23 November 2008

Could I file a complaint, please? And to whom?

Colour me somewhat irked. Mostly tongue in cheek, but irked none-the-less. 
Friday afternoon before my guitar lesson I dashed into New Mindless to pick up a couple of things we were out of. (that's not really its name, but it's the commercial Waste Land of the Valley and you'd have to be crazy to go there some days.) The stores were IN-SANE, and I had no idea why. I mean, it wasn't cheque day for all those on the government dole, I didn't think the next day was Christmas, and I couldn't figure out what was going on. 

My dear guitar teacher enlightened me when I got to his house. "Haven't you seen the weather channel?" he asked. "It's got the Red Screen of Disaster on it." This, for those who don't have cable, is when the screen turns red to warn of a weather event. It's similar to the Blue Screen of Death that you PC users sometimes get. We on satellite feeds don't get it, and i hadn't had the television on that day anyway. So he then proceeded to tell me we were sleighted to get a dump of snow. 

Okay, one thing that often happens in our province is that weather prognosticators often suffer from overhype. I don't consider 4-6 inches a storm. But then I live on the Bay of Fundy where we can amass that much snow in "flurries where winds blow on shore." I did look at the radar and satellite screens when I got back home again, and figured we would, indeed get some snow. The lovely meteorologist on CTV-Atlantic further confirmed that. Okay, fine. I didn't need to go anywhere this weekend. Whatever we got would be manageable, right?

Ummmm. Well, no, not exactly. The snow started here about 2300 Friday evening, or 11 pm for those who think in 12 hour clocks. Next morning, it was still snowing. It stopped in early afternoon for a siesta, though it distributed a few extra flurries where winds blow onshore for us.

Then it started snowing in earnest again sometime last night. And as of now, at 1500/3 pm on Sunday afternoon, it's STILL snowing. 

We probably have between 15-25 inches down. But this being the Fundy shore, the wind doth blow on occasion. (Like any occasion that ends in -day.) So we have snowdrifts around the yard, five feet deep in places. Normally there's a tradeoff that we'll have high drifts in some spots and bare ground in others. There's NO bare ground anywhere. Everything is well and truly buried. 

Longsuffering spouse got his longsuffering son (from previous marriage) to bring the tractor up from the other place to clear the driveway out this afternoon. The plow just got unstuck from down in the community, where it's been for several hours, and went back out. It's still snowing. I'm supposed to go to Halifax in the morning to teach a workshop. IF there's school, that is. And of course, the reality is that  it can be perfectly decent weather elsewhere. Everyone got smacked with the snowstorm, but this afternoon it's apparently sunny in the Valley while we're still getting snow. Yikes. 

Happily, I had my snow tires put on last Monday. It's also supposed to "mild up" as my husband calls it. It's going to take a while for all this to melt, but I'm not really stressed about it, just...bemused. So today's coping mechanism includes adding a healthy dollop of Bailey's to my coffee, cutting a brownie, and cranking up the iTunes. I'll alternate between a little Metallica or Muse (no Starlight tonight, though) with "Avalanche" from David Cook's new album, and a bit about a "Storm" from Lifehouse for good measure. "Enter Sandman" anyone? 

Okay, perhaps Metallica would like to re-write the song to become 'Enter SNOWman?"


  1. Hi Jodi .. complain away girl ! This is going to be a wacky winter no matter what the weather-people say. Kingston has escaped a couple of storms but a little more south of us they have been well and truly dumped upon .. Hubby has snow blower at the ready but is leaving for Cuba Wednesday .. Hockey Amigos get-a-way and so what are the chances we do finally get said storm. I'll be reminding him to make sure number one son knows how to work snow blowing beast. Meanwhile .. the Bailey's and brownie thing sounds good to me girl !!

  2. Gosh! That is heavy and here I've been complaining about a little rain and an overcast weekend. You got right ahead and complain LOUDLY, jodi. It's good for the soul, you know!

  3. Tilt back in that office chair and crank it up Jodi. Winter has returned and has sent around its calling card. It truly is beautiful...from here.

  4. Good grief, Jodi! What else is there to say except sounds like you are lucky to have power ... really the pits to be out in cold weather! At least you can vent and we can listen. Actually sipped a nip of Bailey's in coffee myself last night, finishing dinner with dear friends discussing the pitiful prospects of our economy (both of us deeply entrenched in the 'whiteout' automotive crisis ... sorry, but I think I'd rather be in a snowstorm ;) Stay warm and well!

  5. Hey Jodi, you have every right to file a complaint. I can't imagine getting that much snow for the first storm of the year. Let's just hope it does "mild up" and most of it disappears before the next dump happens. Keep smiling, we are CanEHdian!!

  6. My first thought is "Cool, Snowstorm!" It's the child in me, I automatically think that work will be cancelled. But then I remember that I am a grown-up; they never close work and I have to try to drive thru that mess, after having to shovel out the driveway and the car. I think I need a Bailey's and coffee myself.

  7. Oh my gosh, Jodi; this would be the storm of the decade if it hit here in Illinois! And to think it's only November! I'm glad you have a positive outlook about it--I guess there's nothing else you can do. "Enter Snowman"...maybe Metallica should do a new version:)

    Your last post didn't show up on my blogroll for some reason. Beautiful photos of the seedheads. You are so right that they are works of art in their own right. But did you identify them somewhere? I'm ashamed to say I didn't recognize several of them.

  8. I know what you mean about the weather forecasters usually "overforecasting" and it's almost like the boy who cried "Wolf!" But wow, you really got socked! I was just remarking to Romie as we took our walk tonight that we are nearly all the way through November and we've had no snow yet. It's been cold enough to snow, just no snow. We're told we are getting a little tomorrow (one inch), but I'll believe that when I see it. Sorry you're getting our share! Stay warm and safe!

  9. Oh my goodness, you give me the shivers with all that snow! I lived most of my life in Michigan, so I'm a bit familiar with the stuff, but that doesn't mean I like it! Now we are in central Ohio, and three inches of snow scares them to death. It makes us laugh every time. You can have it, thank you very much!

  10. Oh, but your place looks so cozy in the snow! I smiled when I read your "flurries where winds blow off the water" -- sounds mighty familiar, and it's oh, so true. You've got a lot more snow there than there is here. My parents, on the other side of the Bay (where winds blow off the water), had some heavy snowsqualls last night and early this morning, too. The rain is going to make a mess!

  11. Occasionaly, the weather forecasters get it right don't they? Just often enough to make us run out and get stocked up on groc. As Lisa said, it looks lovely from here-all that glorious white. At least you can't see any of the fall chores you didn't get done. :) What happened to your last post? Didn't show up on my blg roll, but I got and email you had one.

    Stay safe and warm, have another brownie and another coffee spiked with Bailey's.

  12. Gosh Jodi that is a lot of snow...but sorry, I love it and I also like a little chaos as long that nobody get hurt. About the wheather men/women... I'll never trust them. I have this perhaps ridiculous saying I do believe in (this is statistically true) and it goes lke this. " There is a 50 % chance that the wheather tomorrow will be like the wheather today" that is what I call a forecast.
    :-) Tyra

  13. Now, that IS a winter garden – perhaps not the way it was intended ;). I'm a Swede, and I have seen some snow – but I think you've "outsnowed" all my experiences over there! Guess it will be digging snow rather than soil for you for a while...

  14. Wow Jodi, that is a lot of snow!

    This has been a fascinating browse around the blogging world this morning. So many gardens had snow this weekend. Our brief covering is melting with the sunshine today.

    You might guess that your snowfall has taken top place by a considerable amount ;-D

    Sending you some sunshine :-D

  15. hi jodi
    i've lurked at your blog for quite some time now-i love to see your world in novia scotia!!!
    i am a fool for snow!!!!!!!love it
    our weather forcasters never get it right either.....
    any snow you are unhappy with please feel free to send it to conneticut here in the states
    thanks for sharing the beauty of the season
    can't wait to see it here-enjoy some for me :)
    enjoy your day

  16. As a kid we prayed for snow! This is a great deal of snow and would certainly completely shut down the Nashville area...including the government! We are practically paralyzed with an inch of snow. It is beautiful Jodi! Happy melting!


  17. Oh My that is one heck of a lot of snow.
    Thank goodness you have a sense of humour, you brought a smile to me , especialy when I think of the complaining I do over a few inches.

  18. Holy H., Jodi. Um, don't look now, but it appears that you're snowed in. Hope the tractor pulls through--

  19. Holy cow, you got blasted! Surely it's too early for this sort of thing. After last winter, I can so empathize. Complain away.

  20. Oh WOW is right.
    We are supposed to get some snow maybe late Thanksgiving Day. 1st rain then the snow that day or so the weathermen or women say.
    It is like maybe God sits up there and laughs at them, and then sends a different weather than they thought that they were going to have.
    We had snow a couple of winters ago where the streets and our parking lots were clogged for weeks.
    That reminds me of my last winter in Elgin, IL and it snowed and snowed, and they had trucks out to haul it off to ball fields and golf courses just so people could get around. It was -26 degrees for 2 weeks day or night. I was warm inside the home, but outside it was terrible.
    Enjoy your winter while you can.

    Blessings aplenty and more.

  21. Jodi,
    Hope y'all keep all that snow up there and be selfish and stingy and not share even a flake with us down South. My goodness if that much snow fell here we would call it a disaster and this state would shut down completely! Since it rarely snows in our part of Mississippi, we don't even know how to deal with it. It is always a treat to visit your blog...I love your sense of humor and your way with words! Happy Thanksgiving to y'all.
    Best regards, Jon at Mississippi Garden

  22. Holy moly - that's some snow! This southern gal wouldn't know what to do with it, except the Bailey's and coffee idea with music sounds like a plan. Stay warm!

  23. Yikes. I'm not going to complain about the rain/snow mix we're getting right now. I'm happy to live just out of the reach of the 'lake effect' snow to the west. But you go pounded and have a good enough excuse to rant a bit.

  24. Oh My Gosh. That is real snow and so earlier in the year. Hope you have snow shoes.

  25. We haven't had any snow yet here in Nebraska, either. Ten years ago, there was a huge snow storm the last week of October that caused lots of downed tree limbs, and heavy snow that caused power and phone lines to be knocked down.

    I hope everyone there is safe and you get dug out soon. You can find some new blogs to read!

  26. Five feet of snow? Sounds like prime blog reading time to me. Enjoy!

  27. Oh Jodi - Who needs that- How are the four legged darlings in the barn? I'll bet they're unhappy to get stuck inside. My horses have the thickest coats I've ever seen this year - and the cows at the farm where I buy hay are fur balls. Makes me think we're in for a long cold winter!

  28. I haven't seen that much snow since my time in Wisconsin! Your coping mechanisms sound very sound to me! ;-)

  29. Hi Jodi,

    Snow's been here early this year, not sure if it's the same for you, but sheesh 5 ft!

    Keep warm and I'll join you in a glass of Bailey's. Mine's on ice ;)

  30. 5 feet of snow sure beats my 4 inches, but I was happy with it anyway. It's all gone now, melted away during the evening when it started to rain hot water. Well, relatively speaking as the temperature went up to plus 5 C.

    Happy melting!

  31. Jodi, very impressive! i'll send this to my mom so she can be reminded why we don't live further north! thanks for a great post!

  32. And, pretty as those photos are, that is precisely why I left Ohio after college and never went back. OK, it wasn't just the snow. But I just simply could NOT. At least you expect it,you are prepared for it, and there is an end. It surely does make one more introspective.As I writer you will make the most of it, I'm certain. :)

  33. That storm was a doozy! Isn't it great to have a tractor handy when there's that much snow to move? My hubby's had our big red Belarus out a few times lately. We had another storm today....a repeat of last Friday. It sure is pretty when you don't have to go out in it :)
    The birds were very entertaining all day too.
    Love your snow pics.


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