20 March 2010

Spotlight Saturday: Have you visited This blogger? Introducing Cindee

I have endless amounts of admiration for those who have the ability to maintain more than one blog. My brain feels like it's turning to 3 bean salad some days with only ONE blog to maintain, so for those with two or more, wow, my writerly hat is off to you for your dedication. It also gives me two or three times as many posts to read from them, so that's always good.

With that in mind, I would like to introduce Cindee, who writes about gardens past and present, about crafts...and about cats, too. I found her first at Moonstone Gardens, which is, a she puts it, a "gardening blog based from a 17-acre resort garden." The resort is in Oregon, one of those places I dream of visiting because it's home to many great gardens and garden centres/breeders. For now, I content myself with reading about these places via blogs.

From there, I traipsed over to the wonderful and whimsical Our Grandmother's Gardens, where Cindee celebrates not only gardening but a variety of crafty endeavours, some of them based in garden-inspired art.

And how lucky are the cats who share life with Cindee, because they have their own blog at The Cat House! This one isn't updated quite so often, but it's lovely to visit Cindee's feline friends. My only worry is that OUR cats will demand their own blog. You know what Mungus is like. And Spunky too. I'd have to create a blog for each of them, and put little kitty cams on their heads, and they'd want to write the blogs themselves, and I'd have to share my laptop with them...

Whew. Like I said, one is enough for me.

So that's a bit of a look at Cindee's blogs, and you can see how they'd appeal to me. I think they'll appeal to many of you as well, so I hope you'll pop by one or more of them and say hello!


  1. Thank you for the links to Cindee's blogs Jodi - I was looking at 'Our Grandmothers Garden' one day, then 'lost' it, forgetting it's name and how to find it!

  2. Jodi I too enjoy Cindee's blogs... though I did not know both till now... Our Grandmother's Garden is my only intro to her and it is a wonderful blog. I will have to go over to visit the other one now. I am with you at barely being able to keep up with one blog! Happy Spring to You! Carol

  3. I follow both blogs and I to admire anyone that can keep 2 blogs going - I started of with 3 but now just keep one up to date.

    I love the planting schemes that Cindee has at Moonstone - all those shade loving plants in some of the areas are really appealing to me and she takes great photos too.

  4. I like the idea of The Cat House, but I think my cat will issue the same blog demand! I'm not too sure about the kitty cam though, 18 hours of napping a day might limit the filming ;) Enjoyed browsing here!

  5. Thanks for the tips! I'll be sure to check them out today!

  6. I agree, i can't imagine maintaining more than one blog! hats off to Cindee. I have followed Our Grandmother's Gardens but not the others. Thanks for pointing them out and for the links!

  7. Cindee is practically a neighbor, living just down the freeway about forty miles or so. I'm very impressed with her!

  8. Thanks Jody for showcasing another interesting blog. It is a lot of work not only keeping up ones blog but reading and commenting on all the thousands of other blogs out there.


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