04 February 2009

Snowdrifts and buntings and robins, oh my!

Does anyone have a good recipe for groundhog stew? I don't think there was any need of getting quite THAT much snow. Actually, we're not even entirely sure how much came down, but it was probably about a foot. On top of what's already there, and with the wind sculpting it into more entertaining drifts, we have enough for the whole country, plus all our friends down South.

The farrier was due this morning and our neighbour came over with his truck to plow our dooryard out. Unfortunately he couldn't find any place to put some of the snow, so he pushed it up to the double doors. Hubby will probably bring the tractor up from the woodlot to rearrange some of this later. The birds you can barely see around the barn are some of the snow buntings. More are arriving every day.
They weren't awfully pleased that I was outside puttering around , and it's too cold and I don't feel great enough to stand or sit waiting them out to come and land in the yard. Just listening to their happy little song did me a world of good, though. The buntings are doing aerial displays as I write this--they're extremely skittish and take off even if they see a shadow at the window, although they seemed pleased to find me come outside first thing. I think they know I'm the Bringer-of-Seeds. But I still might be a predator. 

I was a bit alarmed to find this American robin out front, eating rosehips from one of the multiflora roses I let go wild around here. He's still out there, and still picking at the seeds, and I'm wondering if I ought to put out something protein-filled for him. Sadly, we don't have any earthworms in the cupboard. 

By the way, if you're a Facebook user, I have a few more photos in my Facebook (but I have to friend you because my profile is set to private) I've just learned about connecting to other blogs via this network, so maybe if you haven't, you might consider using Facebook as another way to promote your blog. I know some of you are doing that already, and it's fairly new and has some bugs that need working out, but it's another way to share our love of gardening and nature. 


  1. Hi Jodi, oh I love those snow buntings, we don't get any down here and they are so colorful against the snow. I am on facebook to visit with friends in New Zealand, but it is too much for me to keep up with, like twitter and plurk. Just a luddite here. I hope you are feeling better soon to be able to sit out in the cold and wait for that perfect bird photo! (Just kidding, it is way too cold for that!)

  2. Poor little Robin... though I love the photos and am jealous of your winter storm. Living in ski country we get very excited about tons of snow. :)

  3. Hi Jodi, Someone told me that the birds line up on the power lines because the lines are warm. Whether it's true or not I like imaging that they are keeping warm.

    The robin looks so red breasted, beautiful. Our local bird store sells dried grubs for the bluebirds I wonder if there is a protein product for other birds? But native berries and fruit contain good fats for them, too.

    I do hope you start to feel better...the buntings are getting ready to pose for you!


  4. So now I know why I've never seen the snow buntings-we don't have them-thanks Frances. They are beautiful. When I lived in Maine, the first robin always signaled spring was not far away.

  5. Poor robin. They will often eat very small cat kibble if it is somewhere they can easily find it. Maybe near the rose bush where they visit for the hips.

  6. I just love the snow buntings! Your snow is beautiful. We got a good storm last week, here in Vermont. I haven't minded the snow this winter, but it has been COLD. Currently it is six degrees. Brrr...

  7. Snow Buntings in your garden. Gee I wish I could write about that. We did see one in our county this past weekend. It wouldn't let us get close enough for a photo either.

    I am on Facebook. I will try to find you. Or you can find me and friend me. I don't use Facebook much. Just to contact friends that live out of town.

  8. Oh boy, socked again, eh? We're running out of places to pile the snow too, although that last storm missed us, thankfully.
    Lucky you to have snow buntings...and a robin..wow! It sure looks pretty against the snow.
    I hope you'll be feeling much better very soon.
    Rug up and stay warm!

  9. Looks like you do have enough snow for all of us. All we got was a flurry and it's going to be 70 on Sunday.

    Nothing like sealing the barn door shut is there? Wonder what the horse is thinking?

    Your buntings are sweet little things. They don't look unhappy at their hangout. And how come you don't have worms in your pantry?

    I'm sitting here twiddling my fingers waiting on your parcel of snow!!!

  10. It wouldn't surprise me if the birds knew you were their kind benefactor. I'm pretty sure the birds around here think I'm Santa.

    Robin Wedewer

  11. Holy cow. That's a lot of snow.

    Thanks for the tip about facebook; I'll check it out. I have my blog listed on my profile, but I assume you're talking about another feature that I haven't stumbled across yet (I'm still a fairly new user).

  12. Man that's some serious snow!

  13. We're getting more today up here in Cape Breton. My sister lives in Port Williams so she's not far from you. I love your cats! Especially Mungus. I thought I was the only person who called her cats "badnesses"! ;)

  14. I love your barn;)

  15. Hi Jodi
    Thanks for dropping by my Nature of Robertson blog. I shall check out the Sulphur Moth.
    I have a long-time friend in Nova Scotia (at Mt Uniacke) who has a Peony (and other Perennials) nursery. "el Summuit Perennials".
    see the website: http://plants.chebucto.biz/
    He specialises in species Peonies, but grows a number of "Garden Peonies" and some Tree Peonies. He seems to have a preference for the really cold hardy species, though.
    Seeing your photos, I am not surprised that cold hardiness is a priority.
    We are having heat waves in southern Australia, and floods in the tropical north.

  16. I am surprised at the amount of people that have mentioned Robins out in the snow. It looks cold but is so pretty setting in the snow.You still have just too much of that white stuff.

  17. Didn't that robin pay attention to the groundhog? He's too early!

    I love all your blue accents, especially against the snow. They really show up nicely in contrast.

  18. Cool (cold?) snow photos! It's nice to experience winter vicariously from here in the subtropics...

    I opened up a facebook account over a year ago but never did anything with it. It sounds like it might be time to give it another chance. Thanks for the recommendation.

  19. Hi Jodi,
    I found you because you were the first to pick someone's post and your name was blue, so I clicked on it. I like your pet post, too. I remember you, now.

    I like your pics. I think the birds in a row may be my favorite.

    I like what you said about comments, too. I am having trouble keeping up with my writing and reading.

  20. I hear the birds, and they're nearby but I rarely see them.

    What's a farrier--I knew this, but I forgot.

  21. Jodi, I have been complaining about the snow here, but it can't compare with what you have! On the bright side, all that moisture will be good for your garden this spring:)
    Hope you are feeling better soon.


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