is waiting to be planted in the style of Piet Oudolf. There are ready-made areas for shade plants, and native plants. 
 There is a nice collection of Japanese maples and several Gold Rush metasequoias (dawn redwood) in the front garden...
And a lovely big magnolia (I don't know which species just yet) which will be joined by other magnolias as time and energy permits. 

Some of my special plants went with me, of course, like this 'Cosmic Traveller' daylily. Some went to friends, who will propagate more plants for me when my knees are finally fixed and spring returns to our shores. 
With an almost blank slate and different growing conditions, now that I'm on the warm Valley floor rather than on the cold Fundy shore, I will be developing beds for some of my favourite types of plants, including the alpines that currently are mostly hanging out in troughs and planters. 
Extra special plants, like this species rhododendron from Captain Steele's Bayport Plant Farm, made the trip too and are waiting in holding beds for me to decide on the right location for them.

 I'm not the first gardener to uproot from home and relocate, and I won't be the last. I look at friends who have come across country, even across oceans and from other countries, to put their roots down in the fertile soil of the Annapolis Valley, and I take courage from them.

So that's what's new with me, and why I've been largely silent here on bloomingwriter these past several months. It took a lot of time and energy and courage (and HELP from beloved friends and family!) to organize myself and make the move. Now the cats and I are here, and we're focusing on the future.

From songwriter James Keelaghan, I take great comfort:

In a recent future, what is now
Somehow becomes before,
As though we're always rushing through
Some huge revolving door.
For the present what will be
Will be here ever after;
May that bring joy for you,
May that bring laughter.

 Stay tuned, friends. There will be many more posts, lots of garden talk, and maybe even some blue poppies.

Yeah, definitely some blue poppies!


  1. wow..I didn't know...what a huge step...a new page in your life! Get growing girl xo

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the garden develop, and seeing the photos of everything. Blue poppies and dawn redwoods...sounds like a very special corner of the world. All the best in your new beginning!

  3. It's going to be quite the garden and quite the journey. I have lots of Piet Oudolf style of plants I can share with you, many echinaceas (lots of babies came up this year, every colour of rudebeckia, I started them from seed, also a few colours of asters and helenium and the old blue monkshood. I just started collecting grasses but I do have a large miscanthis (gigantus), it might be too big, its 7 feet for me in a shadier area. Let me know and good luck on your journey, I'll be routing for you!! TTFN

  4. Hi. It's Cheryl. I'm sorry about your home, it must have been tough leaving it behind. Maybe if I ever see you in the valley you will accept a plant donation? I don't have a lot, but I have a few lilies, lots of spring bulbs and a peony that needs dividing.

  5. A new beginning for you. I am looking forward to hearing about and seeing pictures of your new garden as it develops...a journey for us all!
    Dee Blaine

  6. It's never easy to leave the familiar, because it's comforting. However, I think you've chosen a beautiful canvas on which to paint your new garden. Good bones aren't always easy to find, and it seems this garden will provide you with a well established backdrop, so you can focus on the details. I wish you joy in your new home, and in your new garden, and am looking forward to watching and reading as it all unfolds. ~ Clare

  7. Hello, I am sure you are going to be perfectly fine. Wonderfully said, "to everything there is a season...and karma" will sort all things perfectly. It is sometimes better to start with a clean slate, and all positive energies will be poured in there. Just leave negative energies and you will be fine. That is a wonderful background for a garden and a home, God bless!...and welcome back to blogging.

  8. Wow... such big changes and such exciting possibilities... I wish you luck in your new endeavors... Larry

  9. Wow! The bones of your new garden are stunning! Your mind must be turning with all the possibilities! I sometimes dream of what I would do in a different place, with a different kind of garden. New beginnings are stimulating and so full of expectation and hope. I wish you the very best and look forward to seeing your garden as it progresses.

  10. I'm sorry that you had to leave your beloved gardens. In the few words about the situation, unfortunately I understand. I also understand the energy that healing and moving forward emotionally consumes. I'm glad that you are settled in your new place and I look forward to seeing your gardens grow!

  11. What a gorgeous spot - so much warmer than high on the mountain I'm sure. With a blank slate I know you'll create a beautiful oasis there - one that brings you peace and happiness.

  12. It is so hard to leave a home and a beloved garden. I know it was for me, but I took solace in recreating my life. I know I will again as I look to retirement...much congrats and luck. I look forward to your new adventures.

  13. What a wonderful, scary adventure life can be ! What a lovely view out your back window.

    And you have a pond !

    I look forward to following the progression as you plan and then bring your new garden into existence.

    Glad you're back.

  14. Jodi, so good to see you here again, although I was sorry to see you've had to leave your home. It's a tough task to pick up and go, there's comfort in old surroundings. However, your new home looks lovely and that field is just calling for plans and plants. I think your garden won't stay empty for long.

  15. There's so much promise in your garden spot! Did you change gardening zones? One nice thing about us gardeners, we can put down roots anywhere!

  16. Jodi:
    Its been a tough year for you, and now you face yet another challenge, but I know that in your eyes you see it as an opportunity. You are living proof that you can create magic in whatever you set your heart to. Your new property will be no different, and if you put your heart and soul into it..... you know, there might just be a book hiding amongst the endeavors that lay ahead...... happy to have you back online again. I look forward to seeing those ethereal Meconopsis in coming years.

  17. A bold new adventure, Jodi. I wish you and the kitties a happy new homecoming.

  18. you are one jump ahead of me, we are at the thinking and planning to move stage. I can 'see' a wonderful new garden growing in those pictures. And a selection of Japanese maples can only be good!

  19. Take your time Jodi. Don't feel pressured because of your past accomplishments, or us listening in, or anything except what feels right to you. That field is a beautiful place. Maybe you just want to sit with a glass of wine and watch the deer come out(ha ha). Continue to talk to us. We will listen.

  20. Another Garden of Opportunity, a great post, looking forward to seeing it grow!

    The Gardener

  21. I'm sure it was difficult to leave your garden behind, but starting with a blank slate--and different gardening conditions--sounds like an exciting opportunity, Jodi. I know you'll enjoy transforming your new space into a beautiful garden.


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