01 July 2008

Happy Birthday to My Country...

How'd we get here again already? It's Canada Day, formerly known as Dominion Day...which is what this rose was called by the man I bought it from a few years ago for the huge sum of 5 bucks. I recognized it as being a R. pimpernellifolia species, but beyond that wasn't sure what it was. He called it Dominion Dy because the buds are red and white striped, and because in his garden near Annapolis, it always begins blooming on Canada Day. As you can see, it's right on schedule--I went out a little while ago and found it beginning its floral fireworks.

Let's continue with the red and white theme a bit, shall we? Here is 'Robusta', a fantastically tough and floriferous performer in my garden. Yeah, there's an aphid or two lurking around. I don't fight aphids. The ladybugs do that.

This old rugosa is Souvenir du Philomen Cochet, a favourite of mine for its quartered blooms, even though it invariably browns on its edges and turns to soggy kleenexs in the fog.

The highbush cranberry (Vaccinium trilobum) is having a spectacular bloom this year. And the foxgloves are just coming on, the oriental poppies (though scarlet rather than red) are still doing their thing, and we have a wee nod to our southern neighbours here with the red white and blue motif.

Okay, this isn't as red as it really is, but it's the best I could do. The Canada columbines are doing very well this year, and make the hummingbirds really happy, too. Of all the columbines that festoon our place, this is the one I hope spreads itself like crazy (at the moment we have one good clump, established last year) because it's a native and it's just so beautiful.

Sweet woodruff (Gallium odoratum) is a dandy groundcover, sweetly scented and great for shady areas. I let it run where it wants under the spruce trees, and once I get the mess under the birch trees under control, I'll be transplanting some of it to keep the hostas company.

Our double fernleaf peony is finished flowering (the big wind on the weekend sort of discouraged it) but its foliage will continue to delight for the rest of the season.

Well, this is a strange looking flower, isn't it? Hmmmmm. I took this photo of the Canadian Coast Guard science ship Hudson three years ago during one of my trips, and it's one of three CCG ships that I have framed and hanging on my office wall. I look up at those photos daily and think about how much I love my country, the water that surrounds it, and what I do for a living, telling stories and learning from others. It's about time I dug out my CCG passport and went with them on an adventure, too. We'll see what the year brings.

Whooops, there goes our neighbour with his horse, on their way to the big parade in beautiful downtown Scotts Bay...guess it's time to put on my red tshirt and white shorts and go down and take photos for that!

Happy Canada Day, all...travel safely, enjoy your loved ones, and celebrate that we live in the best country in the world, and have the bestest neighbours, too!


  1. Great post. My husband goes on about Dominion Day. Love the Dominion Day rose. I just might have to see if I can get me one.

  2. Although I'm in England, we used to sing O Canada! as a National Song from time to time at school. Your post has made me recall all the words as I'm writing this, so I hope you're enjoying your celebrations!

  3. Happy Canada Day, Jodi. It's nice to hear some one praise their country. Your roses are beautiful especially the white rugosa. And I've never seen cranberries growing before-so pretty. Have fun at the parade!

  4. I have family in BC, wonder what they are up to.

    I hope you have a fun day.

  5. I think you started something here--I'm going to copy you and do a tribute to my country too! I can't believe how much your garden has bloomed out since my last visit! I'll have to see if you have posted about those pretty annuals too. We got the same taste in those. Good to see you! I look forward to the parade photos.

  6. Hi Jodi, and a very merry Canada Day to you and your country. The neighbor with his horse and wagon is wonderful, did you ride to the parade on yours? I will comment on the Annapolis story here also, what a fantastic place, those rocks in the fountain look huge, what a natural sculpture. And more photos of my beloved azaleas, I miss them already. Thanks.

  7. Happy Canada Day to you , Love your post.
    Pictures are fantastic.

  8. Happy Canada Day Jodi. What gorgeous roses you have blooming today. I love seeing the horse and wagon all decorated for the big parade. I can't wait to see the pictures you take at the parade.

  9. Happy Birthday, Canada!

  10. Happy Canada Day (a day late) to you too!

    I just tagged you on my blog:

    Have a great day and thanks for the continued inspiration!

  11. Happy Canada Day, jodi! I know I missed it, but wanted to wish it for you anyway. I'm so glad we have Canada as our neighbor and friend. I'm not sure why, but I have a soft spot for Canada. I've only ever been there twice, both times in Ontario, but hopefully can change that someday! Nova Scotia, perhaps? ;-)

  12. Happy belated Dominion Day! Your post made me want to break into "O, Canada." That has to be the best national anthem. (That or The Marseillese (sp?).) It's just cool to be Canadian, eh? I remember when I was going to school in Europe, I'd see groups of other college students traveling around. The ones from Canada always had the Maple Leaf plastered all over their bags & backpacks so everyone would know they weren't American.

  13. Hi Jody, I hope so you had a great Canada-Birthday? Your flowers for this celebration are wonderful. I love the roses and columbine. Is it correct that your sweet woodruff ist still blooming? In Bavaria it's blooming in May.
    Have a great time Wurzerl

  14. Your red and white tribute for Canada Day is beautiful, jodi!

  15. youve got a lovely garden and a nice blog greetings from holland ina


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