11 November 2010

Enjoy Freedom? Thank a veteran, past or present.

Today Canadians join other countries around the world as we pause and honour the sacrifices made by our veterans in wars of the past...and thank those who serve in our Armed forces today as well.

As I do every year, I offer up this heartfelt song by Nova Scotian musician Terry Kelly, "A Pittance of Time." No words are needed.

"In peace may they rest
May we never forget why they died...
...take a pittance of time."


  1. Thanks for sharing that wonderful and moving song of Terry Kelly's and for your kind words today on blog. Thankfully, the weather has improved for today's ceremonies.

  2. Great post ... over here in Australia November 11 is Remembrance Day. We stop everything we're doing on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month to remember ... it's such an important gesture to make. Thanks for your words and the wonderful song.


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