18 February 2010

Accidental synchronicity

I'm a wholehearted believer in zen, karma, synchronicity, and other such inexplicable wonders. When I posted my exquisite green flower yesterday, I had only two things in mind; the need for seeing something green, and one of my favourite short stories ever, Ray Bradbury's "The Green Morning," from The Martian Chronicles.

I read that story for the first time in grade 8, and thrilled to the thought of trees growing even more quickly than beanpoles (or goutweed). Even though the logical part of my mind knew that Mars wasn't hospitable to life as we knew it and that we weren't gonna get there by 2001, despite the best efforts of Stanley Kubrick, Bradbury, Clarke, and NASA...I loved the concept.

For Valentine's Day, I did not want the traditional roses. Hubby didn't have to get me anything, actually, but what he did was tell me to go pick out some flowers I wanted. I didn't want red, or red and white, or pink. I wanted rich, brilliant, soul-drenching colours. Hot magenta orchids. Brilliant, sizzling gerbera daisies. And deliciously green chrysanthemums.

Not exactly your traditional Valentine colours, are they? When it comes to chrysanthemums, which are meant to mean optimism and joy, I actually only like the green ones. It's no secret that I absolutely love green flowers, so it figures that green mums would suit me perfectly.

It happens that Valentine's Day was also Chinese New Year, kicking off the Year of the Tiger. Chrysanthemums are often used in celebrations, although usually in red and yellow rather than green. But this was all accidental synchronicity, remember. Hopefully my Chinese friends will excuse me celebrating with green chrysanthemums rather than other colours.

The most striking little tidbit of synchronicity, however, is that green chrysanthemums are part of the bouquet given to Vancouver Olympic medal winners. The bouquets include green spider mums, green hypericum berries, all wrapped in a sheath of green ferns and grasses.

I've never been a huge fan of the Olympics, and I don't like the hype and politics that goes along with. But watching the athletes, and the enthusiasms of the crowds, and the camaraderie even in competition, I found myself feeling optimistic. Proud of my country, and of the youth who have worked so hard to come to this point. I feel cheery. This, despite sordid politics in my own province, tiresomely cranky weather everywhere, and assorted other irksome travails.

We're over halfway through February. March is next, which will herald spring for some. We will make it.

I wish you all green chrysanthemums. Or green mornings. Or other colour-drenched ways to feed your spirit as we slouch towards spring.


  1. Hi Jodi, your title is very catchy, i often use that word too, and believe 'there's no such thing as chance'. This is maybe one of them, because i posted greens ahead of you. Maybe the pervading thought these days is green, and i have been seeing that in the garden blogs. Because WE ARE ONE, then thought/energy of thought roamed around reaching the sensitive thoughts, and there...green flowers abound now. You have not seen mine, so please do, maybe you will chose them second to chrysanthemum!

  2. PS to my comment. Serendipitous chance! This is actually my next title.

  3. What a gorgeous bouquet, Jodi! This is the kind of eye-popping color that should shake anyone out of the winter doldrums. I haven't watched any of the Olympics so far; I do enjoy the figure skating, but I can't seem to get interested in the rest of the events. I'd love to see anything green right now instead of the incessant white surrounding us!

  4. As a fellow Canadian, I agree with you about the politics of the Olympics :) But I know you're rooting for the athletes along with me! :) As for Valentine's Day...I think what your hubby said was a good thing...it should be about what you want! :) I've got a tree coming to me...maybe next week, maybe the week after...:D

  5. Hello Jodi,

    It is nice to see the entire bouquet and it is just beautiful. Funny, but I never thought much about green mums until I saw your photo yesterday. Now, I can see why you love them so much.

  6. Jodi, Those backlit flowers are stunning. And your hubby is clearly a keeper!! -Jean

  7. Love those boisterous colors Jody. You should be proud of all of those Olympians being in Canada. It is a good thing.

  8. Oh sometimes those traditional roses for Valentine's is quite boring. It's fun and fresh to see your bouquet of flowers. Just like my friend's wedding. She chose bright and colourful flowers for her wedding instead of those traditional sweet colours. It's good to be different :-D

  9. Love the bold colors in your bouquet...a nice change from the typical pink or red. I am currently stalking a green primula. We'll see if I get my hands on it this year. We don't see many green flowers up north but I like to get them in store bouquets when I can.

    Cheers from one "sordid political" state to another!

    Christine in Alaska

  10. Dear Jodi, So they were green chrysanthemums - I was not absolutely sure. What a joy! They are simply wonderful and I should love to have them by the dozen.

    I am afraid that I have very little interest in the Olympics [much hype in London now for 2012], but one cannot but feel admiration for all of these young people who are out there achieving all manner of things in a positive and honest way. It is so reassuring - they are our future!

  11. What a beautiful arrangement Jodi! The green really sets of the hot orange of the gerby and the splash of orchids is just magic.

  12. Maybe just the thing I need for my winter-related malady, the epatoozies. Those colors are sizzling, Jodi and would warm the coldest heart :-)

    Green mums, who'd have thunk it but they're mighty purty.

    I'm always happy to see January and February pass, but March is seldom a Spring-like month for you or me. But it does mean that April is just that much closer.

  13. Jodi what a beautiful bouquet. I am with you on getting some bright colors to brighten your day instead of the traditional colors. The brighter the better these winter days.
    It just makes you smile to look at your bouquet.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Festive Mardi Gras colors, jodi, love them! And indeed you should be proud ... Vancouver is a beautiful and gracious host city. Must read "The Green Morning" ... sounds memorable like Ray Bradbury's "Dandelion Wine", a longtime favorite of mine!

  15. What a glorious bouquet Jodi. Just what is needed to brighten the soul on a drab winter day.

  16. Jodi,
    What a beautiful bouquet,and I so enjoy the vibrant color. I am becoming very fond of orange mixed with purples and pinks. They look wonderful mixed with the green mums. You are certainly opening my eyes to the beauty of green flowers.

  17. Jodi girl ! That was my first scifi author I fell for : ) now isn't that funny ?
    Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day .. another unusual event joined together .. I think this year is going to be rather memorable for us both some how ?
    I have always been fascinated by spider mums they are just so unusual to look at ! and my favorite mix in a bouquet is white and green .. ahhh !
    YES ...time is moving ever so slowly .. hanging in my mear baby finer nails though !!

  18. It is good to see the bouquets, although we only see a glimpse of them. Great story behind it, I don't know if you can find it on google.

    Change of subject? Cats, I thought you might have some suggestions since you have lots of cats. I am having some problems, specifically Bootsie. He won't sleep through the night, and insists on waking us up at 3am each and every morning. We try to keep him awake all day, good luck.

    Any suggestions, and remember that he is so determined to get outside when he wants to. He won't give up until he gets what he wants. 800 Sq. foot condo means we hear each little scratch he makes.

    That nasty huge raccoon was out there on my deck last night, just minutes after we finally convinced him to come in. I am too scared to leave him out all night.

    Sleepless in White Rock, Jen


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