18 November 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday on Thursday: Forever Autumn

My apologies for being silent the past few days. As many people know, I'm going to have a new book coming out in late winter or early spring next year through Nimbus Publishing. We're into the latter stages of editing before it goes to press, and combining that with my regular work that pays the bills...I'm a wee bit swamped. Or feeling windblown and defoliated, like this tree at my alma mater, the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. Please bear with me, and I'll be back to my normal chatty self as soon as possible, which includes visiting plenty of other blogs.

I'll leave you with a question: what sorts of topics would you like to see covered here on Bloomingwriter in the coming months? We bloggers tend to post more during the winter months when we can't do so much gardening outdoors, so we read, talk, sleep and dream about plants and gardening. I have promised some info on how to get an amaryllis to rebloom, so look for that coming up fairly soon.


  1. Hi Jodi, your title is so funny but it works, hehe. That leafless tree seem lonely but it's not! About making amaryllis re-bloom, it is not done here in our country with only 2 seasons, but i did it last summer. I didn't wait for the rains for it to bloom as an experiment, and i gathered the data and photos in equal intervals as if i am really doing a real experiment. And it worked, and it can be easily presented in a symple agricultural symposium. haha! If i am enterprising i can even make it a business, but i am not, so there goes.

  2. I always enjoy tales of your horse and Jenny. Haven't seen them mentioned in quite some time.

  3. Best of Luck with all your work Jodi! I look forward to seeing your book!! How thrilling you are almost finished with this one. Lovely tree . . . I love the carpet of leaves and shadows beyond. ;>)

  4. To answer your question: what about garden planning? What looks good with what and how it looks through the different Seasons? Just a thought...

  5. "feeling windblown and defoliated." Boy, honey do I ever understand that statement. Just keep posting what you post and I'll be happy. While I don't always comment - yet should - coming here is a way of sitting and resting a spell. Your blog, and those of other gardeners, provide me with a virtual garden since I no longer have one. Thank you and good luck with your book!

  6. Good luck with your book! Try not to get too stressed out - easier said than done I know. I love the structure of that tree in the photo.

  7. really....No Apologies necessary...friends understand and sure many are looking forward to your book release as well as being so proud of your accomplishment !! For me...All things 'Green' would be Great topics...organic methods from composting to fertilizing & bug control...Re-cycling tips...really anything that glorifies the enviroment would be Great...and of course any planting - growing secrets and arrivals of New Garden Beauties ! I wish you Great Success with your New Book !!!

  8. I think with the holidays coming up and the last-minute attempts to get fall chores done in the garden, everyone's been quite busy. No apologies necessary, Jodi; I've had trouble keeping up with blogging lately, too.

    Tips on getting amaryllis to re-bloom sounds like a great topic I could use. I'm interested in adding some fragrant flowers or shrubs to a new bed next spring--I'd love to hear any recommendations you have on that topic. And to add to Lisa's idea, I'm always interested in seeing how your feline family is doing!

  9. Would love some info on poinsettias and what to do with them after the holiday. Someone told me they are a tree?? Anyway, would love tips on Christmas Cacti too. Mine are so, well, so much like my cat, Orangie, blooming when it suits them, not me!

  10. Really looking forward to your book Jodi!

    Maybe winter talk on writing a book...it's demands and it's plus side.

    Winter damage is always good...how to prevent or be prepared for things like the freeze thaw cycle. When to wrap roses or even if we should..

    Looking forward to a rest from the garden to tell you the truth)))) Maybe Santa will bring some good garden gear!!

  11. Dear, dear girl...I'm so thrilled about your book...but do give yourself a very nice break and take a few weeks off to let your brain rest! Please?


  12. Thanks for all your great comments and suggestions, friends. Once I get the last of the editing done and a bit caught up on sleep, I'll start posting a bit more regularly again. We'll have lots to talk about over the winter.
    As for winter talk on writing a book...I'm going to be giving a course in writing this winter, and that might become a presentation!

  13. Hi, Jodi. I love your writing, and I'd choose for you to write whatever inspires you, because I know that will be best.

    Congratulations again on your book! I hope you are able to get a break in sometime soon. I know it's been a lot of work.


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